So you’ve ready Eggnog for Christmas Eve, and also it turns out you’ve overestimated your family’s needs. In various other words, there are leftovers, and also you definitely don’t desire them to walk to waste.

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You know that eggnog go bad, yet aren’t quite sure just how long you can refrigerate it.

Or possibly you decided to test the end commercially all set eggnog offered in refrigerated cartons. While eggnog is a classic holiday cocktail, there’s no factor not to reap it much more often. You deserve to use it as coffee creamer, or add it to your oatmeal.

So you’ve to buy a carton just to notification a day or two later that it lasts just a few days. You recognize that friend won’t be able to use every one of it prior to it goes bad. That brings increase the question: can you frozen eggnog?

If girlfriend would prefer to find out a thing or two about storage, shelf life, freezing, and going poor of eggnog, this short article is here to help.

Homemade Cinnamon Eggnog

How to keep Eggnog?

The key ingredients of Eggnog (or milk punch) room milk, eggs (or just yolks) and whipped cream. And since every one of them call for refrigeration, it’s no wonder that eggnog needs it too.

Let’s begin with homemade egg nog. Before you can refrigerate it, make sure it cools under a bit. Then pour the leftovers to an airtight container or a mason jar, seal tightly, and also chuck in the fridge. That’s it.

When it pertains to store-bought eggnog, it usually comes in a Tetra Pak, which friend can quickly reseal. So once you’ve poured as much eggnog as you desire or a cooking recipes calls for, simply seal that tightly and put earlier in the refrigerator. If there’s only a small eggnog left in the carton, friend can constantly pour the rest right into a jug or container.

When it involves storing the beverage in the fridge, remember the the refrigerator door is the ar where the temperature fluctuates the most. If you expect to refrigerate it for much more than a day, it’s much better to put it in the far corner, wherein the temperature is reasonably stable.

Eggnog through milk, rum, and also cinnamon

Can You freeze Eggnog?

You have the right to freeze eggnog, yet like with various other dairy beverages choose buttermilk or tart cream, there will certainly be separation and also some lumps after ~ thawing.

Sure, you have the right to shake it or blend it, but that will certainly only aid to a details degree. The resulting consistency after ~ blending depends on the recipe, therefore you must test that out on your own.

In short, it won’t it is in ideal, so drink frozen and thawed egg nog alone might not it is in a great idea. However it will certainly work together a creamer, or in baked dishes choose pumpkin pie.

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How To frozen Eggnog?

Before we acquire to freezing, it’s best that you know how you setup on utilizing the beverage.

If you desire to usage it together a creamer, you need to have the ability to get a little amount for her coffee easily. That method freezing using an ice cream cube tray is the method to go.

If, top top the various other hand, you can to use the frozen eggnog in recipes, it’s ideal that you frozen it in airtight containers. Make sure the container is sealed tightly before you put it into the freezer. And also remember come leave some headspace, together the liquid will slightly expand.

For bonus points, you can divide the beverage right into portions necessary for your recipes and freeze each one separately. This way, you have the right to thaw specifically as much as you need.

When it concerns defrosting, thaw the eggnog overnight in the fridge. If friend thaw it in the fridge, you have the right to refreeze the rest if friend don’t use all of it. If you should thaw that fast, feel complimentary to use various other defrosting techniques described in the connected article.

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How lengthy Does Eggnog Last

Since homemade eggnog isn’t pasteurized and doesn’t have any type of preservatives, it’s best to finish it within 2 come 3 days.

When it comes to store-bought eggnog, it generally comes with a sell-by date. That date is normally a an excellent estimate of just how long the beverage will certainly retain freshness. One unopened package should be fine for an extra two or 3 days, but not lot longer.

Once you open up the carton, it have to last for around 5 to probably 7 days. That lasts longer than the homemade range because, in ~ the an extremely least, it has actually been pasteurized.

Eggnog (homemade)2 – 3 days
Eggnog (store-bought, unopened)Sell-by + 2 – 3 days
Eggnog (store-bought, opened)5 days

Please note that the periods over are estimates.

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How come Tell If Eggnog Is Bad

As often with dairy product products, there isn’t one perfect way to examine if eggnog is still safe to drink or not. Instead, together usual, you have to rely on your senses.

First off, let’s start with the smell. Open up the carton or container and give the liquid a great whiff. If that starts smelling rather sour, it’s past its prime, and also you should discard it.

Next in heat is check the appearance. Pour part in a glass and also check if the color has changed. Due to the fact that there are gazillion recipes and also each one has actually its own unique color, ns cannot tell friend what it have to or shouldn’t look like. Yet if the color has readjusted noticeably, throw it out. Same thing if you noticed the texture is lumpy.

If every little thing seems come be perfectly fine, opportunities are the beverage is for sure to drink. Provide it a taste to make sure it’s still an excellent enough come use.

Last but not least, if you store homemade eggnog for much longer than a week, or an opened store-bought one for more than a week and a half, just throw castle out. Yes, also if they still feeling perfectly fine to drink.

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As usual, it’s daunting to spot very first signs the spoilage, for this reason it’s far better to it is in safe than sorry at this point.