In general, for some variety of hours, plus some fraction of an hour, you"d usage the number, plus the fraction, to add "hours", plural. "Four and also a half hours.", "Three and also three-quarters hours," etc.

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However, for the details case the 1.5 hours, the usual expression is "an hour and also a half". This intake is so common that "One and also a fifty percent hours" actually sounds strange.


One and a half hours

English is a bit strange, if I"m talking about exactly one hour, then i say hour and not hours. Because that every various other number, I usage plural. This applies to every noun in the English language that has actually a many tense:

I have actually one dollarI have zero dollarsI have actually 1.1 dollarsI have -1 dollars

I love hearing just how English-as-a-second-language persons construct phrases favor this! It"s for this reason fun. Ns can completely understand what they are trying come say, however marvel at just how they construct the idea in a method that makes sense come them, however would be unusual for a aboriginal English speaker.

Here are some ways indigenous English speaker would define time:

Very common:

"an hour and also a half"

"one and a half hours"

"an hour and thirty minutes"


"ninety minutes"

somewhat much less common:

"one hour and thirty minutes"


"one hour, thirty minutes"

not used:

"one hour, and also one half hour"

"the sum of an hour and half of an hour"

"one hour, to add an additional fifty percent hour"

"two hrs minus one fifty percent hour"

"seventy-five percent of two hours"

Basically, if that sounds like a mathematics equation, it"s more than likely not used!

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You can always get out of this conundrum by writing:

An hour and a half


90 minutes

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Other answers talk about writing the quantity as words. As soon as writing points as numerals, however, i would indicate that the decimal portion .5 as being a perfectly good way of denote "half". For partial-hour quantities various other than 30 minutes, I would certainly avoid various other decimal fractions uneven times are being measured in six-minute or 36-second intervals, but .5 is so idiomatic together "one half" that ns would consider "1.5 hours" come be much more readable 보다 "1 hour and also 30 minutes" or "1 1/2 hours", or even "1½ hours".

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My interpretation of the debate would be "two and a half hours" VS "two and one fifty percent hours". The last was teach in great school. Toss the fraction in together you wish.

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