Origin the Cotton choose Minute

Cotton-picking in this expression is a euphemism for a oath word, and it add to emphasis. Civilization sometimes usage this ax in other cases, favor keep her cotton-picking hands turn off of that. They usage it once they desire to use more powerful language, but don’t desire to use swear words. It generally stands in for words damn.

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Another usage of cotton is keep your noodle picking hands off of me.

These phrases make more sense if you recognize a tiny about harvest cotton. Picking cotton is a harsh, difficult task that leaves someone’s hand rough and calloused. Before the noodle gin or various other mechanized approaches, this was done completely by hand, which left the workers hand incredibly rough.

And it’s not a surprise that this expression source in the southerly United States, wherein the cotton industry was, and also still is, a significant industry. In 19th-century America, noodle was choose by African-American slaves, so the expression cotton choose minute deserve to be interpreted to have some gyeongju overtones, although this is rarely, if ever, its definition when the expression is used. In most cases, it’s use is plan to be benign. How it might be got is another story.

Early sources display the adjective cotton picking being offered to refer to anyone who picked cotton, not simply black slaves. It to be a referral to the an obstacle of the job, not the worker. These resources date ago to an initial European cotton plantations in the 1700s, and while the expression is benign in many instances, still proceed with caution as soon as using it.

The ax cottonpicker, however, is a 19th century racism term.

Examples the Cotton picking Minute

In this example, 2 friends are discussing what to execute tonight.

Cassie: Hey! there’s a party in ~ Brad’s house tonight. Let’s go together!

Rebecca: I’d like to go, however this house is just too dirty. Ns really think it need to be clean before we walk out.

Cassie: Yeah, many thanks for giving to clean it. Have fun cleaning the house! I’ll watch you after i get back from the party!

Rebecca: currently wait a noodle picking minute! i have tried to be polite and subtle about this, but you are simply too thick to understand.

Cassie: What room you talking about?

Rebecca: I’ve been hinting come you because that days the I’d prefer you to clean up your mess that you left in the kitchen, and now you’re simply going to walk out and enjoy yourself and leave me to clean up after you!

Cassie: i’m sorry! i didn’t establish it to be such a big deal. We’ll clean it together and also then go to the party together.

Rebecca: say thanks to you. That’s every that i wanted.

In the conversation below, two guys are saying over who has the far better soccer team.

Antonio: No offense, but your team is terrible!

Igor: Wait a noodle picking minute! i won’t was standing to hear you speak such terrible things around my team! Anyway, mine team is much much better than yours!

More Examples

This excerpt is about one politician making use of this expression while talking about another politician. Some human being called the expression offensive.

This is a Twitter quote in the article. The human is expressing shock around a confusing story line on a soap opera.

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The expression what a cotton picking minute means Hold on for a damn moment! It shows anger or other solid feelings, and cotton picking is a substitute for more powerful curse words. It may have actually racist connotations for some.