Take a look at the standard dimensions that a beer pong table in this article, for this reason you can determine the quantity of an are you need to fit one in, or to do one yourself to have actually a funny time with your buddies.

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Take a look at the standard dimensions the a beer pong table in this article, so you can determine the amount of space you should fit one in, or to make one you yourself to have a fun time through your buddies.

Beer pong is a highly popular game amongst youngsters. The game is played v beer cups and a ping pong ball, top top a specifically designed beer pong table. The beer cups on the table (filled up to one-fourth or one 3rd of the cup v beer) are placed in a triangular fashion at either end of the table. The aim of this video game is come land the ping pong round in any type of one cup. Usually played by 4 people, 2 on every team, it have the right to be played repeatedly by members that one team, or in an alternate fashion. Together the ball lands in a cup, a member the the team come which the cup belongs, need to drink all the beer had in that cup. Finally, the team the loses must also drink all the continuing to be beer in the cup of the to win team.

This video game is no official, and therefore lacks standard rules. This way that friend are totally free to do any additions or subtractions from this set of rules. V the enhancing popularity that this game, a lot of of civilization desire to have actually a beer pong table at home. However, before you decision to invest in together a table, below are its dimensions so the you can accommodate that in her home.


There are different species of beer pong tables easily accessible in the market, however most of lock have similar specifications. Together tables might be 7 or 8 feet long. However, its the 8 feet long tables space the ones that fit into the specifications the the regulation size tables. A distinct aspect around beer pong tables is that few of them space portable. They can easily be folded into a convenient briefcase, and can it is in carried around wherever friend go. This means you can easily play this game while top top the go, and it doesn’t need to be relegated to a details area in your apartment. It can quickly be carried around to other places where you might want to gain this game. The in-depth dimensions because that a beer pong table have been provided in this table below. Take it a look.

8′-0″ Beer Pong Table
SpecificationsOpen DimensionsClosed Dimensions
7′-0″ Beer Pong Table
SpecificationsOpen DimensionsClosed Dimensions

The commercially accessible beer pong tables have high high quality graphics the make for a fun and genuine experience. To fit this table in a designated area, make certain you have enough space to stand roughly it, taking treatment that the beer does not spill and also damage various other objects preserved in the vicinity. Have at least 3 feet that area approximately all 4 sides the the table for a comfortable game.

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Beer pong can also be play in a swimming pool, by method of an blow up floating beer pong table. This just adds come the fun aspect to this (intoxicating) game. This are obtainable commercially with specifications similar to the aforementioned dimensions (except the height), and also you have the right to purchase one because that some fun in the pool with your buddies.