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If girlfriend are new to woodworking among the very first questions you’ll end up asking yourself, ~ a pilgrimage to your neighborhood hardware store, is i m sorry of the 20 options for timber glue should you acquire for your slow, newbie clamping time. There space a lot of choices and also what ns will shot to help you through in this short article is to define wood glue dry times.

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To start with, epoxy glue dries instantly as soon as you apply the hardener. V PVA, i beg your pardon is your common wood glue, you have everywhere from 5 come 20 minutes of assembly time before you should clamp the piece for the early set. Many glue will certainly be totally cured in 24 hours and also the bond will be more powerful than the surrounding wood. Try and avoid any lateral activity of the work-related that you are gluing up as soon as the surfaces are in contact to protect against weakening the bond.

There are a couple main species of glue that you’ll run throughout in your woodworking journey which I’ll shot to explain in this short article to her satisfation.

To ensure your job holds with each other you do require clamps come put sufficient clamp pressure on the joint to allow it come bond properly.

One exception to needing clamps is using hide glue and also creating a rubbed joint. This is basically placing the hot hide adhesive on both surfaces and also rubbing them with each other a pair times till it stop moving. This type of hide glue share will hold without clamping.

Some alternatives, if you ran the end of clamps or don’t have the ideal type, is to produce your very own clamping board.

If a joint you clamped is under stress and anxiety than you must let the glue fully cure because that 24 hours. Joints that space not under stress deserve to be un-clamped in just under one hour. Don’t execute anything the will tension the joint because that a day because the bond is not completely cured. 

Your weather and climate additionally should it is in taken into account. If you space in a cold damp location than glue will take a lot much longer to collection and cure. Be extra careful and give it some extra time. If you space in a hot and also dry environment, like the southwest every summer, 보다 you’ll typically be safer to unclamp your project sooner.


Try using a thin bead the glue, dispersing it evenly and thinly ~ above the surface ar your gluing up. The old speak of the bigger the blob the much better the job is no the ideal thing for gluing up her work. 

If you room in a rush to get your glue to dry much faster than shot a blow dryer or a warmth lamp. This will help dry the adhesive a little quicker however you will still must let the piece sit because that 24 hours to enable the glue to completely cure so the joint doesn’t loss apart in a year or two.

Typically the bond of completely cured PVA glue, i m sorry is the common white or yellow gorilla adhesive or titebond or one of the similar glues, is stronger than the neighboring wood. 

Hide adhesive is the the strongest glue you deserve to get however has the included benefit of gift able to take apart with some warm to refinish the piece.

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Hide adhesive which is great for reversibility, color absorption, fast tack, yes, really strong, no creep. Traditionally comes as flakes the are mixed with hot water. This kind has no additives and is the strongest to use. Old brown glue and also titebond liquid space liquid forms.PVA i m sorry is the standard wood glue the you’ll usage for joining surfaces. You’ll have to clean turn off excess glue. Once its dry excess will have to be sanded off because it can’t be colored and also other adhesive won’t connect to it.Wood Epoxy is used to fill open up spots prefer knows and other damaged areas. Epoxy is a 2 component glue, is waterproof, and should not be supplied for structurally important spots.Cyanoacrylate is super glue which greatly is provided for mounting jigs or other pieces to help with working the wood choose assisting v clamping.Polyurethane glue choose gorilla glue is waterproof and also will pole anything together. 

TiteBond III ultimate wood glue exterior use because of waterproof choose properties

open assembly time 8-10 minutestotal assembly time 20-25 minutesrequired push soft 100-150, tool 125-175, hard 175-250clean through damp rag while quiet wet, scrape and also sand excess

TiteBond II Premium hardwood Glue

ideal for exterior use because of highly waterproof

open assembly time 3-5 minutestotal assembly time 10-15 minutesrequired pressure soft 100-150, tool 125-175, hard 175-250clean v damp rag while tho wet, scrape and also sand excess

TiteBond original Wood Glue

industry conventional for woodworking with a stronger bond 보다 the wood. Not exterior use or moisture.

open assembly time 4-6 minutestotal assembly time 10-15 minutesrequired push soft 100-150, tool 125-175, tough 175-250clean v damp rag while still wet, scrape and also sand excess

TiteBond real Hide Glue

long assembly time, really solid and deserve to be disassembly through moisture. Ideal for fine furniture repair

open assembly time 10 minutestotal assembly time 20-30 minutesrequired press soft 100-150, medium 125-175, hard 175-250clean with damp rag while tho wet, scrape and also sand excess

TiteBond Polyurethane glue

waterproof, bond everything, 45 minute healing time, not for structeral apps

total assembly time 20-30 minutesrequired press soft 100-150, tool 125-175, hard 175-250clean through mineral spirits

TiteBond Quick and Thick multi-surface glue

thickest faster drying, not for exterior

open assenmblt time 3-5 minutetotal assembly time 10-15 minutesrequired push soft 100-150, tool 125-175, hard 175-250clean through damp cloth, sand or scrape

TiteBond immediate bond timber adhesive gel

2 part system for difficult to reach and clamp surfaces

5 – 15 secs to set30-60 secs for early cure8 hour complete curerequired push soft 100-150, tool 125-175, hard 175-250acetone come clean

TiteBond II extend 

2 part system for hard to reach and clamp surfaces

5 – 15 seconds to set30-60 secs for initial cure8 hour full curerequired pressure soft 100-150, medium 125-175, tough 175-250acetone come clean