Many of you have fret over how long smoked salmon lasts mainly because you have to pay quite a lot of money for it. You want to enjoy this smoked salmon leisurely but also don’t want to ruin its flavor. That raises the below question:

How Long Does Smoked Salmon Last?

Smoked salmon’s storage life depends on its package and how it is smoked. But typically, an unopened package of smoked salmon can last for 2-3 weeks in the fridge. After unsealing it, you’d better consume it all within 7 days.

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I will describe the detailed differences in the article below. Aside from that, I will present various information on how to store smoked salmon under multiple circumstances. And there are also some instructions for you to detect rotten smoked salmon.

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You should heat smoked salmon in advance to avoid food poisoning

Listeria Infection

Listeria is a harmful bacterium that’s commonly found in salmon. However, freshly smoked salmon only contains so little of this bacterium that it’s hardly harmful at all. Only when you leave the smoked salmon past its date, then this listeria becomes a problem.

You can get rid of most of this bacterium by high heat. That’s why listeria is found more in the cold-smoked salmon than the hot-smoked one. And whatever kind you eat, remember to heat the salmon before digging in. (3)

Frequently Asked Questions About Smoked Salmon

No matter how much knowledge you’ve earned, there are always several questions regarding smoked salmon and its storage life. In this article, I will help you solve some of the most common issues.

There are two methods to thaw frozen smoked salmon. The first one can be called “slow thaw”. Doing this might take at least a few hours. Thus, it’s recommended to apply this option to your smoked salmon overnight.

The day before you want to serve smoked salmon, take it out of the freezer and put it into the fridge. Make sure to set the temperature at around 40°F. Place the fish at room temperature for 20 minutes to warm it up before cooking.

With this method, you can keep defrosted salmon in the fridge for an additional 3 or 4 days. The other way is faster, only taking 2 or 3 hours. Keep your salmon tightly sealed and place it in a bowl of cold water.

Doing this will save your smoked salmon from all the harmful bacteria. But it would be best if you consumed it as soon as possible.

After restoring, reheating is also a crucial step for you to enjoy the salmon’s flavor once again. However, since the smoked salmon is quite delicate, you should avoid the microwave at all costs and use the oven instead. The steps are as following:

Step 1: Set your oven at 325°F.Step 2: Place your smoked salmon on a shallow baking dish or sheet.Step 3: Add a teaspoon of butter to prevent the dish from drying out.Step 4: Set your smoked salmon in the oven for roughly 5 minutes. Use a cooking thermometer to check the salmon’s internal temperature.Wait until it reaches 145°F to take out the fish.Step 5: Eat the reheated salmon within 2 hours to get the fresh flavor.

Addition Information

Since you have to pay quite a fortune to get some smoked salmon, I know you would want the best of the best. So, here are some tips for you to pick the highest-quality smoked salmon.

Decide which method you want. If you’re going to preserve smoked salmon for a long time, pick the hot-smoked one. However, cold-smoked salmon retains almost all of the fresh salmon’s nutrients and texture.Check the salmon’s origin. A wild-caught one tends to have superior quality over the farm-raised.Check the seasoning. Some manufacturers preserve their salmon with both salt and sugar. However, to get a more natural flavor, choose the one without any sugar.

That’s all I want to share about smoked salmon and its shelf life. If you find this article beneficial, don’t forget to share it with your relatives! And comment below any additional knowledge about this dish!


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