Does rum walk bad? can you tell if her rum has gone bad and how should you store rum? The answers will surprise you.


Who knew fermented sugarcane molasses could end up being an alcoholic favorite? This famous liquor have the right to be took pleasure in as light-bodied rum or v a heavier and fuller flavor.

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But imagine this: you just about ready to have a glass that rum when you establish your party has remained in the cupboard for a pretty lengthy time and you wonder:

Could my rum walk bad? exactly how long does that last?

Here’s the deal. Unopened rum won’t go bad, but once the bottle is open, that a good idea to consume it in ~ 6 months.

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How come Tell If your Rum has actually Gone Bad


Rather 보다 go bad, rum, like other spirits, often tends to deteriorate in quality and lose that taste after a party is opened.

The good news: solid spirits have a high alcohol contents which kills most hostile germs and bacteria.

However, an opened up bottle will finish up shedding most that its taste after a while. In fact, the expiration day on a bottle describes the degrading of the taste of the rum and not really the the rum has gone bad.

Although there space some tell-tale indicators that you may not want to drink the rum. If you see any spoilage in the party or a adjust in the color or smell, you might want to eliminate it.

How To store Rum


Rum need to be save on computer like other spirits – in a cool, dry place away from light. Storing that in the refrigerator won’t do much for the liquor.

When you open a bottle, it is vital to keep it strict sealed to protect against oxidation from acquisition place and also the fluid from evaporating. These processes offer a milder flavor to the rum.

These unfortunate impacts take place within a strict closed party at a lot slower pace. However, many rum drinkers do not notice any adjust in the flavor.

Another pro pointer is to pour a bottle that is much less than half full into an additional smaller bottle.

Remember: the more empty an are within the bottle, the faster the taste changes. This is due to the fact that of the oxidation process.

Lastly, when a party of rum is open, use screw tops rather of corks together it deserve to maintain the top quality of your rum because that longer.

How long Does Rum Last


The shelf life the rum is indefinite if the is stored properly. It is better to drink an opened bottle that rum sooner than later on to keep the quality and also taste.

An opened up bottle of rum can be stored for years and also it won’t go negative but you may be unhappy through the quality.

The Bottom Line

Rum have the right to last for a really long time and it no really ever go poor even if opened. However, due to the adjust in the quality and taste of a party that has actually been kept open up for a while, you might be inclined come discard it anyway.

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Rum might be nicknamed “the kill-devil” however you don’t have much come worry around in regard come it turning bad.