With the holiday season comes up, many people startthinking and also planning all of the delicious food they’ll make. One such holidaystaple is the pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie has actually been a holiday favorite for manyfamilies for years, and also for an excellent reason.While pumpkin pie may be delicious, it’s important to remember that if it’s no store-bought, and therefore full of preservatives, it might not last together long.

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because of this, one should always properly refrigerate your pumpkin pie. However, relying on the ingredients and also how you keep it, her pie might last longer or shorter.
But just how long go pumpkin pie last once stored in arefrigerator? how long go it last on the counter?


How long Pumpkin Pie Lasts?

Pumpkin Pie StorageLifespanOn the counter2-3 HoursFridge (Covered)2-4 Days Fridge (Uncovered)2-5 Days
It comes together no surprised that pumpkin pie left ~ above the counter won’t last very long. Because of this, the FDA recommends the a pumpkin pie just be left on the counter for 2-3 hours, after ~ that, the pie may start to grow harmful bacteria and become unsafe. But how long will it critical otherwise?In the fridge, covered: If a pumpkin pie is effectively covered and stored in a refrigerator, one have the right to expect the pie come last all over from 2 come 4 days. While girlfriend may be able to push the moment limit through a work or two, it’s most likely not recommended, or fully safe.In the fridge, uncovered: If a pumpkin pie is save on computer in a frozen refrigerator uncovered, you might probably mean it to keep for around 2 come 5 days. One uncovered pie is more susceptible to bacteria and also fridge odors as well.
Overall, a freshly small pumpkin pie will commonly last forabout 2 to 4 days. Any more than this may be unsafe and also unsanitary unlessthe pie has included preservatives to help it stay fresh longer.

Why Pumpkin Pie Last the Long?

The reason why a freshly baked pumpkin pie will only last up to 4 days is since of the lack of preservatives. Once you buy a pumpkin pie native the store, it’s loaded v preservatives to do the pie stay shelf secure for longer. A store-bought pie will stay good at the very least up till the day on the package.If you to be to include preservatives to her homemade pumpkin pie, the shelf life would be lot longer, simply as store-bought pies are. However, this is more challenging and not might not taste as well either.Homemade pumpkin pies room made through plenty of perishable ingredients, and also because the this, the pie will just stay an excellent for therefore long. Similar to anything the is perishable, appropriate refrigeration and storage methods should constantly be complied with to ensure the safety of those who will consume it.

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A pumpkin pie will only stay fresh for as lengthy as theingredients its do with have the right to stay new for. Since of this, one need to onlykeep a pumpkin pie because that up to four days, 5 or 6 maximum if you willingto danger your safety.Be certain to properly store and also refrigerate every homemade pies, not just for safety reasons however flavor reasons too. Nobody wants to eat a pie the tastes old and also stale.