Memory foam pillows are considered to be among the most well-known luxury pillow varieties out there, yet people are start to wonder just how long these pillows can last–and if they’re precious it. While we knew they space a bargain in terms of comfort, we decided to research study to discover out exactly how long you deserve to rely on memory foam pillows.

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No matter how you look in ~ it, memory foam is how amazing durable. If meticulously cared for, a storage foam pillow have the right to last for as long as 36-months. However, most memory foam pillows will last because that 18 come 28-months with constant maintenance.

Memory foam pillows might seem favor they can last forever, thanks to their unique dust mite-repelling qualities, however they still have some drawbacks. Prior to you obtain a new pillow made from this foam, it’s great to know both the pros and cons. You re welcome keep analysis as we talk about everything you’ll must know about memory foam’s longevity, wellness implications, and proper care.


The Pros and also Cons Of memory Foam Pillows


Like with any other type of pillow, storage foam has actually its own perks and pitfalls precious noting. To make things easier, we chose to parse the basics because that you.


Memory foam pillows are made of a material resistant to mold, mildew, and also dust mites.Chiropractors and also doctors agree the memory foam is far better for her posture and spinal health and wellness than other species of pillows.Unlike other pillows, memory foam keeps its shape.Memory foam pillows have actually a much longer lifespan than others, including polyester.


Unlike other pillows, friend cannot put memory foam in the washing device or the dryer since it deserve to permanently damages the pillow.Pillows made v memory foam deserve to still house bed bugs and other critters if improperly maintained.Some poorly-made pillows contain toxic compounds that make them slightly hazardous come one’s health.These pillows are very temperature and water-sensitive, which means they can melt or get destroyed fairly easily.They also are much more expensive than most other pillows.

Are Shredded memory Foam Pillows Toxic?

If you have actually been analysis up on different pillow materials, you might’ve heard complaints about safety. Much like foam because that couch cushions, there is some reason to be alarmed around the storage foam pillows you view on save shelves—but just to a point.

Many storage foam pillows contain trace levels of toxicity chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and naphthalene. These chemicals have actually been attached to greater cancer rates. They likewise can have isocyanates, a known skin and also eye irritant. Thankfully, not all do. Once shopping because that a storage foam pillow, examine to see if her potential pillow has been attached to toxin use.

Memory Foam Pillow Lifespans: just how Do They measure Up?


We now recognize that memory foam deserve to last from one to 3 years, but what does that mean contrasted to, say, a feather pillow or a noodle pillow? Here’s the scoop:

Feather pillows have actually a best lifespan that eight years, and also down pillows deserve to last a best of 5 years.Down alternate pillows last two years at most, with many pillows failing ~ a year of stable use.Polyester pillows, as soon as cared for exceptionally well, will just last two years.Cotton pillows shed their ability to hold shape ~ a year.Microbead pillows critical one to 2 years at most.

How long Do Shredded storage Foam Pillows Last?

Believe it or not, shredded memory foam pillows critical noticeably much longer than typical “chunk” pillows. If you have a shredded storage foam pillow, you deserve to expect that to last a best of 5 years. That’s a entirety two years much longer than the longest a traditional foam pillow will last.

How execute You recognize When storage Foam Is Worn Out?

Memory foam pillows are pretty straightforward to gauge as soon as it concerns wearing. If you fold the pillow in fifty percent and the doesn’t pop earlier into that is old shape, it requirements to it is in replaced. You can also tell if memory foam demands to be changed if you an alert a faint smell or if the foam has acquired a long-term dent.

Can Dust Mites Live In memory Foam Pillows?

This is a tricky question. Storage foam is a lot much more solidly built than many other bedding materials, make it highly resistant to dust mites. However, dust mites have the right to still live in memory foam pillows if they room desperate for a ar to live. It’s no ideal, and also their expansion will be slower, yet it can still happen.

Can Bed Bugs Live In memory Foam Pillows?

Like v all other pillows and warm, fluffy things, bed bugs will uncover memory foam pillows to it is in a comfortable home. However, there room varying levels to which a memory foam pillow will be considered a an excellent home because that bed bugs. Shredded foam pillows tend to be more prone come bed bug infestations, while solid block pillows are much less likely to have them.

How lot Do memory Foam Pillows Cost?

Depending on where you acquire the pillows from and the pillow brand, you must expect come pay between $20 come $100 for a single pillow. While this might seem like a steep price, it’s crucial to remember the memory foam pillows are taken into consideration to be several of the more durable and also quality-oriented pillows ~ above the market.

How do You keep Memory Foam well Maintained?

This is a good question, and also it impacts your pillow’s usage more than you might expect it to. This tips below can help you prolong the life of her pillow for as lengthy as possible:

Keep her pillow in a cool, well-aerated area. Storage foam pillows do finest in areas not exposed to warmth or moisture. This to reduce the opportunities of mold growth and inhibits bacterial growth, too.Spot clean your memory foam, and also don’t use hot water on stains. The hot water will make the stain set in, no to cite potentially melt your pillow. If you feeling the require to obtain your pillow fully cleaned, cover her pillow with baking soda and vacuum it, then leave it in the sun.Do no let her pets near your memory foam pillow. Memory foam tends to catch odors in that material. If pets acquire a organize of your memory foam pillow, there is a an excellent chance the it will certainly be ruined.Always usage pillowcases. If you can, try to splurge because that a committed zipper pillow cover. This will stop it from getting soiled or stained.


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How execute You Dispose Of storage Foam Pillows?

Even the most well-maintained storage foam pillow will eventually have to be replaced, and when the time comes, it’s crucial to know exactly how to remove it properly. Most human being don’t establish this, however memory foam products can be recycle alongside constant plastics. This contains memory foam pillows.

Recycling your pillows is the many environmentally-friendly means to get rid of them and also reduce her carbon footprint. To recycle your memory foam pillow, toss it in the plastics bin for her recycling day. If you have a recycling center near you, you can additionally drive there and also drop off the pillow in person.

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The people of home improvement is constantly improving, and that includes things like pillows, too. Storage foam pillows are one of the many durable artificial pillows on the market, i m sorry is precisely why they’re booming in popularity.However, they are not for everyone. Many human being may uncover memory foam pillows come be also high maintenance for them. If you room willing come do careful cleanings, climate you will discover these pillows to be a real-life dream come true.