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If you’ve just finished developing a good video, did you do it uploaded it to YouTube, the processing time have the right to seem choose it bring away ages. Yet how lengthy does YouTube take it to process a video clip actually?

I’ve uploaded countless videos, from brief videos the were just a couple of seconds and were only in 1080p, to videos that exceeded the hour mark and were in fresh 4K. One point that never seems to obtain old is the moment it takes for YouTube to process videos.

What is video clip processing and why does it take it so long?

When girlfriend upload a video to YouTube, a number of things room happening which can take a the majority of time come complete. YouTube is compressing your original video clip file, this is why friend may notice some quality loss once you download your original paper from YouTube. Here’s a an excellent example that this indigenous MKBHD.

Additionally, YouTube is making duplicates of this paper in a number of different formats. If you click on the gear icon of a video, you’ll check out that you deserve to watch a video in 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p (HD), 1440p, etc. Every the means up to the maximum quality that girlfriend uploaded the video clip in. This way that if friend uploaded a traditional 1080p video file, YouTube needs to make 5 various versions!

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