Earning a black belt is a commendable success for anyone, and an especially for those of us pursuing martial arts skills. As a cursed practitioner, the martial artist has developed through the ranks and also reached the pinnacle. A college student is qualified of earning a black color belt quicker in specific martial arts disciplines than in others.

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What go a black color belt signify?

A black belt holds good significance. The student who has earned a black belt has an unified both physics strength and mental determination to get rid of difficulties. A practitioner who holds a black color belt has demonstrated year of discipline, difficult work and perseverance.

Having earned the black belt, the martial artist shows responsibility come not just himself or herself, however to others, and also the neighborhood as well. The student is capable of impressive self-defense skills and emotionally mastery. A martial artist through a black color belt shows respect, honor, discipline and also focus in life.

Holding a black belt is not the final destination—it is just the beginning of a lifelong search to discover using the tools already given. A practitioner wearing a black color belt has the duty to pass on knowledge, encouragement and also experience to ready students.

What series of belts bring about the black color belt?


The journey toward earning a black belt is a long one. A student will train for years come perfect physical approaches while developing inner strengths, such as courage, focus and also discipline. The student’s very first step is to development beyond the initial white belt.

A white belt to represent the open up mindedness a student should possess in order to accept teachings indigenous the master. Upon mirroring faith and trust in the teacher, the college student progresses to a yellow belt, which to represent a seed. The practitioner through a yellow belt grows to develop quality skills.

A green belt indicates growth, when the student with a blue belt displays maturity. The practitioner v a blue belt becomes strong mentally and physically and also progresses to the red belt. A red belt represents the brightness the the sun and also the capacity to get over disappointments and also setbacks. There is the advance of an aura the goodness, vitality, and also patience.

Earning a black color belt is came before by advancing through the ranks of number of belts, numerous (but not all) of which have been mentioned. Every martial art calls for a various length that time to achieve the coveted black belt. Some techniques require ten years of training, while others just three. The course, this varies based upon time commitment and also skill requirements. At grasp S.H. Yu Martial Arts, we teach a repertoire of an abilities that call for mastery and application before testing, but, on the average, our students can achieve their BlackBelt after ~ 4 years of constant study and practice.

1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (10 Years)

A martial artist that trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience rigorous study. A black color belt is extremely hard to accomplish in this discipline. That is difficult to progression through the ranks; earning just a blue belt takes 3 to five years. A black color belt might be earn in ten years.

2. Karate (5 Years)

Earning a black color belt in karate relies on numerous variable factors. The student’s meeting is evaluated and also the standards of the issuing martial arts school. The takes five years of specialized training to get the wisdom and also spiritual growth vital to development to a black belt.

3. Aikido (4-5 Years)

The right mindset, even an ext so than technical and physical proficiency, is an important when progressing through the ranks of Aikido. A student need to practice diligently number of times a week because that at least 4 to 5 years to obtain the an initial level of black color belt.

4. Judo (3-6 Years)

Perfecting match-winning throws is crucial to moving through the top ranks of judo. This self-control features ten black belt “dans.” merely earning the very first “dan” hardly qualifies the practitioner as a judo expert. Also the first “dan” deserve to take 3 to six years come earn.

5. Tae Kwon carry out (3-5 Years)

A student deserve to earn a black color belt in Tae Kwon Do much faster than in any type of other kind of the martial arts. Black color belts in Tae Kwon carry out are accomplished in degrees, v the practitioner may be to knife the first-degree black belt within 3 to 5 years.

Some schools stipulate a minimum of 4 to five years that training before a student deserve to earn a black color belt, when others execute not. The student must first pass a test that is based upon the school’s curriculum. That is not uncommon for students come fail the test multiple times.

Grow in your Martial art Journey

Students who are prepared to take it the test in order to earn a black color belt proficiently show the approaches the instructor has taught them. Ideally, students find out from mistakes and perform better and better through progression.

Several various other martial arts exist in which black color belts may be earned. Less renowned martial arts incorporate Muay Thai and Wing Chun. That is important to note that no all colleges follow the belt system. It is tradition, however, because that disciplines, like Judo and Aikido, to combine the ranking system.

Patience, dedication and also hard occupational are important to advance through the ranks. Also advancing from the white belt to the next belt deserve to take 6 to nine months. Once you setup to commit come earning a black belt, accept training indigenous the best—Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts.

At Master S.H. Yu Martial Arts, our dynamic martial art instructors take it thousand-year-old techniques and also make them accessible to contemporary students. By acquisition martial arts classes, students improve physical strength and flexibility, self-confidence and also mood. Practical and accessible self-defense methods are likewise taught, and students construct an increased awareness of your surroundings.

Martial art students are given a range of techniques from which come choose. Practitioners may be attracted to Aikido or Tae Kwon Do. Others may enjoy learning Judo or Kumdo.

Public wellness Safety

We are excited to aid all students flourish in your martial arts journey, however Master S.H. Yu is cursed to safety and security of every instructors and students very first and foremost. As that now, master S.H. Yu is teaching virtual to registered students only. We room hoping for our reopening post-COVID and recruitment of new students as Public health and wellness Metrics and Conditions room stabilized and improved.

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Please call our Dojhang Manager, master Wilson at (708) 383-3456 with concerns or because that registration updates. We room looking forward to seeing anyone in human again soon! till then, please remain well and Be Healthy.