Texas is the second largest state in the USA, bordering Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico as well as sharing an global border with Mexico to the southern. We love a great road pilgrimage via Texas but there might be times once you wonder how long it would certainly take to drive appropriate across the state.

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It takes around 12 hours to drive throughout Texas between Louisiana and also New Mexico along the I-10 via normal traffic. With stops for food and also fuel, it will take 14 hours. Driving across north Texas alengthy the I-40 takes 8 hours 30 minutes.

To help you figure out exactly how lengthy it will take you to drive throughout Texas, we"ve put together a handy guide with details around the ranges associated, time it takes to drive them and points you have to know.



Time to drive throughout the width of Texas

The state of Texas has an ircontinual form so there are a few ways of crossing Texas and they take a various amount of time depending upon the course.

The 2 most common ways of crossing Texas are alengthy the I-10 with the southerly component of the state or via the north, crossing with the Texas Panmanage along the I-40.

Crossing southerly Texas from Louisiana to New Mexico

Tbelow is one significant route through the southern of Texas that is additionally the many common method to cross the state. The path runs from the border through Louisiana at Orange along the I-10 all the means previous Houston and San Antonio to the crossing into New Mexico at El Paso.

This is the route trucks and cross-country chauffeurs take as soon as driving in between a lot of southerly claims and also Arizona or The golden state.

This path usually takes about 12 hours" worth of driving prior to you account for stops and breaks although website traffic around the major cities ca rise that to 14 hours on the road.

With 870 miles to cover border to border, you"re most likely to speak twice to fill up and also grab lunch and also preventing a couple more times for comfort breaks. If you conservatively permit yourself 2 hours all in for the various stops to stretch your legs, intend to spend 14 to 16 hours on the road to drive throughout Texas.

Unless you"re driving through the day and swapping motorists, you"ll should soptimal somewbelow overnight so add the moment you need to sleep onto the size of the journey.

Driving throughout northern Texas via the Texas Panhandle

Tbelow are a few various means that human being cross Texas through the north. Tright here are 3 widespread entrance points - along the I-20 from Shreveport in north Louisiana, via Texarkana from Arkansas or along the I-40 from Oklahoma.

The 2 leave points from Texas into New Mexico are generally along the I-10 from El Paso or with I-40 from Amarillo.

To help you understand exactly how lengthy your drive across Texas will certainly take, examine the table below to find your route time. Remember these times execute not encompass stops or breaks so include in a couple of hrs on the longer drives.

FromToDriving time
Shreveport (LA)El Paso (NM)11h (816 miles)
Shreveport (LA)San Jon (NM)8h 30m (600 miles)
Texarkana (AR)El Paso (NM)11h 20m (826 miles)
Texarkana (AR)San Jon (NM)8h 30m (564 miles)
Erick (OK)San Jon (NM)2h 30m (177 miles)

Time to drive with Texas from the Mexican border


The rate boundaries differ a lot even alengthy major roadways. The interclaims will certainly have actually speed borders in between 55 and 80 miles per hour. While some of the long 80 mph stretches are great and also enable you to cover a lot of distance quickly, some cities are beginning to alleviate speed boundaries as you approach and drive around them. El Paso reduced the speed limit along the I-10 to 60 in 2018 citing roadworks however did not boost it after they were finish.

Tips to drive throughout Texas in the shortest feasible time

If you really have to drive across Texas as conveniently as possible, right here are a couple of tips on reducing the time on the road to the lowest possible.

First, it"s a great concept to drive with at least 2 drivers that deserve to swap throughout the journey to minimize the amount of time you need for breaks and relaxation.

Next off, if you have actually an option or are renting a car, provide the large gas guzzler a miss out on and also pick somepoint cautious. Routes across the south are over 800 miles lengthy. In a fuel reliable automobile, you will certainly only require one speak at a gas station quite than 2 or 3.

The optimal time to make the drive is not to go with the night. Some speed limits in Texas are decreased during the night and development deserve to be slow through lower visibility. The quickest means to drive throughout Texas is to cross the border at approximately 7:30am, making the a lot of of the daytime and also crossing back out before it gets dark. If you have a selection of day, Sundays are usually about 30 minutes faster because of reduced website traffic quantities, but the difference is not as good as you"d think on a 12 hour journey alengthy the I-10.

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