Seattle is a wonderful city v plenty that adventures and also beauty around every corner. If you room heading north from the "Emerald City" in the direction of Canada, friend will discover equally gorgeous see in Vancouver. For an incredible roadway trip, rebab.net has put with each other a rapid guide to aid you make the most of her time.

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Can ns take a rental automobile from Seattle come Vancouver?

Yes, girlfriend can. In fact, most automobile rental providers will allow you to drive her rental auto from Seattle come Vancouver, but there may be restrictions. Be sure to read the Terms and also Conditions of our companies or call them directly around your plans.

Rent a vehicle in Seattle

Where come drive her rental auto between Seattle come Vancouver?

Downtown: over there is an ext to do in downtown Seattle than tall buildings, historic museums, and also Pike place Market. Through a rich background and vibrant culture, Seattle is a cool city to explore.La Conner: This small town in Skagit Valley uses the possibility to stroll follow me the beautiful waterfront while checking out original arts galleries, good crafts, residence furnishings, and gift items.Fairhaven: Situated simply south of downtown Bellingham, the historical Fairhaven town has many of boutique shops and also galleries. You can obtain a good selection that affordable and unique item at collection West, Artwood, and also Renaissance Celebration.Vancouver: situated on the west shore of Canada, Vancouver is an exciting location with complete of things to see and explore. Walk and also cycle around Stanley Park, visit the Museum of Anthropology, shop in Gastown and also travel the world-famous Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Driving tips from Seattle to Vancouver

Washington state has actually 13 border crossings between British Columbia in Canada. The is vital to keep in mind that the busiest crossings space the four boundaries that offer the Seattle to Vancouver area v wait time of up to 4 hours.Note the commercial vehicles are not permitted to use the peace Arch port.Northbound website traffic at the border is constantly busy during weekends native 6 pm and also 10 pm.Border cross times room usually shorter when heading north from Seattle come Vancouver if crossing right into the U.S. Deserve to be more time-consuming.

How is the drive from Seattle to Vancouver?

Going on a road pilgrimage from Seattle come Vancouver is a satisfied one and also only takes two hours and also 28 minutes. Interstate-5 north is the most direct route in between Seattle and also Vancouver in british Columbia. If you space not in a rush, the scenic Chuckanut Drive, i m sorry runs v farmland along the Puget Sound in between the charming communities of Bow and also Bellingham, is worth a visit.

What kind of documents do you should travel native Seattle come Vancouver?

You will need necessary travel documents, such as a NEXUS card, a totally free and Secure trade (FAST) card, an intensified driver"s license, and your vehicle rental documentation come pass through immigration. Read our Driving across the U.S. Border right into Canada in a Rental vehicle to get much more information.

Crossing the U.S./Canada Border

There are four primary border crossing alternatives if you plan to journey from Seattle come Vancouver. These room the peace Arch, the Pacific Highway (Truck Crossing), Lynden/Aldergrove, and also Sumas/Abbotsford crossings.

Which border crossing is the ideal one?

Peace Arch is the key crossing and also has the longest delays, when the Pacific Highway is usually quicker in comparison. The Lynden/Aldergrove cross is precious considering if you are traveling come the phibìc Shore or to the east side that Vancouver. Please note that if the wait only takes less than 5 minutes, this cross is not open up 24 hours a day. The Sumas/Huntingdon are reduced volume ports i m sorry have shorter delays and may be quicker if they room not too far out of her way.

What are the optimal traffic durations for Seattle to Vancouver border crossings?

July, August, and September are taken into consideration the optimal months. Peak traffic periods tend come occur during the daytime top top weekends and also during commute hours on weekdays.

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Are over there tolls between Seattle and also Vancouver?

There space no tolls if you take it I-5 N in between Seattle and also Vancouver. However, if girlfriend cross further west and also take Highway 1 right into Vancouver you will have to pay a toll once you overcome the port Mann bridge.

Driving Distances

Seattle come La Conner: 1 hour and also 13 minutesSeattle come Fairhaven: 1 hour and 35 minutesSeattle come Chuckanut: 1 hour and also 15 minutesSeattle come Vancouver: 2 hours and also 29 minutes


Costco Gasoline: 4401 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134Shell: 13001 Lake City means NE, Seattle, WA 98125Chevron: 1008 W Holly St, Bellingham, WA 98225Petro-Canada: 2808 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G7Esso: 1205 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Z5