Theleopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) is aboriginal to the arid regions of Pakistan and India. Male leopard geckos with a dimension of 10 come 12 inches long, and female leopard geckos have the right to measure indigenous 7 to 10 inches long. Leopard geckos are known to live much more than 20 years. As result of the beautiful selection of captive-bred colors and patterns,leopard geckos have become one of the most well-known lizard varieties kept worldwide.

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Leopard Habitat

A 10- come 20-gallon aquarium houses two leopard geckos because that their entire lives indigenous hatchling come adult. Caging need to be at least 1 foot tall, and have a secure display top the will assistance a light fixture and also keep bothersome cat from dining on your pet. Live or man-made plants have the right to be added for decoration.

Newspaper, pea gravel, artificial turf, level stones or no floor covering are an excellent substrate options for leopard geckos. Sand or fine-particle commodities on the cage floor can reason intestinal impaction if spend by young or debilitated geckos.


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All leopard geckos, including this diablo blanco morph, are active at night and do not must bask under UVB lighting.

A hide crate measuring 6 come 7 inch in diameter filled through moist peat moss or vermiculite is required, so your leopard can shed its skin and also lay eggs properly.


The best temperature in the hide box is 86 come 90 degrees Fahrenheit at every times. This is a leopard gecko’s hotspot. The ambient air temperature should be at the very least 73 degrees. An undertank heater pad or warm tape is the best way to provide the ideal hotspot temperature. Avoid warmth rocks since they often tend to end up being too hot and also might burn your pet gecko.

A simple 25-watt light inserted on the display top can carry out daylight. Store it on for 12 hrs a day. Because leopard geckos are active at night, they execute not must bask under UVB lighting.

Feed come Breed

Feed reproduction leopard geckos crickets at the very least every various other day, or keep a dish of mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) in the enclosure at every times. Insects should be no longer than the leopard gecko’s head and no more thick than fifty percent its width. Whether you’re using crickets or mealworms, it is important that feeder insects be offered a balanced diet. Gut pack insects v chick or hog mash for 24 come 48 hours before feeding lock to your geckos.

It is vital that you sell your leopard geckos extra calcium and also vitamin D3. Rather of dusting feeder insects, ar a jar lid filled through the complement in the corner of the cage for this reason the leopard geckos can decide exactly how much they consume.


Use a shallow, sturdy water dish measuring 3 come 6 inches in diameter to store fresh water easily accessible at every times.

Breeding Basics

Typically leopard gecko females room not sexually mature till they weigh 45 grams and reach 9 come 10 month of age.

North that the equator, leopard geckos experience a reproduction season running from January come September. Individuals hatched late in the year may not begin laying eggs until April of the adhering to season. If we do cool under females before breeding, never cool down first-year females due to the fact that they room still growing. With our various other females, we stop feeding 10 days prior to cooling, then keep them in ~ 74 to 78 levels Fahrenheit with water current 24/7 for six to eight weeks.


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Geckos such as this raptor morph require a hide crate measuring 6 come 7 inch in diameter.

When presenting a mrs leopard gecko to a masculine leopard gecko, the first thing you might hear is the male going through his tail-vibration routine, i beg your pardon sounds prefer a very fast rattle. A receptive mrs stands perfect still if the masculine grasps she neck skin in his mouth and also engages in copulation. A masculine restraining a woman in this means is normal. A effective mating takes just two to 3 minutes from start to finish. Remove the woman leopard gecko quickly afterward.

Egg Laying

Leopard gecko females lay egg 16 come 22 days after copulation. As soon as a reproduction season begins, you have the right to expect female leopard geckos come lay a clutch every 15 come 22 days end a four- to five-month period. Mrs leopard geckos may lay one or 2 eggs for the very first clutch of your lives, leading to eight to 10 eggs because that their very first breeding year. Leopard geckos can produce 80 to 100 eggs over a lifetime.


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These 2 super gigantic albinos weigh 150 grams each. Their dimension resulted from a random mutation.

Provide an egg-laying box at the very least 6 come 7 customs in diameter and also 4 inches tall. For cages real estate three to five females, a plastic shoebox is ideal. All will certainly lay their eggs in that exact same spot. Do a 2-inch-diameter hole in package lid, for this reason the geckos can get in and out of the box. Fill the egg-laying box v peat moss, vermiculite or Bed-A-Beast litter, which must be maintained moist — it need to feel favor fresh planet — but not also wet.

Poor nutrition, no male sterility, is the leading reason of infertile eggs. An additional cause the infertility occurs when virgin mrs leopard geckos aren’t presented to a male as soon as they reach 45 come 55 grams, or once females have not been bred at least once a month.

Egg Incubation

The most common containers supplied for leopard gecko egg incubation are plastic deli cup or shoeboxes filled v 1 come 2 customs of vermiculite or perlite. Attain proper moisture by mix equal parts of incubation tool to water through weight, not volume. Slightly ask leopard gecko eggs, and an are them at least a half-inch apart. Covering the egg box with a chop lid, and include five come 10 pushpin-sized air holes to the top.

If you watch dents occurring in leopard gecko eggs throughout incubation, then your medium is as well dry. If the happens, spray the inner political parties of the egg container — no the eggs straight — 4 or fives times.

Incubation temperature identify a leopard gecko’s sex. If eggs space incubated in ~ 80 degrees, climate 100 percent of the hatchlings will certainly be female. In ~ temperatures approximately 87 levels you basically gain an equal variety of male and also female leopard geckos. At 90 degrees 98 percent the the hatchlings will certainly be male. Temperature conditions listed below 74 levels can it is in lethal.

If you need to manage egg temperature, a number of simple incubators room available. Never ar leopard gecko egg in one incubator there is no substrate or moisture. Castle turn into raisins if you do. Egg incubate 35 come 89 days depending on the incubation temperature.

Hatchling Care

Until hatchling leopard geckos reach a length of 7 inches, castle are ideal raised alone in a an easy shoebox setup measure 12 inch long, 6 inches vast and 4 inches tall. This cage is ideal because it uses close proximity to water, food, heat and also shelter. A constant temperature that 90 degrees under the hide box is optimum because that juveniles. The cool finish should be the same as the adult’s requirement: 73 degrees. Paper towels have the right to serve together the floor covering.

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Hatchling leopard geckos shed their skin and also begin eat after the an initial three days of your lives. Consistent 1-inch-long mealworms space the best offering for baby leopard geckos in ~ this time. Place 5 to 10 mealworms in a jug lid every other day.