Before acquisition the plunge and also buying a bearded dragon, it’s great to know simply how huge they can grow eventually. It can be simple to underestimate simply how large of one enclosure you will certainly need, an especially when you see the little guys in the store. So…How huge and how quick do bearded dragon grow? The Pogona Vitticeps or central Bearded Dragon is the most typical bearded dragon kept in the joined States and can thrive to a maximum of 24 inch long. Bearded dragons generally flourish to around 11 inches long within the an initial three months, then 1-2 inches every month thereafter, slowing to 1-2 inches expansion in the entire second year.

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Your moustache dragon’s expansion will be gradual and also may catch you by surprise once one day you look in ~ it, and it’s suddenly nearly two feet long! Nonetheless, there are a couple of factors the can impact your mustache dragon’s size and growth price that friend should probably know.

Bearded Dragon development Rate

As alluded come above, moustache dragons have tendency to flourish rapidly within their first couple of months the life and also then the expansion rate slows dramatically in the adhering to months.You deserve to expect her bearded dragon to it is in almost fully grown in ~ their very first year, if they may only thrive as small as one or 2 inches in total for their entire second year.The complying with chart shows the average growth rates that 50 moustache dragons throughout their an initial year of life.Bearded Dragon LengthBearded Dragon Age3-4 Inches0-1 Months5-9 Inches2 Months8-11 Inches3 Months9-12 Inches4 Months11-16 Inches5 Months11-18 Inches6 Months13-20 Inches8 Months16-24 Inches12 Months
These figures give friend a great idea the what come expect as soon as it comes to the speed at which your bearded dragon will certainly grow. can’t it is in loaded since JavaScript is disabled: mustache Dragon growth 1 Month – 1 Year (

When execute Bearded Dragons protect against Growing?

Beardies will certainly usually avoid growing before they with the two-year mark. Depending on their growth rate, they space usually thought about adults at approximately 12-18 months.These are simply guidelines. Some owners have reported your bearded dragons to have reached a healthy adult size at together young as 8 month old!Factors for Bearded Dragon growth RateThere room different components you should take into consideration when it pertains to bearded dragon size and growth rate, together as:SpeciesGenderDietHabitatLightingDisease and also ParasitesLet’s investigate how some that these different factors affect a bearded dragon’s size and how to ensure her bearded dragon will it’s naturally intended stature.Stunted expansion generally results from poor quality of life and can also influence a moustache dragon’s lifespan. The great news is the aside from the peak two ~ above the list, us as owner have control of many of this factors.

8 varieties of moustache Dragon (Pogona) and Their Sizes

First of all, to accurately chart her lizard’s growth, it’s crucial to know which varieties you’ve acquired. Here are the eight known varieties of bearded dragons and also how they differ in size and availability. 1. Pogona Microlepidota – The Drysdale flow Bearded Dragon is the smallest at 4-6 inches in length and also is very rare. They room usually found in coastal and forest areas.2. Pogona Henrylasoni – Lawsons bearded Dragon will only get up come 12 inches long. This dragons are well-known for their:Daytime activityLove of climbing more than anythingNatural habitat the dry, rocky, arid locations – deserts3. Pogona young Minima – likewise called the western Bearded Dragon is very rare and only grows up come 12 inches. This dragons space usually uncovered in dry woodlands.4. Pogona Nullabor – also rare, the Nullabor moustache Dragon grow up come 14 inches long. These lizards prefer flat brush environments. 5. Pogona Minor – an ext commonly recognized as the Dwarf moustache Dragon, it grow up to 14-18 inches and also is also an extremely rare. The prefers rocky areas and also woodlands.6. Pogona boy Mitchelli – This rare lizard is referred to as Mitchells moustache Dragon and can reach up come 18 inches long. These rare dragons space usually found in semi-tropical woodlands and the desert.7. Pogona Barbata – The seaside or eastern Bearded Dragon grows up to 24 inches. These are recognized for:Being very territorial around other dragonsBeing energetic during daytime hoursBeing discovered in dry, wooded areasClimbing and running along the ground8. Pogona Vitticeps – The central Bearded Dragon is the many common and also most popular and will gain up to 24 inches long. This is the form of bearded dragon owned by many bearded dragon lover in the joined States. These lizards: Are well-known for their gentle natureAre indigenous to dry brush environments, forests, and also desertsAre awake during the dayEnjoy climbingIn the same means that dogs have regularly been bred to emphasize specific characteristics, there room a organize of hybrid bearded dragons that have actually been especially bred to improve their color – red, yellow/gold, orange, and white. A herbal bearded dragon will certainly usually have actually some mixture the green, yellow, red, and also tan.

Bearded Dragon gender Size Differences

As with many animals, there are certainly size distinctions when it concerns bearded dragon gender. If you to compare a male and female mustache dragon of the same varieties you should notice a couple of things.Firstly, masculine bearded dragons tend to flourish longer (from head come tail) 보다 their woman counterparts. If you take the Pogona Vitticeps because that example, they have a size range at 12 month of roughly 16-24 inches. Commonly you deserve to expect the males to skinny nearer the upper limit that 24 inches, and also the females to be much more towards the 16-inch mark.Whilst females might not be as lengthy as males, they actually have actually a broader body, typically speaking. The female’s tail, ~ above the other hand, often tends to be more slender than the males. Males typically likewise have larger heads than females.

Gender Identification

While there are some clear distinctions when it involves male and also female mustache dragons, some civilization may imply that you have the right to identify the sex of your bearded dragon based completely on its size or even specific behavioral traits.Unfortunately, no of this are totally reliable methods as each dragon is different and you may even have two different types of lizards that look very similar to one another.Instead, once your moustache dragon is an adult (8-12 month old), you deserve to tell the gender difference by looking in ~ its underside. The male will have two bumps dubbed hemipenile bulges over the vent/slit between his earlier legs. The woman will have a solitary bump behind the vent/slit on she tail.Male displayed on the left vs Female shown on the right.
Source: www.beardeddragon.orgNote the all young bearded dragons will show up to be female until they reach sexual maturity.

How prominence Can impact a mustache Dragon’s Growth

It’s no advisable to keep multiple dragons in the very same tank together and for an excellent reason, also if they are both females, which room the less leading sex the the species.Keeping much more than one moustache dragon in the exact same enclosure will almost always result in a battle for dominance. Unfortunately, in this case, friend will uncover that the an ext dominant lizard will end up on top, fairly literally…If you view one moustache dragon on peak of the other, it might seem together though they are being affectionate through one another. In reality, they space most most likely fighting because that the best lighting spot and the an ext dominant will always win. This way that the less leading lizard might not receive all of the UVB the it needs for healthy bone growth.
The more dominant bearded dragon will end up v the lion’s re-superstructure of the food also if you room not careful. Numerous owners that keep much more than one dragon in the very same tank together will feed them separately since of this. However, this is still no a perfect solution.Quite often, just being in close proximity to an additional dragon will put your lizards under a good deal of stress. This can reason them to eat less even if offered the option. This is why it is always advised to home bearded dragons separately and also so they room out of each other’s heat of sight.For more information on maintaining bearded dragons together, inspect out mine other short article Can Bearded dragon Live Together?

Bearded Dragon Diet for healthy Growth

Bearded dragons space omnivorous reptiles. They love eat both plants and insects. Acquiring used to your dietary requirements might seem a bit facility at first, however as you find out the routine, you will quickly feel the you’re an expert ready come train other owners.To save your dragon’s expansion on track, you’ve got to understand their dietary needs. If they no getting every one of the nutrient that they require they can come to be malnourished and will be unable to thrive to healthy proportions.It should be detailed that a infant bearded dragon’s diet is various from that of one adult.1. Baby bearded DragonsMany breeders introduce that human being avoid buying baby lizards due to the fact that they are an ext sensitive and also susceptible to miscellaneous illnesses and also injuries. If you do get a infant bearded dragon, take into consideration the adhering to tips because that their straightforward diet:Offer much more insects than vegetables. A typical juvenile mustache dragon will eat between 20 and 60 crickets (or other insects) every day – depending on where it is in its development cycleFeed that insects three times every day from your trusted breeder or pet save – as many as it have the right to eat in ~ a 10-15 minute period.Do no feed your baby (or adult) moustache dragon wild insects together they may lug parasites the can harm your reptile. Remove any kind of uneaten bugs ~ the 10-15-minute eat period.Make sure the insects aren’t as well big. The insects need to not be any type of larger than the an are between the lizard’s eyes. Insects that room too big for her reptile can cause it harm.Dust the insects through a reptile-specific calcium/vitamin D3 supplement when per day.Dust the insects with a multi-vitamin supplement like Herptivite twice per weekAlways leave fresh (or thawed frozen) vegetables available in their dish.If friend spray the fruits, plants, and vegetables with water, it will help keep the food fresher and your moustache dragon hydrated.2. Adult mustache DragonsYour adult reptile only needs to eat insects once per day, in addition to their pce greens. Girlfriend will be able to reduce the calcium dusting to three times per week and also the vitamin/mineral supplement to once per week.

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Edibleinsects for her bearded dragon include:Black Soldier-Fly LarvaeLocustsCockroachesZophobasWaxworms (as distinct treats)SilkwormsButterworms (as unique treats)Remindersabout insect size:Insects available should never be larger than the space between your bearded dragon’s eyes, or it may reason your reptile to experience from impaction and/or hind leg paralysis.Leftover bugs must be removed after the 10-15-minute insect feeding duration has completed.Obtain insects from reliable breeders or pet stores together they need to be complimentary of parasites or poisons.Safe plants, fruits, and also vegetables for your bearded dragon to eat include: