Summer or winter, there’s constantly a method to accidentally freeze your beer. Us did part research and also here’s what we have the right to tell you about frozen beer, and what you have the right to do to stop your beers from freezing.

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By The Beer Community top top Nov. 09, 2018


Have you ever heard that alcohol doesn’t freeze? Well, this is a renowned misconception. Alcohol actually does freeze! many alcohols, like vodka and rum, freeze at temperatures around -114ºC – i m sorry is means colder than your usual household freezers and additionally why it’s a common belief that booze doesn’t freeze.

But what around Beer? does beer freeze? If so, in ~ what temperature?

Does beer freeze?

In quick – Yes, beer does freeze!

What temperature walk beer freeze at?

While straightforward to freeze her beer, learning the specific freezing point can aid you protect against it indigenous happening. The freezing temperature the beer will count on the alcohol content. Many beers (which range from 4-6ABV%) will usually freeze at around -2ºC.

If you’re interested in calculating the temperature that your certain beer will freeze, a chemist on reddit common his formula in which you have the right to do so. Us hope it makes much more sense to you 보다 it did to us… We’re beer geeks, no math nerds!

How long does the take because that beer come freeze?

The sugars in beer also lowers the freeze temperature. You’ll notification a “beer ice cube” isn’t as solid as a pure water one would be. The comes the end as much more of a grainy, slushy, and flaky ice. This is due to the fact that the street in the beer keeps the water in her beer from freeze completely. If your beer has a an extremely high alcohol percentage and also sugar content, it will certainly take longer than the usual 2-3 hours it takes for a much more typical beer layout to freeze.

Should you put your beer in the freezer?

While putting your beer in the freezer can help it chilled quickly, that is vital to no forget around it! and definitely, don’t save your beer in the freezer due to the fact that a frozen beer have the right to explode!

Image of a Frozen Beer indigenous

Why walk beer to explode in the freezer?

As water freezes, that expands. Beer is 95% water, which means…a frozen beer has a 95% possibility of expanding! Kidding, that’s not genuine math, however you have the right to be rest assured that together beer freezes, the expands. This also way the can or bottle might burst because of the pressure buildup as the ice cream expands. Not just is this a rubbish of beer, but you’ll end up v some severe cleanup, so avoid letting her brewskis freeze.

Can you rescue a frozen beer? What to carry out with a beer that has actually froze:

Did friend leave her beer in the freezer too long (Don’t say us didn’t warn you!)? Or probably you live in Canada and also accidentally forgot around that case of beer in the trunk of your car on a cold winter’s night. We obtain it… As lot as us love beer, we understand that sometimes it is forgotten about.

Safety an initial though – if her frozen beer is in a glass bottle and the bottle broke…you’ve obtained to toss the beer. It’s no worth the hazard if even a tiny tiny shard broke cost-free into your frozen beer. Blahhh, it’s like a step from witnessed *shivers*

If you regulate to capture your beer while that is only slightly frozen, you have the right to put the in her refrigerator and also save it because that later. This might slightly influence the flavour and also taste of your beer. If girlfriend drink a partially frozen beer, be aware that the beer will now have a greater alcohol concentration. This is because the frozen pieces are largely only water, leave behind every the alcohol in her beer. walk this simply turn into a hack on how to increase the alcohol percent of your beer?

Fun Iced Beer Fact:This is exactly how brewers make beer formats like Eisbock!

Eisbock is bock based on freezing, developing a fraction of ice that is climate removed, concentrating the beer.

Another method you have the right to use frozen beer is to do yourself a beer margarita! Take your beer slush, mix it v a lime margarita or lime concentrate for a good way come cool off on a hot summer day. If you’re interested in making a beer margarita, the food network has actually instructions on safe means to freeze her beer.

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You deserve to use your frozen beer in food preparation as well. In most cases, friend won’t have the ability to tell that the beer you supplied in your recipe was frozen and also then thawed. Inspect out several of our favourite recipes utilizing beer, here.


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