Blue Cheese is a cheese that is produced from societies of mold Penicillium. Blue cheese is comparatively short in fat and also generally has actually a strong aroma and a salty taste, unlike cottage cheese that has a lighter flavor.

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It has excess salt content and also provides a high source of phosphorus, calcium, and protein.

Blue cheese is greatly extracted by pasteurizing the milk the sheep, cows, and also goats. There room different species of blue cheese.

Roquefort is well-known as the oldest blue cheese developed in France.

Cambozola is likewise a kind of cream cheese made of brie cheese.

Blue molds like Penicillium Roqueforti and Penicillium Glaucum are used for make blue cheese.

Blue cheese is advantageous for health and can be stored for a an ext extended duration using the right method. In instance you don’t have actually blue cheese in your pantry, goat cheese is well-known to be an excellent substitute because that blue cheese.

So come answer the most-wanted concern “How long does blue cheese last?”, let’s take a closer look at blue cheese.

How long Does Blue Cheese Last? does Blue Cheese walk Bad?


Any food have the right to undoubtedly go wrong, therefore does blue cheese. However, if a blue cheese is no stored correctly, it have the right to lead come the occurrence of molds producing aflatoxins and mycotoxins that room dangerous to our body.

Although blue cheese is made of edible fungi that are safe, it deserve to still go wrong.

It is crucial to save the cheese in the ideal temperature, or else it will develop harmful bacteria and can be a difficulty when consumed. Do not save the cheese in one airtight container choose the way you save other food products.

Because of the life micro-organisms ~ above the surface of the cheese, you should wrap the cheese through a cheese document or aluminum foil first, then cover that again through a plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator. That way, the cheese can lasts for about 3-4 weeks.

But If the cheese is left open up in the kitchen or the room without keeping it in the refrigerator, it will last only for 3 to 5 days together bacteria will start to develop. Save blue cheese deserve to be a small more complex than other milk products.

You can likewise store blue cheese in the refrigerator freezer, i beg your pardon will preserve the high quality of the cheese also longer. If you arrangement on save on computer the cheese for a longer time, store it in the fridge.

You can save the cheese in the freezer for a year or two, however for far better quality and taste, that is best if you consume that within six months the its storage.

How to Tell if Kombucha Blue Cheese is Bad? Blue Cheese Shelf Life!


Here room some signal that show your blue cheese can be poor to consume:

If her blue cheese has started to readjust its shade by transforming pink, green, brown, or blue, the is a authorize that your blue cheese has spoiled. Spoilage happens when bacteria or harmful molds begin to flourish on the surface of the cheese. Think about the shade of the cheese, together fresh blue cheese commonly is green or blue. And the creamy part of blue cheese must be beige, white or contempt yellow.When blue cheese walk bad, the texture of the cheese will additionally appear to be misty or greasy. The cheese texture readjust because of overfill moisture as bacteria grows quicker in warm temperature.Generally, new blue cheese includes a solid smell. Yet as the cheese starts come stale, the will begin to smell favor ammonia because of bacterial growth.Sometimes it may be difficult to call if her cheese has actually gone wrong as it might not show any kind of signs of change in color or smell. In that case, take a small piece that the cheese and taste it. If the cheese tastes also strong, climate it is most likely spoiled. The cheese becomes strong due to the break down of saturation fats existing in the cheese as soon as exposed to oxygen.


Blue cheese has actually a lot of wellness benefits. It is recognized that consuming the right amount of blue cheese on a consistent diet deserve to improve love diseases, helps fight versus arthritis, boosts memory, etc.

It is additionally used typically in cooking varieties of very delicious food.

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Blue cheese is among the healthiest cheese containing proteins, fats, calcium, and also sodium.