You’ve purchase beets top top a sale and also don’t desire them to walk bad. Exactly how long do beets last and also how to save them so the they continue to be fresh?

Maybe you’re not sure if you have to refrigerate your beets or if a basket in the pantry is great enough. Or if letting lock sit at room temperature for much more than a work or 2 is even an option.

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If one of two people one sounds favor you, this post is what you’re feather for. Here’s what we’re going to cover:

storing beets at residence (no, I’m no going to imply storing beets in sand or peat moss)storage time relying on where you keep themsigns that your beets are done for and also should it is in discardeda few tips on choosing the finest beets in the supermarket or farmer’s market

Interested? Let’s dig in.

Cooked and peeled beets

How To keep Beets at Home

Store her beets in a ventilated bag in the veggie drawer in the fridge. Prior to you placed them in there, trim the greens. Cooking beets and any leftovers must go in one airtight container and also into the refrigerator together well.

Beets choose cold (32-40°F or 0-5°C) and moist (90 come 95 percent family member humidity) storage (). While the crisper drawer isn’t the coldest ar in the fridge, it’s the most humid one, and also that’s why it’s the optimal choice.

If your veggie drawer is complete of broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, and other veggies, placed the beets on among the shelves. It’s no that big of a deal.

But prior to you refrigerate your beets, trim the greens come like half an customs (). In supermarkets, the greens space often currently cut (to extend the shelf life of beets), so that can be done because that you already.

If you desire to use the greens (they’re perfectly for sure to eat), save them separately. Otherwise, they’ll attract moisture from the source (the component that friend eat). If you keep radishes or carrots for an extended period, girlfriend probably know that already.

Grated beets closeup

When it concerns storing these source veggies, a perforated plastic bag is most likely the ideal option. It helps retain moisture yet doesn’t trap water. If girlfriend don’t have one top top hand, poke some holes in yours, or leaving the peak open.

If you have actually a source cellar or one unheated garage that maintains a reasonably low temperature, you have the right to keep your beets there. They probably won’t last as lengthy as they would certainly in the fridge, however it’s still a much better option 보다 leaving lock in the kitchen cupboard.

Do you have to refrigerate beets?

Technically speak – no. Beets save for a couple of days in ~ room temperature, however that’s about it. If you require them to critical longer, the refrigerator is the means to go.

Leftover grated beets in one airtight container

How long Do Beets Last?

Beets last 2 to 4 weeks in the crisper drawer in the fridge and 3 come 5 days in ~ room temperature. When you chef them, consume the leftovers in ~ 4 come 5 days.

The storage period for fresh beets is pretty large because the a couple of reasons:

in cold month beets often tend to last much longer than in the summerstorage time relies on the top quality of the beets girlfriend buy (more on the in a moment)the better the problems in your fridge and the much better you take care of the veggies, the much longer they will certainly last

You currently know how to keep beets so that they remain fresh as long as possible.

Old beets with some shoots

Now it’s time for the last piece of the puzzle – selecting the best beets available. Here’s how:

If her beets still have the greens attached, select ones through fresh greens.Wilted greens average the beets room a little old already.If there’s no greens, make sure the bulbs space firm to the touch.Soft bulbs through wrinkly skin typical old beets that won’t last more than a couple of days.

When it concerns cooked beets, it’s like with quite much any other cooking veggies – they store for around 4 come 5 work in a sealed container in the fridge.

Just cook beets

How to Tell If Beets room Bad?

Discard your beets if:

There’s mold or any fuzziness in cooking beets.I’m pretty certain that’s self-explanatory.Cooked beets sit in the fridge for an ext than 5 days.Leftovers don’t critical forever. Throw them out also if they seem alright after ~ those 5 days.Fresh beets start to rot or walk moldy.As usual, girlfriend can reduced out a small bad spot, however if the problem has currently spread and taken over, it’s time to remove those source veggies.They’re soft, shriveled, or the skin is at sight wrinkly.At this point, beets have lost a most water, and also cutting or grating them will be a pain. If they’re just slightly on the softer side, you deserve to still eat them.
Old beet, notification wrinkles top top the skin and also a soft spot. It’s still okay to eat, though.

Spoilage that veggies isn’t hard and also fast science, and there’s part wiggle room in many of the points above.

It’s approximately you if you reduced off a 3rd of a beet that’s beginning to rot or if friend trash it. Very same with beets with wrinkly skins and also soft ones.

In such cases, go with what you’re comfortable with. If girlfriend don’t feel jazzed about those old soft beets, it’s far better to allow them go. But if you’re prefer me and also you don’t mind, gain the most out that them.

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Beets salad fordinner


Store beets in a ventilated bag in the crisper drawer for 2 to 4 weeks. Cooking beets should be sealed well and also sit refrigerated for no much longer than 5 days.Leaving beets at room temperature is an excellent enough if you’re going come eat them within a couple of days.