Whether you choose to carry a Staffy puppy into your house or take on an older Staffy, lock become vital part of her family. It’s vital knowledge to acquire a good idea of exactly how long Staffies frequently live.

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Thanks to modern veterinary care and a better understanding that a Staffy’s needs, your dog have the right to live a longer and also healthier life.

Staffies, no matter how well you’ve taken care of them, live much shorter lives than humans, and also while no Staffy owner desires to contemplate shedding their dog, it will happen. Feeding her Staffy the best quality food you have the right to afford, continuous exercise, health check-ups, and regular vaccinations will ensure your Staffy enjoys the most extended lifespan possible.

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How lengthy Do Staffies typically Live For?

American Staffordshire Terrier typical Life Expectancy

A well taken care of American Staffordshire Terrier has actually a life expectancy between 12 come 16 years. There are specific health vulnerabilities with Amstaffs, such as skin allergies, urinary tract infections, and also autoimmune disease.

Before purchasing an Amstaff puppy, you should ensure the breeder has actually tested the parental dogs for inherited conditions and also can carry out you with health and wellness clearance certificates proving the fact. 

Older Amstaffs often tend to have concerns with osteoarthritis and also spondylosis.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier average Life Expectancy

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier has actually a lifespan between 12 come 14 years. If you thinking around a Staffy puppy, ensure the breeder can administer you through confirmation the parent dogs to be screened for hip dysplasia.

Other health conditions that Staffies can suffer from are skin conditions, particularly a skin condition lugged on by Demodex mites.L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria (a metabolic disorder), and also several cancers.

Staffies are known to develop cataracts as they age. If one of two people of the Staffy parents carries the recessive gene that reasons cataracts, also puppies can develop them. The unfortunate, but typically the Staffy will lose their sight once still a young dog.

Any the these conditions can adversely influence the health and quality of life of your Staffy. Some room life-threatening if no treated promptly, i beg your pardon of course, will have actually an impact on the Staffy’s life expectancy.

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How Old is the oldest Staffy in the World?

There is no official record because that the oldest American Staffordshire Terrier or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier; the Guinness publication of civilization Records only records the earliest dog, one Australian cattle dog called Bluey, lived to an significant 29 years and also five months.

What’s the record for the oldest American Staffordshire Terrier?

The earliest American Staffy resided in Australia. Her name was Maggie, and also she lived until she was nineteen years old. 

What’s the document for the earliest Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier native Derbyshire in the UK, Sophie live to nineteen years and four months.

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What do Staffies typically Die From?

The leading reason of death for senior Staffies is heart disease. Frequently as lock age, they suffer from love valve condition (mitral valve disease). Her vet will suspect the condition if he find a love murmur during one of their continual check-ups. Cancer can likewise be a far-ranging cause of death, however Staffies often tend to get cancer in ~ a younger period if they get the condition at all.