How long have the right to a cat go without food or water? This inquiry is frequently asked together a result of curiosity. You, together a responsible, loving, and caring cat parent, don’t want your adorable pet to it is in in danger because of the absence of sufficient nutrition and also water. You know that together a travesty must be avoided at all costs.

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The factors for questioning the question, exactly how long have the right to a cat make it through without water, room many. Yet the most common one is the your feline is sick. For this reason he/he doesn’t feel prefer eating food or drink water. For this reason let’s discover out the exactly answer appropriate away!

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How Long can a Cat go Without Food?


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There’s no one best or global timetable once it comes to the food or diet that cats. Also so, all felines room bound to endure the same physical and mental changes when no food goes into their system.

The lack of adequate nutrition encourages the use of fat in the body because that finding energy. The liver is the only organ the helps in processing body fat right into your energy reserve. So as soon as the liver falls short to receive enough protein, it end to duty properly. This is what causes liver failure.

Starvation has actually the ability to offer rise to such body organ damage. And also that put’s her cat’s life in severe danger. The procedure takes number of days come occur. Yet on average, cats have the right to survive without food because that 1-2 weeks. However, this hugely relies on his/her water intake and overall health.

Factors that affect your cat’s survival price are as follows:

Genetic heritage.Weather.Age.Emotional state.Surroundings.

Older cats don’t last as lengthy as the younger ones, obviously. In ~ the exact same time, also kittens cannot walk on because that so lengthy without food. So it definitely does depend on her pet’s age. along with hot or cold weather conditions, stress, hereditary heritage, and task levels.

How Long can a Cat go Without Water?


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You can think that food is an ext essential in comparison to water. That’s no true though. So exactly how long can a cat live without water?

Outdoor or stray cats have actually the capability to survive for a longer time there is no water. And also that’s since they receive enough fluids from every prey they capture. However, usually speaking, cats can live there is no water for just 3 to 4 days. ~ that, organ failure is inevitable.

For survival, water is very important. An especially when the ns of appetite takes kind and your cat refuses to eat anything. It’s fairly unfortunate to discover out that felines don’t feel dehydration to a an excellent extent.

When your cat is eating food yet not drinking enough water, even then his/her health is highly likely to enter damage territory. This is why wet food is a an ext suitable choice at together times. Crate wet food contains an ext moisture. And that provides it simpler for her cat to remain without water because that a much longer time.

Just store in mind that hyperactive cats and also kittens tend to burn fluids much faster than their lazier furry friends. So you cannot intend the previous to endure for lengthy without drinking any type of water. The absence of it instantly worsens any kind of present health conditions they could be experiencing from.

Cat Refuses come Drink Water or Eat Food: how To address This?


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Before ns tell friend what come do about this problem, here’s something you might want to look right into first. If her pet isn’t drinking water or eat food as lot as it commonly does, don’t dismiss that as no urgent. There can be an underlying cause. So it’s ideal to salary a visit to your veterinarian as shortly as possible. In the meantime, let’s deal with the trouble at hand.

If her cat isn’t willing to drink water, shot getting among those pets fountains currently widely available. This actually functions if her feline is fond of drinking water indigenous faucets.

Another effective method of tempting her cat to consume more fluids is feeding box food. You have the right to add more water to it if you like. This certainly provides your kitty with the fluid rise his/her body demands. Canned food likewise provides nutrition.

As for cats no eating food, friend can try giving something new. Like his/her favorite treats or you can reheat crate food. Change the food bowl; maybe obtain a new, shallow one.

Just don’t panic if your pet cat stops drinking and eating suddenly. The chances are the surroundings have become a small stressful. Or yes sir an unfamiliar human, animal, or item of furniture around.

Whatever the reason, if your feline doesn’t start eating or drink after 24 hours, time to make an appointment through the vet. Dehydration and malnourishment offer rise come fatal outcomes. So you re welcome don’t overlook them.


Cats tend to hide or conceal their illnesses. Therefore by the moment you an alert a problem, the underlying an illness may or might not have come to be a little advanced. Yet a readjust or loss of appetite is a very clear red flag. Finish or partial anorexia is regularly a symptom the kidney and urinary street disease. Together with pancreatitis, dentist problems, arthritis, and even cancer.

How to Tell If her Cat Is Sick

Your feline’s psychological health also plays a major role as soon as it involves food and also diet. Brand-new changes choose moving, a brand-new pet or baby, etc. Do have actually an influence on your cat’s appetite.

But you should know that no eating or drink is something that manifests in the cat only as soon as the disease gets worse. Nevertheless, you need to keep a check on her pet’s appetite. And also to seek experienced medical fist as soon as you an alert even the slightest difference. Why wait because that the problem to obtain worse, right?

Now girlfriend know exactly how long deserve to a cat go without food or water.

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