Every harry Potter In order (And & how Long your Runtime Is) while the story of harry Potterhas ended, the seems like the end is i do not have anything in sight yet for The Wizarding World. Let"s look at every movie therefore far.

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The Harry Potter franchise is just one of the many successful young adult movie franchises in history. With its 10 movies so far, the collection has carried in over $9 exchange rate in its worldwide box office. The is also still going solid as the prequel series Fantastic Beasts still has actually a the majority of its story come tell.

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The story the the young Wizard began in books, and those novels have actually sold millions of copies as well, making it one of the best crossover access time in cinema history. While the flagship series has ended, the seems favor the end is nowhere in sight yet for The Wizarding World. Below is a look in ~ every Harry Potter movie in chronological order.

The movie that started it all come in 2001, 4 years after ~ the publishing of the novel. In the film, a young boy called Harry Potter lived v his emotionally abusive aunt and uncle till he learned his parental were good wizards, and he got an invite to begin studying in ~ Hogwarts, a prestigious wizarding school.

Daniel Radcliffe took on the role of harry Potter in ~ the young age of 12, in addition to fellow boy actors Emma Watson and also Rupert Grint. The cast was rounded out by several of Britain"s top acting talent, and the film went on come an exceptional $975 million at package office for director kris Columbus.

released one year after Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone, kris Columbus finished up his two-film operation with Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets. Columbus had previously worked well with kids as a director on films like Home Alone and a writer top top Goonies. He was perfect come launch the franchise.

This second movie continued Harry"s learning and also discovery that magic. It additionally showed what threats he challenged in the future as the past of mr Voldemort, the main antagonist that future movies, was encountered here. The film made $879 million and also was the 2nd highest-grossing movie of 2002.

Arguably, the height critically acclaimed movie in the franchise came in 2004 with Harry Potter and also the sinner of Azkaban. When Columbus do the movie mostly around children discovering magic, and also kept the solidly in the young adult genre, Alfonso Cuarón took the helm for this one and also made among the many adult movies in the series.

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Sirius Black, a man who was held at the horrific Azkaban prison, was presented as Harry"s godfather, and also the film changed the tone dramatically into something extraordinary. Cuarón just directed one movie, but was the many acclaimed of the franchise"s directors, winning 2 Oscars for best Director adhering to this movie.

7 harry POTTER and also THE GOBLET the FIRE (2005) - 157 MINUTES

Harry Potter and the Goblet that Fire was the movie that showed that fatality was feasible in the one-time children"s movie series. In this film, take care of took part in a tri-wizarding competition that observed him battle in a collection of test to identify the school with the ideal young wizard.

However, that was just to move the plot follow me as the true prominence of this movie, directed by Mike Newell, to be to carry Lord Voldemort earlier from the dead, setup up the main villain for the remainder of the series. Robert Pattinson the Twilight fame was a hogwarts student in this movie, eliminated in cold blood by the death Eaters, and Voldemort declared war on all wizards by the end of this film.

two years later, it was time because that the next Harry Potter movie to have the heroes action up and start to fight back. David Yates command this film and remained through the franchise come the end. Harry Potter and the stimulate of the Phoenix witnessed the increase of the an effective Order of the Phoenix to fight the death Eaters, and also Harry learned that his real allies were.

This was the step in Harry"s journey wherein he uncovered himself betrayed, together the to adjust of Magic refuse to believe Voldemort was back and left the Order to fight alone, which led to the death of Harry"s lovely godfather Sirius Black.

5 take care of POTTER and also THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (2009) - 153 MINUTES

Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince came in 2009 and added a brand-new twist into the story. In this film, Dumbledore"s nearby companion confirmed to be a possible Death Eater sent into Hogwarts to beat them indigenous within together Snape took facility stage. Snape, the Half-Blood Prince, left a notebook behind that Harry found and also used to assist him with the year.

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By the finish of the movie, things looked dire together the fatality Eaters began to infiltrate Hogwarts. When Voldemort demanded the Draco Malfoy kill Dumbledore with the wand tied to him, it to be Snape that stepped forward and also murdered the headmaster, acquisition away Harry"s lover mentor and also leaving him and his girlfriend alone to battle Voldemort.

The final publication in the harry Potter series was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and also it was break-up into two movies. The first of the movies came out in 2010 and saw Harry, Hermoine, and Ron top top the run after the fatality of Dumbledore.

This entire movie mostly concentrated on the relationship between the three leads together their friendship fractures, breaks, and is eventually mended to make them more powerful than ever as they return to fight Voldemort and the fatality Eaters to end the war once and also for all.

3 take care of POTTER and THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: part 2 (2011) - 130 MINUTES

The last movie in the initial take care of Potter franchise come in 2011 together Harry Potter, and also his friends joined forces with the wizards that had actually survived the fatality Eaters come this point. It was the fight of Hogwarts, and everyone gathered to take on the villains and save their school.

By the end, most characters had your heroic moments, plenty of beloved heroes died in battle, and Harry had his final fight with Voldemort to finish the war and also save his school and also friends. By the final scene, take care of was enabled to live happily ever after.

five years ~ the end of the take care of Potter franchise, the civilization came roaring earlier to the large screen. This time, that wasn"t based upon books of any type of kind yet was instead a story J.K. Rowling produced for the large screen. Fantastic Beasts and Where to uncover Them told the story of Newt Scamander, whose books about terrific beasts Harry studied in school.

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1 an excellent BEASTS: THE crimes OF GRINDELWALD (2018) - 134 MINUTES

The last movie so far in the Harry Potter civilization hit theaters in 2018. This to be the second movie in the Fantastic Beasts series. While Newt Scamander was still the key protagonist, there was a lot here to collection up a battle mentioned in the original Harry Potter movies between Albus Dumbledore and also his best rival, Gellert Grindelwald.

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