If you have a pet dog that loves to jump over high fences and you desire to know an ext about their breed, or if you desire to own a dog that could join pets Olympics and also shows, this list is for you!

Here is a perform of the 15 dog each other that have the right to jump high.

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The Border Collie bags the number one spot for our list of dog breeds that jump high. Adult Border Collies have the right to jump as high together over 6 feet native standing.

This breed has originated from good Britain, in the Anglo-Scottish Border, and their usual routine ago then is to aid out their owner in herding sheep and also other livestock.

Their human body is well proportioned through a smooth outline, which gives them an athletic appearance. Lock are also slightly longer than your height, and also their loins and also chest are muscular but not tucked up.

All of these characteristics enable Border Collies to have the agility that they have.

Border Collie each other Overview:

High Jump: 6 ft.Long Jump: 4 ft.Weight: masculine : 14-20 kg; Female: 12-19kgHeight: Male: 48-56cm; Female: 46-53 cmLife Expectancy: 10-17 yearsOrigin: an excellent Britain

2. Shetland Sheepdog


Keeping hungry birds and also sheep away from the crops, Shetland Sheepdogs stand guard because that farmers in the Shetland islands in Scotland in the 19th century.

These days, Shelties are maintained by pet owners as companions and also trained because that pet Olympics.

Shetland Sheepdogs are smart and obedient. They are also really food motivated, therefore they can quickly be stimulated with mental tasks and training exercise.

Shetland Sheepdogs are considered one the the finest in the field of agility, however they are additionally exceptional in vertical jumps.

Shetland Sheepdog each other Overview:

High Jump: end 3 ft.Weight: male : 6.4-12 kg; Female: 6.4-12 kgHeight: Male: 33-41; Female: 33-41 cmLife Expectancy: 12-13 yearsOrigin: Scotland

3. Papillon


The oldest of the Toy Spaniel, these tiny de luxury Papillons room graceful yet durable attitude.

These dogs have to not be mistaken v Phalene, another range of Toy Spaniel, since they have much more erect ears 보다 them.

Papillons may be tiny compared to other athletic pups, however they are considered one of the superstar in the pet Olympics.

Papillons are really trainable and also obedient, and also their high levels of energy demand adequate obedience training transparent the day.

They enjoy walking at least once a day, running approximately your yard, and also playing fetch.

If you own a Papillon and also you want to make her pet sign up with racing competitions, you far better start training them as at an early stage as you can.

Papillon each other Overview:

High jump: over 2 ftWeight: male : 3.6-4.5 kg; Female: 3.5-4.5 kgHeight: Male: 20-28 cm; Female: 20-28 cmLife Expectancy: 13-17 yearsOrigin: France, Belgium, Spain

4. Australian Shepherd


“Aussie” is a dog breed emerged in the United says in the at an early stage 20th century.

These fluffy dogs space a mixture the cuteness and also power due to the fact that they room not only famous in dog shows and also rodeos back then, yet they are additionally admired for your appearance

Australian Shepherds are exceptionally intelligent with solid herding and also guarding instincts.

They are normally friendly, but like various other dogs, they need to be trained every day to consume their high power levels.

Aussies have actually been taped to jump together high together 4ft, and also they are renowned champions in terms of agility.

Australian Shepherd breed Overview:

High Jump: 4 feetWeight: male : 25-32 kg; Female: 16-25 kgHeight: Male: 51-58 cm; Female: 46-54 cmLife Expectancy: 13-15 yearsOrigin: united States

5. German Shepherd


German Shepherd owners understand that these dogs can quickly jump over any kind of fence within 4-6 feet high ~ above average.

They could be doing this since they want to chase something, or they could have sensed a stranger roaming approximately your house, or since of the simplest factor they are bored and want to discover the exterior world.

German Shepherd breed Overview:

High Jump: up to 6 feetWeight: male : 30-40 kg; Female: 22-32 kgHeight: Male: 60-65 cm; Female: 55-60 cmLife Expectancy: 9-13 yearsOrigin: Germany

6. Greyhound

Greyhounds might be recognized for their speed, but they room so much much more than that.

These dog have solid and proportioned built, long and straight forelegs, an excellent bone quality, muscular bodies, and also long heads and necks, which helps them operation as fast as castle can.

Greyhounds possess an excellent stamina and intelligence, making them really simple to train in various kinds of doggie sports.

The faster Greyhound clocked at approximately 45mph, and the highest jump videotaped by this breed is roughly 5ft.

Greyhound each other Overview:

High Jump: 5 ft.Weight: male : 29-38 kg; Female: 22-29 kgHeight: Male: 71-76 cm; Female: 68-71 cmLife Expectancy: 10-14 yearsOrigin: England, great Britain, british Isles

7. American Staffordshire Terrier

American employee Terriers, or widely well-known as Pitbulls, deserve to jump as high together 3.5-5ft turn off the ground.

Although they have the shortest ago amongst every the dogs who deserve to jump high, their strong, muscular four and large but sloping shoulders seem to have allowed them to do so.

This each other is no only good in jumping; they additionally hold the world-breaking document of having the highest possible vertical wall climb that 13ft.

American Staffordshire each other Overview:

High Jump: 5 ft.Weight: masculine : 18.1-27.3 kg; Female: 18.1-27.3 kgHeight: Male: 46-48 cm; Female: 43-46 cmLife Expectancy: 12-16 yearsOrigin: united States

8. Australian Kelpie

To deal with the problem of the increasing variety of sheep in brand-new South Wales and also Victoria, Australia through not a most manpower come look after ~ them, they have occurred a breed that could assist them do the job. This is once they had actually the Australian Kelpie.

Australian Kelpies are very alert, eager, and also highly intelligent. Castle possess virtually inexhaustible energy, and they are specialized to their duty.

They have actually a long and also sloping croup, deep chest, and solid and well-muscled loins.

These dogs are recognized for their agility and their impressive jumping capability that could reach up to 2.95 meter (9.6ft)

Australian Kelpie each other Overview:

High Jump: as much as 9.6 ft.Weight: male : 14-20 kg; Female: 14-20 kgHeight: Male: 46-51 cm; Female: 43-48 cmLife Expectancy: 12-15 yearsOrigin: Australia

9. Belgian Malinois

A range of Belgian Shepherd breed, Belgian Malinois source from Malines, the French name for the breed’s Flemish city of origin, Mechelen.

These dogs are classified as functioning dogs. They room usually employed come detect bombs and explosives, drugs, accelerants in arson investigations, and also tracking people for search and also rescue missions.

Belgian Malinois are always ready to leap into action. They have a powerful but light body, your withers are pronounced v solid loins that space well-muscled. These features permit them come jump more than eight feet right into the air.

Belgian Malinois each other Overview:

High Jump: 8 ft.Weight: masculine : 29-34 kg; Female: 25-30 kgHeight: Male: 61-66 cm; Female: 56-61 cmLife Expectancy: 12-14 yearsOrigin: Belgium

10. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are considered to be among the oldest dog breeds.

Since roman inn times, they have actually been guard dogs, defending and guarding their masters, your herds of cattle, and all of their property.

Until now, these dogs offer as guard dogs so far as to get rental by the police to aid them through rescue and also tracking.

These dogs room good-natured, obedient, alert, and fearless. Castle are quickly trained, but they are not together athletic as various other breeds. However, your physical stature permits them to with still around 3ft once they jump.

Rottweiler breed Overview:

High Jump: 3 ft.Weight: masculine : 35-48 kg; Female: 50-60 kgHeight: Male: 56-63 cm; Female: 61-69 cmLife Expectancy: 8-10 yearsOrigin: Germany

11. Vizsla

Vizsla is a dog breed the originated native Hungary. Castle are organic hunters and an extremely athletic.

These dogs space amiable, lively and also they are quickly trained. Lock possess an outstanding willingness to keep contact with their grasp while working.

Because Vizslas are very trainable, many of lock are kept as domestic pets. Vizsla owner can absolutely tell you the these dog are incredibly active, and also they gain doing outdoor tasks and to run over obstacles v jumping.

Vizsla breed Overview:

High Jump: 6 ft.Weight: masculine : 20-29 kg; Female: 18-25 kgHeight: Male: 56-64 cm; Female: 53-61 cmLife Expectancy: 12-15 yearsOrigin: Hungary

11. Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier each other originated in England in the 1800s.

This breed was arisen by Reverend john Russell to fit his needs for a dog who have the right to run v foxhounds and also quarry from their dens.

They are really energetic, strong, and flexible. They have a springy gait and can jump as much as 5ft.

Jack Russell Terrier breed Overview:

High Jump: 5 ft.Weight: male : 6.4-8.2 kg; Female: 6.4-8.2 kgHeight: Male: 25-38 cm; Female: 25-38 cmLife Expectancy: 13-16 yearsOrigin: England

13. Bull Terrier

A Bull Terrier is no only known for its egg-shaped head, yet they also have a an extremely distinctive robust and also muscular body.

Originally occurred in good Britain, and also what do this dog breed interesting is that the FCI typical says rather deliberately, “There are neither load nor elevation limits, however there should be the impression that maximum substance for dimension of dog regular with quality and also sex. Dog must at all times be balanced.”

Their muscular construct doesn’t avoid them from being an extremely active dog breeds who enjoy playing outdoors and also jumping up to 2ft.

Bull Terrier breed Overview:

High Jump: 2 ft.Weight: male : 22-38 kg; Female: 22-40 kgHeight: Male: 45-55 cm; Female: 45-55 cmLife Expectancy: 10-14 yearsOrigin: great Britain

14. Rat Terrier

In the 1920s, Rat Terrier was extremely common in the joined States.

They are one of the most tamed pets because their pest-control abilities room well-sought for by their owners.

Their slim but muscular loins, narrow chest, and also long bodies permit them to have better jumping capacity compared to various other dogs.

Rat Terrier each other Overview:

Weight: masculine : 4.5-11 kg; Female: 5-12 kgHeight: Adult: 25-46 cmLife Expectancy: 15-18 yearsOrigin: joined States

15. Whippet

From the 17th-century native Whippet, which method to move briskly, these dogs are a crowd favourite in coursing competitions and also amateur racing.

Whippet’s human body is tailored because that athletic activities. They have actually broad, well-muscled back, deep and well-defined chest through muscle top top its back, belly, and underline well tucked up, and also its loins are strong and well-developed.

Spitfire the Whippet, the best dog athlete in the world, set a world-breaking record of 56km/hr speed, 31ft long jump, and also 8ft vertical jump.

Whippets room truly amazing, however pet owners have to be reminded that they have actually high energy and also enthusiasm to be trained regularly.

The only downside the this dog each other is the if you space taking care of a Whippet, you need to make sure that you store an eye ~ above it all the time due to the fact that they can easily jump over puppy gates and fences.

Whippet breed Overview:

High Jump: 8 ft.Weight: Adult : 6.8-14 kgHeight: Male: 48-56 cm; Female: 45-53 cmLife Expectancy: 12-15 yearsOrigin: England

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Frequently inquiry Questions

Which dog has the highest jump?

The highest ever jump taped by a dog was by a greyhound in Frederick, Maryland, USA. The woman greyhound, Feather, recorded an outstanding jump that 191.7cm or 6 feet and also 29 inches high in the air earlier in 2017!

This slender breed is maybe to clean hurdles of as much as 6 feet in height with ease. Feather’s people record is increase to 3 times greater than the run of an typical greyhound.

Other civilization record holders for the highest possible dog jump were awarded to one more greyhound, a borzois, and also a Russian wolfhound.

You may be surprised to find out that a bigger breed no able to jump greater than a middle sized greyhound.

However, greyhounds have actually powerful, sleek body that have been constructed for a superior athletic performance. Therefore it’s only herbal that a greyhound should hold the Guinness human being record for the highest possible jump!

How high can a dog jump directly up?

The height that a dog have the right to jump directly up will totally depend on their breed, and how healthy and balanced they are. Some dogs such as greyhounds can quickly jump as high together 6 feet.

This is usually accomplished through play or once jumping clean over fences. Part dogs can also jump greater than this if they’ve been trained to perform so.

It’s additionally worth noting that a dog is i can not qualify to jump right upwards from a standing position. They normally need a small bit of an are to jump end obstacles so the they can get a an excellent run up to start off your jump.

The dog which space able to run the highest are generally middle sized dog such as greyhounds. These dogs have a lot of an effective muscles which help them to run at an excellent speeds. These muscles likewise lend themselves fine to jumping greater than other breeds.

How high deserve to a pitbull dog jump?

If you’re evaluate a pitbull’s jump from ground level, they are able to jump in between 4 to 6 feet depending on how healthy and balanced they are. Pitbulls are likewise capable that leaping front at great distances. The mean pitbull have the right to leap forward approximately 4 to 5 feet in distance from its starting point.

However, there are some records of pitbulls jumping even higher than this in competitive jumping. This is wherein the pitbulls space trained come jump against a straight wall to gain to greater heights.

There is a record of a pitbull called Antara jumping together high as 13 feet turn off the ground. Providing the pitbull has actually the exactly training, castle should have the ability to jump approximately 10 feet without too lot difficulty.

How high deserve to a dog run without acquiring hurt?

Trying to determine just how high a dog can jump without getting hurt will count on a few factors. The dog will require to have the ability to land for sure so that they nothing hurt themselves.

They will also need to only jump as high as they’re maybe to without falling a better distance. For example, landing ~ above the very same surface the they jumped from.

If a dog falls a better distance 보다 that of just how high they to be able to travel upwards, they would be much more likely come hurt themselves.

The general rule of ignorance for how high a dog deserve to jump is around 1 to 3 times higher than your height. It’s crucial to psychic that not every dog will be good at jumping.

Whereas part dogs can easily reach heights the 6 feet, various other dogs with smaller sized legs won’t have the ability to jump as high without damaging themselves.

Dachshunds, for example, are infamous for enduring from ago problems. Therefore these dog shouldn’t be enabled to jump off high obstacles choose sofas or person beds as they can reason serious damages to their spines.

Is jumping bad for dogs?

Determining even if it is jumping is poor for dogs will depend on several factors. Castle will must be jumping from a safe elevation so that they don’t hazard damaging their bodies. The greater your dog jumps from, the much more likely they are to hurt themselves.

It’s precious noting the jumping deserve to put extra stress and anxiety on her dog’s joints. So the higher the distance that lock jumping from, the an ext stress that is put on her dog’s joints. Other determinants such together weight and also the dog’s breed will certainly come into play, too.

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The general rule of ignorance is the as lengthy as her dog jumps indigenous a safe height, this shouldn’t be negative for them.