This guide will teach you how big bearded dragons can get in captivity. If you’re considering one as a pet, it’s important to know what to expect.In this guide, you’ll learn:How big do Bearded Dragons get when fully grown?How fast do Bearded Dragons Grow?What influences their size?How heavy do they get?


If you’re planning to get a Beardie as a pet, knowing how big they grow will help you prepare for a lot of things like tank size, environment, diet, and even their general health. This article will help you understand the different factors that affect a Beardie’s size to help you give the best care to these beautiful, docile, reptiles which are often considered great, relatively low maintenance pets. Fully-grown, an adult bearded dragon’s size ranges from 1 to 2 feet in length and weigh up to 1 pound.

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During Stage 1 Growth, they can grow 1-3 inches per week. At Stage 2 Growth, their growth slows to 1-3 inches per month. Once sexual maturity is reached, growth in length stops and the only changes will be in your Beardie’s weight. 
Stage 1 Growth | Baby Bearded Dragon SizeStage 2 Growth | Juvenile Bearded Dragon SizeStage 3 Growth | Adult Bearded Dragon SizeBearded Dragon Growth ChartHow Fast Do Bearded Dragons Grow?Different Species of Bearded Dragon (Pogona) and Their SizesWhat Factors Influence A Bearded Dragon’s Size?How Much Do Bearded Dragons Weigh?ConclusionFAQsFurther Reading

Stage 1 Growth | Baby Bearded Dragon Size

Baby bearded dragons sometimes referred to as hatchlings, grow up to 9 (sometimes 11) inches until they are 2 months old where they can weigh up to 1.23 ounces. At this rapid growth stage, they can grow as fast as 1-3 inches per week and require frequent feeding. Some may even need to consume up to 50 crickets per day to satisfy their monstrous appetites, living up to their name as dragons.


Stage 2 Growth | Juvenile Bearded Dragon Size

At about 2-7 months of age, bearded dragons are considered juveniles, a point wherein they can reach up to 18 inches in length and weigh up to 9.88 ounces. Juveniles can grow 1-3 inches per month and gain up to 1.76 ounces.

Stage 3 Growth | Adult Bearded Dragon Size

In general, adults can grow up to 24 inches from head to tail but are usually within the range of 18-22 inches when fully grown, weighing from 13-18 ounces. Adults are fully grown once they reach sexual maturity, the exact time of which differs for each lizard, ranging from 8-18 months of age. The bearded dragon growth chart below will help you track how much your Beardie will grow at a certain age.

Bearded Dragon Growth Chart

Age in monthsLength in inches (measured from head to tail)Weight in ounces0-1 months3-4 inches0.14-0.25 ounces2 months5-9 inches0.28-1.41 ounces3 months8-11 inches0.77-3.88 ounces4 months9-12 inches1.45-4.05 ounces5 months11-16 inches3.60-4.06 ounces6 months11-18 inches6.46-6.63 ounces7 months13-18 inches8.11-9.88 ounces8 months14-20 inches8.89-11.5 ounces9-10 months16-22 inches9.88-12.7 ounces11-12 months22-24 inches 12.3-16.5 ounces
Tracking growth is easy and will help you check for any health problems; all you need is a measuring tape, a medium-sized kitchen scale, and a bowl you can put your Beardie in.As babies, you will have to track the growth of your Beardie to make sure they are healthy and within the normal growth rate. If you track how fast your bearded dragon grows as a juvenile, you can get a sense of how big they’ll be as adults which can help you prepare the right tank size as well. If they are about 15 inches at 6 months, then your Beardie is on the big side and can be expected to grow up to 22 inches. However, this is not a hard and fast rule since bearded dragon growth is affected by other factors such as diet, health, and environment. Make sure you provide the best care for your bearded dragon so they live up to their names!

How Fast Do Bearded Dragons Grow?

Bearded dragons tend to grow quickly within 2-3 months as babies, reach up to 11 inches long, and gain up to 1.23 ounces. After that, the growth rate slows down to 1-2 inches, gaining 1.76 ounces per month during their first year as juveniles. From there, they can grow another inch or two in their second year as adults. 

How long does it take for a Bearded Dragon to grow to full size?

It takes 8-18 months for bearded dragons to reach sexual maturity and become fully grown. Full size bearded dragons can range from 22-24 inches in length.

When do Bearded Dragons stop growing?

Bearded dragons typically stop growing at about 11-12 months old but some can still grow until they are 18 months or even 2 years old! Senior bearded dragons may still grow but usually they just bulk up instead of growing in length.

Different Species of Bearded Dragon (Pogona) and Their Sizes

Bearded dragons belong to the Pogona genus consisting of 8 different species, all originating from Australia which is their natural habitat. Pogona vitticeps or the Central bearded dragon are the most common species you’ll find as pets. Below is information on the maximum length of a bearded dragon based on their species.

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Pogona vitticeps; Central Bearded Dragon (24 inches)Pogona barbata; Eastern Bearded Dragon or Coastal Bearded Dragon (24 inches)Pogona minor mitchelli; Mitchelli Bearded Dragon (18 inches)Pogona minor minor; Dwarf Bearded Dragon (14-18 inches)Pogona nullarbor; Nullarbor Bearded Dragon (14 inches) (sometimes misspelled as Pogona nullabor)Pogona minor minima; Western Bearded Dragon (12 inches)Pogona henrylawsoni; Lawson’s Bearded Dragon; Rankin’s Dragon (12 inches)Pogona microlepidota; Drysdale River Bearded Dragon (4-6 inches)You may come across the term “morphs,” which is similar to a dog’s breed where genetics and breeding play a role in teasing out certain favorable traits such as the German Giant Morph bearded dragons who grow up to 32 inches in size. Morphs are not considered as different species of bearded dragons.