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Three species of bears inhabit north America. From biggest to smallest, they are the polar bear, brown bear (also known as grizzly) and black bear. Of the three, the black color bear is by much the most wide-ranging. In fact, this resourceful bear inhabit woodlands of at least 40 that the 50 states, consisting of all states in the Southeastern U.S.

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Watching a bear can be a wonderful experience. As an ext people live nearby to your woodland homes, the chances of seeing black bears space rising. The key is to continue to be at a for sure distance and never let bears obtain into birdseed, garbage or other person food that have the right to lead them into trouble. Learn More: Basics and Bear security Tips.

The bear essentials: Bears must find food come eat, water come drink, safe areas to sleep consisting of winter dens, and also survive fierce storms or heat. The females are preserved busy raising their cubs in enhancement to finding food for themselves. Our task is to give bears many of an are to live and to discover their own healthy, herbal foods. Their safety and ours depend on how we act in bear country.


(Photo: Steve Uffman)

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Frequently request QuestionsandBlack bear Myths

All around Black Bears


What color is a black bear?

A black bear has a lengthy snout, rounded ears, and little eyes. In the Southeast, bears are mainly black and also often have a brown snout, when in the west U.S., their fur can additionally be shades the brown, cinnamon or blond. Read MORE


How rapid can bear move?

Although large animals, black bears room surprisingly quick and also agile. They deserve to sprint approximately 35 miles per hour and climb 100 feet increase a tree within 30 seconds.

How large are black color bears?

A bear can shuffle along, nibbling plants and also acting favor a tenderness giant, yet looks can be deceiving. Black bears are solid and muscular with document weights over 800 pounds. Male black color bears commonly weigh in between 130 and 500 pounds, while smaller females sweet 90 to 350 pounds.

What bears execute & whereby they go

Seasons that the Bear

Black bears are awake native spring through fall, and mostly asleep in winter, curled up in dens. Bears choose many different kinds that dens, including hollow trees, under collapse trees, excavated mounds, or in ‘nests’ under briar patches. In more temperate areas, male bears and also females without cubs might not den in ~ all throughout the winter.

Bears generally discover their habitat alone, other than when collection at locations with abundant food, choose acorns in oak forests or corn in farm yard fields. Males and females pair up during the summer breeding season. Females progressive cubs for up to a year and a half. Bears often tend to it is in most energetic at dusk and also dawn.

Home on the residence Range

Bears carry out not have territories, they have home ranges. Panthers have actually territories, and male panthers actively defend their area and also will not let other male panthers live there. Bears have home ranges, wherein they share an are with other bears the both sexes, simply not in ~ the same time uneven it is a male and female throughout the breeding season.

A bear’s home range needs come be large enough to provide them with food, shelter, and mates. Males have larger home ranges (up to 300 square miles) than females (up to 50 square miles). A male’s home selection typically overlaps with multiple female residence ranges. Bears take trip farthest as soon as food is harder to find, especially in beforehand spring.

A Sensational Nose

A black bear can smell the odor of a human being in a footprint, ripe berries in the air, and also a steak grilling a mile away. A bear deserve to smell 7 times far better than a bloodhound, well-known for tracking lost people. Its large nose has actually an area within (called the nasal mucosa) the is 100 times bigger than ours. An exceptional amount of olfactory information swirls in native the outside world.

When it concerns food, a be afflicted with goes into high alert, smelling corpuscle so tiny we wouldn’t be able to see them. Bears choose their organic foods, however some might overcome are afraid of people if their explorations room rewarded with unsecured trash, high-calorie pets food, or greasy barbecue grills. Remember, bears are frequently thought to have among the really best senses of smell in the pet kingdom.

Bears eat a lot

Every fall, bears room eating ravenously. To placed on enough fat come last through the winter denning time, they might spend 20 hours a job eating and also may placed on up to 100 pounds in a few weeks. During spring and summer, bear eat around 5,000 calorie a day, but in the fall, they are trying come eat approximately 20,000 calories every day. In the Southeast as soon as acorns are numerous on trees, bear gorge on the energy-packed nuts.

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A Well-Rounded Diet

Bears eat both meat and vegetables, which provides them omnivores. In spring, they tend to eat greatly plants. In summer, lock feast ~ above berries and also insects, and in fall, they harvest nuts and more berries. They also eat carrion (dead animals), small mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

All around bear cubs

A black color bear mother may raise native one to five cubs that space born in a winter den. At birth, they weigh just ½ to ¾ pounds. Cubs count on their mother for around a year and also half. She feeds them, teaches them, and protects them indigenous predators that include foxes, coyotes, bobcats, dogs, and other bears. Read more about be affected by each other cubs

What to carry out if you discover orphan cubs

Bears are great moms. It’s an extremely unlikely the cubs have actually been abandoned. In fact, there’s great chance mommy is nearby, wait anxiously for you to disappear. The much longer you stay, the longer she will certainly be be separated from her cubs.

Don’t choose up cubs; even tiny bears have actually super sharp claws.Don’t touch lock or leaving them food.Please don’t rotate them into real orphans by removing lock from your home.

Typically, mom will go back to gather up her household when no world or pets space around, generally after dark. As the cubs gain older and much more mobile, mother bears regularly leave their cubs to walk forage because that food (the kids are always hungry) as lot as two miles away.

If you believe the cub is truly orphaned, execute not touch it. Instead, snap a fast photo, note the location and also immediately leave the area. Contact your state wildlife agency for more guidance.

Young masculine Bears confront Challenges

When the mom is prepared to each other again, she female young often tend to live near her, but her masculine young have to leave to discover their very own area come live. These young masculine bears can acquire in problem by looking for easy food resources where human being live, like garbage, pets food, or bird seed.

Do bears really hibernate?

Some people believe that bears are not true hibernators. Squirrels, bats, rodents, marmots and also other true hibernators enter a state close to suspended computer animation where body temperatures autumn close come freezing and also metabolisms slow nearly to a halt.

A bear’s metabolism, heartbeat and also respiration price drops dramatically, yet its human body temperatures only drops around 12 levels during hibernation. Castle don’t eat at all, nor execute they walk to the bathroom; bears’ dens room remarkably clean and odor-free … unlike true hibernators that wake up every few days come drink, go to the bathroom and also nibble some stored food prior to going back to sleep.

A bear’s human body is a version of recycling. While they’re hibernating, castle recycle all of their waste products and actually heal any injuries they may have had actually when lock turned in. So plenty of scientists now contact bears “Super Hibernators” because they can loss into a deep sleep for 4 to six months without eating or drinking, wake up up in the spring and head back out into the world.

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Frequently inquiry Questions:

What color is a black bear?

Photo by Missouri room of Conservation

A. BlackB. BrownC. CinnamonD. BlondeE. Blue-GreyF. WhiteG. Every one of the above

If you picked G, congratulations, you’re nice smart. Black bear is a species, Ursus americanus, no a color. Black color bears come in more colors than any kind of other north American mammal.

In the eastern 3rd of phibìc America, the bulk of black color bears space a deep black color, and about a 4 minutes 1 of them sport a white chest blaze. The more west girlfriend go, the an ext likely it is you can see brown, cinnamon, tan or blonde black bears. And in brother Columbia you might be lucky sufficient to acquire a glimpse the the rare Kermode bear, a subspecies of black bear v all-white fur. Researcher tracking black color bears have also documented instances of bears transforming colors throughout the year. And also it’s not uncommon for a mom bear to offer birth come cubs of several various colors.

No one knows for certain why black color bears come in so numerous different colors, however scientists indicate that the colors allow bears to adapt to their habitat; bear in densely wooded locations that space dark and also shady are regularly darker colored 보다 bears in open, sun-drenched landscapes where lighter-colored hair helps them mix in better.

How plenty of black bears live in phibìc America?
Approximately 900,000.

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How lengthy do wild black color bears live?
The oldest wild black bear lived 39 years, however it is more common to find female bear living right into their 20’s. Bears the eat a lot of non-natural human foods items tend to dice earlier.