Summary: chapter 21

After confronting Victor, the townspeople take him to Mr. Kirwin, the town magistrate. Victor hears witnesses testify versus him, claiming that they discovered the human body of a guy along the coast the vault night and that, just prior to finding the body, they observed a boat in the water that resembled Victor’s. Mr. Kirwin decides to lug Victor come look in ~ the body to watch what effect it has on him: if Victor is the murderer, maybe he will react through visible emotion. Once Victor sees the body, that does indeed react through horror, because that the victim is Henry Clerval, with the black marks the the monster’s hands about his neck. In shock, Victor drops into convulsions and suffers a long illness.

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Victor continues to be ill for 2 months. ~ above his recovery, that finds himself still in prison. Mr. Kirwin, now compassionate and much much more sympathetic than prior to Victor’s illness, access time him in his cell. He speak him the he has actually a visitor, and also for a moment Victor fears that the monster has come to cause him even an ext misery. The visitor transforms out to be his father, who, top top hearing that his son’s illness and the fatality of his friend, rushed indigenous Geneva to view him.

Victor is overjoyed to view his father, who continues to be with him until the court, having actually nothing however circumstantial evidence, finds him chaste of Henry’s murder. After his release, Victor departs with his dad forGeneva.

Summary: chapter 22

On their means home, father and also son protect against in Paris, wherein Victor rests to recuperate his strength. Just prior to leaving again because that Geneva, Victor receive a letter from Elizabeth. Concerned by Victor’s recurrent illnesses, she asks him if he is in love through another, to which Victor replies the she is the resource of his joy. The letter reminds the of the monster’s hazard that he will be with Victor top top his wedding night. The believes that the monster intends to assault him and resolves the he will fight back. Whichever one of them is destroyed, his misery will at last come to an end.

Eventually, Victor and his father arrive home and begin to plan the wedding. Elizabeth is quiet worried about Victor, yet he assures her the all will certainly be fine after the wedding. He has actually a disastrous secret, he tells her, the he have the right to only expose to she after they space married. Together the wedding job approaches, Victor grows more and an ext nervous around his impending confrontation with the monster. Finally, the wedding takes place, and also Victor and also Elizabeth depart for a household cottage to spend the night.

Summary: chapter 23

In the evening, Victor and also Elizabeth walk about the grounds, however Victor can think that nothing yet the monster’s brewing arrival. Inside, Victor worries that Elizabeth might be upset by the monster’s appearance and also the fight between them. The tells her to retire because that the night. He starts to search for the monster in the house, as soon as suddenly the hears Elizabeth scream and also realizes that it was never his fatality that the monster had been intended this night.

Consumed through grief over Elizabeth’s death, Victor return home and also tells his dad the gruesome news. Shocked through the tragic end of what should have actually been a joyous day, his father die a couple of days later. Victor lastly breaks his secrecy and also tries to to convince a magistrate in Geneva the an unnatural monster is responsible because that the death of Elizabeth, but the magistrate walk not believe him. Victor resolves to dedicate the remainder of his life to finding and destroying the monster.

Analysis: Chapters 21–23

Victor’s pattern of falling right into extended disease in reaction come the monster suggests that the deterioration of his health is, to some extent, psychologically induced—as if guilt avoids him native facing completely the horribleness that the monster and also his deeds. “The person frame could no longer support the agonizing suffering that i endured, and also I was lugged out the the room in solid convulsions,” that recounts the his despair at seeing Henry’s corpse, making an clearly link in between psychological torment and also physical infirmity. The Victor additionally falls ill shortly after developing the monster and also experiences a decline in wellness after the deaths the William and Justine points towards guilt together the trigger for this mental mechanism.

Henry again serves together a link in between Victor and society, as his fatality brings Alphonse to visit his son. “Nothing, at this moment, might have offered me higher pleasure than the arrival of mine father,” Victor says. As a result of safety so much time in Ingolstadt skipping his family, and also as a an outcome of the monster’s depredations, Victor becomes aware of the importance of communication with family and friends.

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Having fail to accumulate love in Victor, the monster seeks to create a connection with his creator that would pressure his creator to feeling his pain. By ruining those world dear to Victor, the monster, acutely aware of the meaningfulness of society interaction, bring Victor closer and closer to the state of solitude the he himself has experienced because being created.