2 nineties many : the numbers 90 to 99 especially : the year 90 to 99 in a lifetime or century She"s in her nineties.

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ninetieth ˈnīn-​tē-​əth
adjective or noun
Recent instances on the net These current hair tutorials room perfect because that learning how to achieve some nineties styles that have actually made their way back right into the black hair zeitgeist in this new decade. — Shalwah Evans, Essence, 22 Apr. 2020 our fans that were through us in the nineties now have children and also grandchildren. — Gary Dinges, USA TODAY, 4 Apr. 2020 she ensemble produced a modern, fresh take on the Versace dresses that supermodels wore around town during the so late designer’s nineties heyday. — Vogue, 7 Sep. 2019 Rogers started her music agent job in APA’s concert department in the so late nineties when currently president and also CEO Jim Gosnell promoted her from assistant to global agent. — Taylor Mims, Billboard, 22 Jan. 2020 Now complying with in his mentor"s footsteps, Khatskevich is the existing Dynamo Kiev, yet his performances together a more attacking midfielder in the so late nineties made that a hugely famous figure in ~ the club. — SI.com, 17 July 2019 The Taliban’s invasion of Kabul in the late nineties turned a cosmopolitan city right into a ghost town, filled with Taliban fighters, Pakistani jihadists and also Al-Qaeda fighters. — Amrullah Saleh, Time, 28 Feb. 2020 The supporting-actor race, especially, feels prefer a victory lap: four actors who all winner Oscars in the at an early stage nineties, plus some brand-new guy named Brad Pitt. — Michael Schulman, The new Yorker, 5 Feb. 2020 The company said its remaining ninety locations throughout the nation will stay open. — Leada Gore | Lgore
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History and also Etymology for ninety

middle English ninety, adjective, native Old English nigontig, brief for hundnigontig, native hundnigontig, noun, team of 90, from hund-, literally, hundred + nigon nine + -tig group of 10; akin come Old English tīen ten

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The very first known usage of ninety was prior to the 12th century

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