In many cultures, that is custom to refer gratitude in some means or another. The dictionary specifies gratitude together follows: the is “the quality of gift thankful; readiness to display appreciation for and also to return kindness”. Providing a sincere, thankful solution to someone’s action or native is frequently the ‘glue’ that keeps relationships together. This is true in most societies! Doing for this reason in a foreign country likewise shows her respect and also appreciation for the culture. Words have an excellent power – use these people sincerely and often!

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So, exactly how do you speak ‘Thank you’ in Chinese? You can learn easily! Below, brings you perfect translations and also pronunciation together you discover the most usual ways Chinese speakers say ‘Thanks’ in assorted situations.


1. 12 ways to say ‘Thank you’ in Chinese

1- give thanks to you.

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The miracle words the can bring a smile to any type of face. For one day, truly typical it whenever friend say this words, and see how this lifts your spirit too!

2- That’s really kind the you.

您真是太好了。Nín zhēnshì tài hǎo le.

This phrase is appropriate when someone plainly goes out of their method to give an excellent service, or to sell you a kindness.

3- many thanks for your type words!

感谢您的赞美之辞。Gǎnxiè nín de zànměi zhī cí.

Someone paid you a compliment and made you feeling good? that is type of him/her, therefore express your gratitude!

4- say thanks to you because that coming today.

感谢您今天的光临。Gǎnxiè nín jīntiān de guānglín.

This welcome phrase need to be part of her arsenal if she conducting an ext formal meetings v Chinese speakers. If you’re hosting a party, this is likewise a an excellent phrase when you greet her Chinese guests!

5- say thanks to you for her consideration.

谢谢您的关心。Xièxie nín de guānxīn.

This is a an ext formal, practically solemn means to say thanks to someone for their thoughtfulness and sensitivity in the direction of you. It is likewise suitable come use when a native speaker has to consider something you submit, like a task application, a project or a proposal. You room thanking them, in essence, for time and also effort lock are about to, or have spent on her submission.

6- many thanks a lot!


This means the same as ‘Thank you’, but with energy and also enthusiasm added! It method almost the same as ‘thank friend so much’ in Chinese. Usage this in an informal setup with your Chinese girlfriend or teachers.

7- Teachers like you are not simple to find.

像您这样的老师不容易找到。Xiàng nín zhèyàng de lǎoshī bù róngyì zhǎodào.

Some phrases space compliments, i beg your pardon express gratitude by inference. This is just one of them. If you’re specifically impressed with your teacher, this is an excellent phrase to memorize!

8- say thanks to you because that spending time through us.

谢谢您花时间和我们在一起。Xièxie nín huā shíjiān hé wǒmen zài yìqǐ.

Any host at a gathering through Chinese speakers, such as a conference or a party, should have this under his/her belt! use it once you’re speak goodbye or busy closing a meeting. It could additionally be one more lovely means to say thanks to your Chinese language teacher for she time.

9- give thanks to you because that being patient and also helping me improve.

感谢您的耐心并帮助我提高。Gǎnxiè nín de nàixīn bìng bāngzhù wǒ tígāo.

This phrase is another sure means to melt any kind of formal or not blocked Chinese teacher’s heart! to teach is no easy, and often a the majority of patience is compelled from the teacher. Give thanks to him/her for it! It’s also a an excellent phrase to use if you occupational in China, and also want to give thanks to your trainer or employer. You will go a long method towards making you yourself a famous employee – gratitude is the most attractive properties in any kind of person!

10- you’re the best teacher ever!

您是有史以来最好的老师!Nín shì yǒushǐ yǐlái zuì hǎo de lǎoshī!

This is additionally an enthusiastic way to say thanks to your teacher by way of a compliment. It can just make their day!

11- thank you for the gift.

谢谢你的礼物。Xièxie nǐ de lǐwù.

This is a an excellent phrase come remember when you’re the happy recipient the a gift. Show your respect and also gratitude through these words.

12- I have learned so much thanks to you.

我非常感谢你。Wǒ fēicháng gǎnxiè nǐ.

What a wonderful compliment to provide a good teacher! It means they have actually succeeded in your goal, and also you’re thankful because that it.

2. Video clip Lesson: learn to to speak ‘Thank You’ in 3 Minutes

In China, over there are plenty of ways to say “thank you.” Let’s take a look at some of the most typical ways come express ones gratitude.

1- 謝謝。Xiè XieBy far the most typical phrase offered to refer ones many thanks is xiè xie (Thank you.). This is undoubtedly the expression of gratitude girlfriend will below the many throughout her journeys, and conveniently the most basic to pronounce.

As Chinese is a tonal language, it is essential to appropriately pronounce the tones, as an incorrect pronunciation of a tone can change the an interpretation of a word and in turn, the definition of the phrase. In the situation of xiè xie, however, the expression is provided so commonly that no matter exactly how badly girlfriend mispronounce the tones, this expression of gratitude will be understood. As the expression xiè xie consists of two of the exact same characters, that literally means, “Thank(s), thank(s).” However, it is translated as “Thank you.”

2- 謝謝你。Xiè Xie Nǐ Xiè xie nǐ (Thank you.), or the politer variation xiè xie nin (Thank you.), are common variations that the expression Xiè xie. (Thank you.). In both of these phrases xiè xie is adhered to by words for you, (you) or the politer version nín (you, formal). The literal an interpretation of these phrases space closer to their English equivalent “Thank you.” as both phrases includes the native you.

3- 多谢。 Duō XièAnother polite way to refer one’s gratitude is the phrase, Duō xiè. (Thank friend so much.) which literally method “Many thanks.” or “A many thanks.” The contents of this sentence are duō (many) and also xiè (to thank). Literally plenty of thanks, yet translated as “Thank you an extremely much.”

4- 我很感谢。 Wǒ Hěn GǎnxièFinally there is a expression that expresses one’s utmost gratitude. This expression is Wǒ hěn gǎn xiè. (Thank girlfriend so much.) i beg your pardon literally means “I really feel thanks.” but is translated as “Thank you so much.” This phrase is reserved for an extremely special occasions, such as once someone does something incredibly kind or an especially helpful.

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Cultural Insights

Quick tip 1The gesture for give thanks to you in Chinese is to cover one’s appropriate hand v the left, and raise lock chest or head high while bowing one’s head.

Quick tip 2When in a dining situation, the waiter or waitress will often pour beverages because that the patrons. A commonly used means of expressing gratitude because that this activity is come ,tap the table through one’s index and also middle fingers. This gesture, often repeated number of times, and also expresses the receiver’s gratitude and also that notion “that is enough of what is gift poured.”

On the run to China? Wait! you can’t go without some straightforward language phrases under your belt! particularly if she heading to accomplish your prospective employer! one of two people in human or online, knowing how to to speak ‘Thank you’ in the Chinese language will certainly only improve their impression the you! saves you time v this short lesson that nonetheless packs a punch. Find out to speak ‘Thank you’ in Chinese in no time!

3. Audio Lesson: survive Phrases – say thanks to You


Perhaps girlfriend think the unimportant the you don’t recognize what ‘Thank you’ is in Chinese, or the it’s too daunting a language to learn. Yet, together a traveler or visitor, you will certainly be surprised in ~ how much you deserve to go using a small bit that Chinese in China!

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At, we sell you a couple of ways of speak ‘Thank you’ in Chinese the you have actually no excuse not knowing, together they’re so an easy and easy to learn. The great is aligned to assist your ‘survival’ in formal and informal situations in China, so don’t wait! You will never have to google ‘How execute you say many thanks in Chinese’ again…!