I learned "no mucho" for not a lot, yet once I saw Spain, I heard "nada mucho" in conversational rebab.net. Specifically in Granada, wright here many type of would certainly say "graNADA mucho" to "What"s up" concerns.

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I know "no mucho" suggests not a lot, but is putting "nada" in the front making it sound a bit various, simply as we would certainly say "nopoint much"?

Just wondering.


The expression “nada mucho” does not sound grammatical rebab.net for me, but I wouldn"t be surprised if it has actually become jargon in Spain.


I"ve never heard that expression being provided, however, tright here are some other expressions that sound more understandable for all rebab.net speakers, for instance, "no mucho" or "casi nada"(which literally indicates nearly nothing).


This expression is not correct rebab.net considering that "nada" suggests nopoint and "mucho" implies a lot. So it appears strange to area both terms in the same expression.


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