Spanish is quickly coming to be one the the most spoken languages in the world,coming in secondbehind Mandarin and also ahead the English. This is why to brush up ~ above Christmas greetings in Spanish is a smart choice for practicing a brand-new language.

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Christmas Greetings in Spanish

If one of your new Years Resolutions is to lastly increase your Spanish speaking skills, there’s no must wait till January to gain started. Holiday greetings space the perfect method to begin practicing Spanish best away!

¡Feliz Navidad!:Happy Christmas!

Sometimes it’s ideal to store it simple. A casual “Feliz Navidad” while passing human being on the street is enough to spread Holiday cheer there is no having substantial Spanish to ago you up. Just try not come break right into song.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!:Happy brand-new Year!

Did you understand in numerous Spanish speaking countries, it’s considered good luck to eat12 grapes at midnight? We think it’s also great luck to wish those approximately you a Happy new Year in their native language. In the very least it could land you an invite to a an excellent party.

¡Felices Fiestas!:Happy holidays!

Don’t storage Christmas? That’s fine. It doesn’t have to stop you from finding ways to exercise your Spanish and spreading vacation cheer. Spanish speakers will be appreciative no matter what you celebrate. Many importantly, this expression is usable throughout the vacation Season rather of just one day.

Que pases/pase/paséis/pasen una Feliz Navidad/Feliz Año Nuevo:I hope you have…

While only8% the peopleactually store their brand-new Years Resolutions, it doesn’t mean you can’t great them a an excellent start!Send many of love and well wishes this holiday season to those friend love. It’s additionally impressive to present off your brand-new Spanish skills on your annual Christmas card.

Un montón de diversión en Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo:Lots of fun at Christmas and a Prosperous new Year

Sometimes it’s best to save things casual. After ~ all, the Holidays are about tradition, family, food, and also fun. Keep it irradiate by wishing the Spanish speaker in her life a fun and also prosperous year.

Te/le/os/les deseo una Feliz Navidad/Feliz Año Nuevo:I great you…

Have a laundry perform of an excellent things you hope take place for her loved ones? let them understand all the wonderful points you wish because that them this brand-new Year and also all year long.

Te/le/os/les deseamos una Feliz Navidad/Feliz Año Nuevo:We wish you…

In English, switching from “I great you” to “we wish you” is only a 3 letter change. In Spanish, however, thechange in tensecan transform the entire sentence structure. Send holiday wishes native the totality family, while staying grammatically correct!

Feliz Navidad y que se cumplan tus/sus/vuestros sueños en el próximo año:Happy Christmas and also may every your dreams come true in the coming year

We all have desires of reaching our financial, physical and also emotional objectives in the brand-new Year. The best means to perform this is to have a strong support mechanism behind you. Permit those girlfriend care about know you desire the very best for them, in any language.

Que tengas/tenga/tengáis/tengan una Navidad llena de amor, alegría y salud:I expect you have a Christmas complete of love, joy and an excellent health

Want to get particular in your good wishes? Learning particular terms like “good health”, “love” and also “happiness” this time of year can come in handy as soon as greeting others.

¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!:Merry Christmas and also a Prosperous new Year!

While we would certainly love to say this expression is to greet love ones and colleagues, it’s also used in the kind of screaming into the night after one too many eggnogs. Us suppose any kind of kind of holiday cheer is far better than no vacation cheer in ~ all!

En Navidad y el Año Nuevo mucha alegría y felicidad:Joy and happiness because that Christmas and also the brand-new Year

Sweet, kind, and also to the point. You have the right to use this greeting with family members or in a map for your child’s Spanish teacher (or your own). They will appreciate the sentiment and your type words.

La bendición de Dios llevando paz en Navidad y para el Año Nuevo:God´s blessings and also peace in ~ Christmas and for the new Year

You will hear this phrase regularly while attending a Spanish speaking mass or gathering. The Latin community has an ingrained focus on God this time that year, and returning the wishes is both friendly and polite.

¡Mis mejores deseos para la Navidad y el Año Nuevo!:All my best wishes for Christmas and also the brand-new Year!

During the vacation season, you’re most likely to acquire an invitation to at least one pozole, whether it’s through a partner at occupational or your own Spanish class. A pozole is in reality the name of a traditional Mexican stew. However, the surname has because become a method to explain a Christmas party that might involve classic dishes and also adult beverages.

Que tu/su/vuestra Navidad sea maravillosa, blanca, alegre, tranquila y saludable:I hope the your Christmas is wonderful, white, joyful, peaceful and also healthy

If you’re much more Cindy Lou Hoo and less Grinch, you might want to express as lot as you deserve to this holiday season. Friend shouldn’t let language it is in a barrier in wishing all that is merry and also bright. Exercise this phrase and also use it to spread out Holiday cheer.

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Feliz Navidad y muchos momentos felices en el año próximo:Merry Christmas and also much happiness for the brand-new Year

This vacation season we wish girlfriend a an extremely Merry Christmas and much happiness for the new Year. Us hope you do the very same for every you meet, no matter what language they may speak.