Can’t wait to great all her friends a Happy Cinco de Mayo? First, make certain you know what you’re talk about.

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Depending on that you ask, Cinco de mayo is either critical celebration of mexico heritage or a glorified Taco Tuesday. What that is not is Mexican freedom Day (which is September 16). In fact, Cinco de mei isn’t even widely celebrated in Mexico.

With that the end of the way, below are some clever Cinco de mayo greetings you have the right to share through your friends. This messages come in a selection of styles, but most reflect the lighthearted nature the the holiday together it’s commemorated in the unified States. They go down especially well as soon as paired v a jumbo margarita and some nachos (but then, what doesn’t?).


Note: Hosting a party this Cinco de Mayo? If so, you’ll definitely want to inspect out these invitation wording ideas.

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Here space some Cinco de mayo wishes you can share with just about anyone.

Wishing a colorful, fun, and festive Cinco de mayo to every my amigos!

Hope you have an exceptional Cinco de Mayo! In fact, ns hope the remainder of her Mayo is amazing, too!Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope anyone gets their to fill of tacos and margaritas!My-oh-my, it’s Cinco de Mayo!Hope her Cinco de mayo is as lot fun together a piñata complete of goodies!Happy Cinco de mayo to every from one proud !Happy Cinco de Mayo! Time to acquire your fiesta on!May her Cinco de mayo be as beautiful and vibrant as the society of Mexico.


Here are some silly and also irreverent Cinco de mei messages. For more ideas along these lines, check out this list of funny Cinco de mayo sayings. For more drinking humor, examine out this perform of alcohol puns.

Today is nacho plain Taco Tuesday. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hope her Cinco de Mayo gives you too many to taco bout and also plenty to shell-ebrate!Happy Cinco de Mayo, a day once we respect an obscure Mexican armed forces victory by eat tacos and drinking margaritas.Happy Cinco de Mayo, otherwise recognized as Dia de ras Margaritas.As girlfriend celebrate Cinco de Mayo, don’t forget the beer and burritos can be a toxic combination.May her Cinco de mei be as full of goodness together an overstuffed burrito!Hope her Cinco doesn’t stinko! have a great Cinco de Mayo, everyone!Any vacation featuring tacos is alright through me. Have a an excellent Cinco de Mayo, everyone!It’s Cinco de Mayo! together if I essential an excuse come drink a couple of jumbo margaritas!

In Spanish

Here room some Cinco de mayo greetings spiced up v some Spanish language expressions. Simply keep in psychic that not all civilization of Mexican origin – much much less all Spanish-speaking world – memory this holiday.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Don’t let the cerveza go to her cabeza!

Wishing anyone a muy excelente Cinco de Mayo!Hope her Cinco is positively perfecto.¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de mei Birthday

Finally, here are a few messages because that someone who birthday falls on may 5.

Holy Guacamole! It’s her birthday and Cinco de Mayo? have a doubly festive day!

Happy Cinco de mei Birthday! expect you’re celebrating through a nice, high margarita!Feliz Cinco de Mayo and also Happy birthday! Hope your big day is together satisfying as a plate complete of loaded nachos!Feliz Cumpleaños to mine amazingly awesome amigo!
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