If you’ve been finding out Italian because that a while now, friend may already be acquainted with the classic greeting Buonasera! which is just how you to speak Good evening! in a officially context.

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Buonasera signore. Come sta?

Good evening sir. Just how are you?

If you want to explicitly wish someone a good evening however, the is important to usage a slim variation top top this expression i m sorry is Buona serata! (Have a nice evening! or Have a an excellent evening!)

Whereasbuonaseramay be supplied to greet someone or speak goodbye,buona seratais only provided when parting methods with an additional person.

Ci sentiamo domani. Buona serata!

We’ll talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening!

Buona serata! Ci vediamo domani! Have a nice evening! check out you tomorrow!

A common an answer to this is Buona serata anche a te! (lit: A nice night to friend too!) or much more simply, Anche a te! (You too!)

Buona serata, Giulio! – Anche a te!

Have a pretty evening, Giulio! – girlfriend too!

To add additional emphasis, you have the right to place the clauseLe / by means of auguro…(I wish you) in former to create the adhering to phrases.

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(Io) ti auguro una buona serata!(I great you a nice evening!– informal)(Io) Le auguro una buona serata!(I great you a nice evening!– formal)(Io) through auguro una buona serata!(I wish you a nice evening!– plural)

You may additionally hear the phraseTi / Le / through auguro di passare una buona serata!which precise meansI hope the you spend a great evening!

Earlier in the day, it is much more common to hear Buona giornata! (Have a an excellent day!)

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