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Spanish slang because that girl is the fifth suggestion that Google provides you once you kind in the expression “Spanish slang for” in the find box. In English and also in Spanish making recommendation to “a girl” can range from a newborn baby approximately a ladies in she twenties. Lets start v the basics; here are two sets of an easy Spanish words the are more general and commonly offered everywhere:

1. Niña or nena:This is the many generic for “girl” and also it deserve to be use for a baby and teenagers. Example:

María dio a luz una niña.

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/ María dio a luz una nena.María offered birth to a girl.

2. Muchacha or chica: A young woman, in mine opinion in she late teens and also twenties. Example:

Las muchachas se reunieron en la universidad. / Las chicas se reunieron en la universidad.The girls met in ~ the university.

41 examples of Spanish Slang because that Girl

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When amendment the following instances of Spanish slang because that girl, girlfriend will notice that part words way more 보다 girl or teenager. In some situations are the tantamount colloquial expressions because that “chick” or to mark the attractiveness of a young woman. In addition, few of the state are also use to describe “a girlfriend.”

So, with the assist of the Diccionario de Americanismos and the speak Latino Spanish source pages I had the ability to condense the following list:

1. Bicha: In the Dominican Republic is a term of endearment for tiny girl.

2. Botija: Uruguay. The same word can be used additionally for boy, young young or son.

3. Cabra: Costa Rica

4. Chama: Used in Venezuela and Nicaragua because that young girl. Girlfriend might also hear the diminutive chamita.

5. Chamaca: Mexico, Guatelama, El Salvador, Cuba, Dominican Republic Peru, Honduras, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. This indigenous is also used in the masculine type chamaco and the diminutive chamaquito or chamaquita.

6. Changa: In Bolivia and also some components of Argentina it can be either a young girl or adolescent. The masculine type is chango.

7. Chava: usage in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and also Bolivia. In Mexico, Honduras and also Nicaragua also way a girlfriend. The masculine type is chavo.

8. Chavala: Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Spain

9. Chibola: Peru and Ecuador. The masculine type is chibolo.

10. Chiqueta: usage in Spain and comes indigenous the Catalan xiqueta.

11. Cipota: Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The masculine form is cipote. In El Salvador the is additionally a fiancé.

12. Doña: In Costa Rica this word have the right to be use for girl or woman, but additionally for a girlfriend, mam or lover.

13. Galla: Galla is the feminine form from gallo in Chile. Galla means chick or babe.

14. Gata: Puerto Rico

15. Girla: Puerto Rico

16. Guacha: use in Chile and Uruguay and also for a warm chick. In Argentina that is a young girl. In Chile you can hear the diminutive guachita.

17. Guial: comes from the English “girl” and is supplied in Panama and Puerto Rico.

18. Güila: In Costa Rica this word has several other uses such as: girlfriend, girlfriend or daughter.

19. Gurisa: Uruguay and Argentina. The masculine type for young is gurí.

20. Hembra: In Costa Rica this word deserve to be use for girl or woman, but also for a girlfriend.

21. Huerca: provided for a girl in the northern component of Mexico. For boy, usage the masculine form huerco.

22. Jamba: supplied in Spain and also comes indigenous the caló language.

23. Jeva: In Honduras, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic and also Venezuela the is offered to refer to a young women. An alternative spelling is jeba. In Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Ecuador the is specifically offered for an attractive woman. In various other countries, like for instance Honduras and Puerto Rico, jeva is a word because that girlfriend.

24. Loca: Costa Rica

25. Lola: A teenager, young human being in Chile. The masculine kind is lolo.

26. Machetona: In Mexico and Guatemala the is a tomboy.

27. Mami: In Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico it is one attractive girl.

28. Mina: offered in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile

29. Morra: Morra, and likewise the woman morro, is provided in the northen part of Mexico.

30. Pava: In Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Paraguay the is a young girl or adolescent. Also used in the masculine kind pavo.

31. Pebeta: In Argentina and Paraguay the is a girl or adolescent. The masculine kind is pebete.

32. Pelada: Colombia, Ecuador and also Bolvia (East). The masculine kind is pelado.

33. Pendeja: In Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay it is provided for girl, young girl or adolescent. The masculine type is pendejo and you need to be cautious with this term, because it deserve to be violation in other countries.

34. Pescada: In Chile that is a chick through a warm body, but has an ugly face, in English words butterface is sometimes used (as in everything but Her Face).

35. Piba: Is the feminine because that pibe and is generally used in Argentina, but additionally in Uruguay, Bolivia and also Spain.

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36. Pija: follow to a list of Spanish slang terms from the institution of humanities of the university of California, pija and the masculine kind pijo is “an insult given to yuppies native Spain v no fixed period implied. Most frequently a pijo or pija is within his or she late teenagers to early thirties.”

37. Tía: Spain

38. Un vagón: A expression for a beautiful woman, a warm babe or chick in Argentina. Another comparable phrase is un camión.