It’s the perfect season to begin thinking around those backyard cookouts. Once you have actually a BBQ or get-together, girlfriend don’t desire to spend every one of your time cooking, you desire to mingle and also have fun through your friends. Among the easiest methods to execute that is by having actually easy-to-make next dishes.

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One the the most well-known side key is corn on the cob. That pretty lot a staple, particularly in the later summer months due to the fact that the corn will certainly have had actually time to ripen and become sweeter and juicier. If you have actually leftover corn top top the cob, never fret, there are plenty of methods to reheat it and also still enjoy the freshness.

Can friend Eat Leftover Corn ~ above the Cob?

Of course you deserve to eat leftover corn! There room several methods you can eat it, too. You can cut it turn off the cob and also make a corn salad, you deserve to use it as an ingredient for another side dish, and also you can keep it on the cob and reheat it the way. It can be simply as delicious together the job you to buy it.

How long is Corn ~ above the Cob an excellent After gift Cooked?

Unlike processed and canned foods, new fruits and vegetables often tend to have actually a short life span. We recommend storing your leftover corn top top the cob wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, and placing the in the refrigerator. If they room in the refrigerator, you have the right to store them up to 5 days prior to you shed the freshness and also they begin to shrivel. Cooked corn ~ above the cob can last up to 5 to 7 days if stored properly.

How long Does Corn ~ above the Cob last Unrefrigerated?

As a reminder, cooked food need to never be left unrefrigerated. With that being said, cooking corn on the cob can only last because that two hrs at room temperature. Temperatures between 40 °F and also 140 °F support rapid bacteria growth, which makes it straightforward for cooked corn to spoil, and to make you an extremely ill. If cooking corn ~ above the cob stays unrefrigerated at room temperature for much more than 2 hours, it’s recipient to discard it.

How come Reheat Corn ~ above the Cob in a Microwave

Whether you want to warm up a potato or last night’s pizza, a microwave uses the many convenient way of reheating her food. It’s straightforward to use and also you deserve to warm your food in a matter of minutes. Right here is just how you can use it to reheat her corn top top the cob.

Place the corn ~ above a microwave-safe plateWrap the plate through a wet towel. Us advise against using plastic wrap since it will have to touch the food.Set the timer come 30-second increments — rotating the corn each time.Serve once warmed up.

When making use of a microwave, be sure not to overheat your corn. Microwaves tend to dried food once not offered well. If you want to boost the smell of her corn, you can brush it with butter prior to warming the in the microwave.

How to Reheat Corn top top the Cob in an wait Fryer

An wait fryer is additionally another convenient option for warming increase leftovers. Even though castle are famous with human being who prefer less oily foods, air fryers market a simple way of food preparation or reheating foods. Below is what you need to do:

Preheat the waiting fryer to 350 degreesAdd butter to your corn, wrap that in foilPlace your corn in the fryer and also cook because that 3 to 4 minutesWhen that adequately reheated, you can remove it and also serve

If necessary, friend can add ingredients, such as sea salt, parsley, and also butter, while your corn is still in the fryer. ~ serving, you can roll it in parmesan cheese and savor the dish.

How come Reheat Corn ~ above the Cob top top a Grill

If girlfriend grilled the corn, it’s advisable to usage the grill come reheat it. You deserve to use whatever grill you have, it is in it charcoal, gas, or electric. Be certain to follow this steps:

Preheat the grill for about 10 to 15 minutesPlace the corn ~ above the grillUse a pair of tongs to turn the cobs every 30 secondsThe corn will certainly be ready after two rotations

You can likewise apply butter to her corn before grilling it. Depending upon the temperature of her grill, it takes less than two minutes to warm your corn. Keep a near eye ~ above the corn together grills heat up food quickly.


How to Reheat Corn top top the Cob in an Oven

You likewise have the choice of baking your corn top top the cob. This is a favorite method for some people, yet it takes longer to reheat your corn 보다 in the microwave. The procedure will take about 10 minutes. Here is what you have to do:

Preheat the range to 350°FPlace the corn in some foil sheets and also apply butter to them because that flavorSeason her corn v pepper and saltSprinkle them through a teaspoon of waterWrap the aluminum foil around each corn earBake the corns in the oven for around 4 come 7 minute — inspect to watch if they have warmed up.If not, bake again for about 3 minutesServe once they room warmed perfectly

Alternatively, you have the right to broil your corn in the oven. You’ll need a cooling tray and a baking sheet to perform this. Location the tray within the sheet, and also then place the corn top top the tray. Placed the whole setup in the oven, and also keep rotating your corn after ~ every one minute till it’s completely warmed up.

How to Reheat Corn top top the Cob on a Stovetop

Using a stovetop come reheat corn on the cob is usually boiling your corn. It’s an ideal option if you desire to have your corns a bit juicy. Here are measures to follow:

Place a deep pot on the stovetop and also fill it will certainly water (probably halfway)Bring the water come boilAdd each corn ear come the pot once the water starts boilingBoil the corn for about 2 come 3 minutesOnce warmed up, usage a pair of tongs to eliminate your corn ear from the pot

You have the right to season her corn through salt and also pepper prior to eating. Still, you deserve to use any type of other seasoning girlfriend want.

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The quantity of time each an approach takes varies. Simply be sure to monitor your corn so the it doesn’t overcook and also shrivel up.