It explains the principles, procedures, and responsibilities to successfully use the risk monitoring process to conserve combat power and resources.

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The hands-on is intended to assist all leaders develop a framework to do risk administration a routine part of every tasks.

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks occurring from work factors and making decisions that balance risk prices with mission benefits.

Leaders and also soldiers at all levels use hazard management.

It applies to all missions and also environments across the wide range of army operations.

Integrating risk management right into mission planning, preparation, and execution.

Making danger decisions at the suitable level in the chain of command.

Accepting no unnecessary risk.

Conserving lives and also resources and also avoiding unnecessary risk.

Making an educated decision come implement a COA.

Identifying feasible and effective manage measures where details standards perform not exist.

Providing reasonable choices for mission


Inhibit the commander’s and leader’s flexibility and also initiative.

Remove hazard altogether, or assistance a zero defects mindset.

Require a GO/NO-GO decision.

Sanction or justification violating the law.

Remove the need for conventional drills, tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Risk management is the procedure of identifying and also controlling dangers to conserve combat power and resources.

There are 5 steps associated in danger management.

Step 1. Identify hazards.

Step 2. Assess risks to identify risks.

Step 3. Build controls and also make risk decisions.

Step 4. Carry out controls.

Step 5. Supervise and evaluate.

Tactical risk is risk came to with risks that exist since of the existence of one of two people the adversary or an adversary. It applies to every levels of battle and throughout the spectrum of operations.

Accident risk has all operational danger considerations other than tactical risk. It consists of risks to the familiar force. It additionally includes threats posed to civilians by an operation, and an operations affect on the environment. It have the right to include tasks associated with hazards concerning friendly personnel, civilians, devices readiness, and also environmental conditions.

Steps 1 and 2 together comprise the hazard assessment. In action 1, individuals identify the hazards that may be encountered in executing a mission. In step 2, they identify the direct affect of each risk on the operation. The risk assessment gives for enhanced situational awareness. This awareness build confidence and allows soldiers and also units to take timely, efficient, and effective protective measures.

Steps 3 v 5 are the necessary follow-through actions to effectively manage risk. In this steps, leaders balance risk against costs-political, economic, environmental, and also to combat power- and also take ideal actions to remove unnecessary risk. During execution, and also during planning and preparation, leaders repetitively assess the risk to the overall mission and also to those affiliated in the task. Finally, leaders and also individuals evaluate the performance of controls and carry out lessons learned so that others

Step 1: identify Hazards

Identify risks to people, property, and also mission.

Consider all elements of past, present, and future difficulty areas.

Conditions adjust quickly, think about all METT-TC connected in the operations.

Hazard considerations

Complexity and challenge of the mission or task.

Terrain and environment.

Weather and also visibility.

Equipment top top hand and also status.

Time available for preparation.

Time obtainable for execution.

Execution Considerations





Endurance the the soldier

Risk management Terms







Risk assessment

Residual Risk


Any present or potential problem that can cause injury, illness, or death; damages to, or lose of equipment and property; or degradation of the mission.


The opportunity of dangers or poor con-sequences; exposure to injury or loss. The hazard level is to express in state of peril probability and also severity.


The likeliness that an occasion will occur.

Frequent-occurs often.

Likely – Occurs several times.

Occasional – wake up sporadically.

Seldom – Unlikely, but could occur.

Unlikely – probably won’t occur.


Severity is the expected result of an occasion (degree that injury, property damages or various other mission impairing factors.









Exposure & Controls

Exposure is the frequency and length of time soldiers, equipment, and also missions space subjected to a hazard.

Controls space the actions take away to eliminate or alleviate the dangers identified.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is the identification and assessments of an individual danger or all figured out hazards combined to finish a task.

Risk evaluate Matrix is often used to calculation the level of severity and probability because that each hazard.

Residual Risk

Residual Risk is the level the risk remaining after controls have actually been implemented. Controls are transformed until the residual risk is in ~ an agree level or till it cannot almost be further reduced.

This is because that one task.

Overall Residual Risk

Risk monitoring Implementation

Leaders and soldiers at all levels room responsible and accountable for regulating risks through ensuring that hazards and associated risks are –

Identified during planning, preparation, and also execution that operations.

Controlled throughout preparation and also execution the operations.


Soldiers room responsible because that executing threat controls come standards.

They need to continuously evaluate variable hazards such together fatigue, equipment serviceability, and the environment.

They need to take care of one another and also make danger decisions regular with the higher commander’s guidance.


Risk monitoring is a two-way street.

The objective of regulating risk is not to remove all risk, but to get rid of unnecessary risk.


Identify the hazards.

Assess the risks to recognize risk.

Develop controls and make danger decisions.

Implement controls.

Supervise and refine.


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