Ever wonder why her Elf on the Shelf did not move? right here are 10 facts because that parents to check out to children to describe why the elf didn’t move.

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Why your Elf on the Shelf Did no Move

Wonder why her Elf didn’t move? here are some reasons why!

Since ours Elf top top the Shelf Peter walk not relocate a few nights ago, I’ve to be getting many questions from mine daughter regarding why he didn’t move.

I had no idea why that would do this, becausehe’s generally so active, something have to be wrong!

After doing part researching ~ above the internet, I uncovered a few articles because that parents, yet none were facts because that kids as to what can be wrong.

I go even more research and found many articles by north Pole elves themselves with reasoning why they can not move from your spot!

Since I discovered so many, ns condensed them under to the optimal 10 reasons your elf didn’t relocate for mine kids.


Now once your Elf ~ above the Shelf doesn’t move, you can send your kids to this article to read!

I’m certain they will certainly pick one the was the reason their elf didn’t move.

Top 10 factors Why her Elf ~ above the Shelf Did no Move

1. Too much motion in the home.

Sleepwalking or world getting the end of bed to usage the restroom or gain drinks deserve to scare them from leaving your spot.

2. It’s too warmth in your house.

Elves live in the phibìc Pole whereby the temperature is really cold. Often one elf will lose their magic over night once the temperature gets too warm or they use up also much power making something for you.


To make certain the elf has sufficient magic to leave the next night, gently choose him up through kitchen tongs and also place him in the refrigerator because that 30-45 minutes. This need to restore her elf’s magic.

You can see our elf is very active at night do things favor an Elf Kissing Booth! No wonder they get hot.

3. One elf walk not want to report a child’s negative behavior to Santa.

Instead of report naughty behavior, lock will remain in your spot for a few days till there is other nice come report to Santa. If you want your elf to move, you far better be good!

4. Someone touched your Elf.

In this case it’s usually a sibling or pet the touches the elf. Placing an elf in the cold helps gain back their magic. See reason #2.

If this does not restore Elf magic fully, order some Elf Magic Dust.


5. Her elf was not enabled to leave your home.

There are particular days at the phibìc Pole the Santa request no elves are allowed.

These space the job Santa Claus and also Mrs. Claus room decorating because that the Elf evaluation Party. They always want this to be a surprise for every elves, inquiry they remain in your home on this evenings.


6. Bad Weather

The weather could prevent her elf to travel to the phibìc Pole. If the is also cloudy, raining, snowing or the moon is no bright sufficient to view well, Santa will certainly not enable elves to travel as it deserve to be really unsafe.

7. Your Elf is Tired

Sometimes one elf gets very tired depending on what they walk the night before. If your elf did no move, they might have been relaxing to gear up for something huge another night.


8. Your Elf is Sick

Sometimes one elf does not feel well and also will remain in one spot for a while. They will relocate when they feel well enough.

Place any type of kind of sweet law such as cookies, candy or marshmallows alongside him to help him feel better. Maple syrup is also a great medicine for elves.


9. It’s a Trick

Your elf can have moved and then come ago to the same spot to trick you. youngsters often don’t think come look in the exact same spot. This is a famed trick that elves like to do.

10. Her Elf fell Asleep

Often one elf will autumn asleep waiting for children to go to bed.

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children must walk to bed ~ above time to insure an Elf have the right to leave because that the phibìc Pole on time.

Now the the secret is resolved of why her elf didn’t move, please share this article with her friends to let them know!