Strange things happened in Pretty little Liars' little town of Rosewood every the time, indigenous romantic entanglements to cryptic notes from "A" to full-on murder, so together a personality on the show, you may meet details death at any turn. Gibbs Bianca Lawson played Maya St. Germain, Emily's girlfriend that was tragically murdered, top top Pretty tiny Liars, however it transforms out that Bianca it s her didn't understand what was in keep for she character until among her costars spilled the beans.

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In one interview through Vulture, Bianca to be asked what she do of Maya's death ago in 2013. "I didn’t know she to be gonna die," Bianca said of her character's fate. "I was at one audition and also I ran right into an actress there the was also on the show. And also she was like, 'Oh, mine God, i’m so sorry.' ns like, 'What perform you mean? ns haven’t review the script.'" Apparently, because Maya technically wasn't in the illustration — she was eliminated offscreen and also her human body was carried away — she didn't gain a script for the episode. " felt really badly around it. So, I discovered out once I review the script," Bianca shared. Whoops!

While Bianca to be surprised around Maya's death, she looked in ~ it as part of life in Rosewood — and Hollywood, for that matter. "I mean, it’s a difficult one since in life friend never know what’s gonna happen the following day; you never ever know how much time you have with miscellaneous or anything, right? every you have the right to do is be present with everything it is in the moment," she told Vulture. "That’s simply the nature of life in the business. I execute feel the there was something really lovely about what she had the ability to facilitate during her life, before she disappeared."

Bianca also talked around the relationship in between Maya and also Emily; Maya was the only "openly bisexual" person in Rosewood, and their connection was an essential moment for representation in a very popular show. "For me, the was just kind the like, she’s this person that is in love through this other human and she’s not feeling insecure around that, or uncomfortable about that," Bianca said. "If to be younger and also maybe feeling not confident about details things, when I gain to view a character it is going through and chewing on things that i’m chewing on, and they’re unafraid, it would make me feel unafraid. Ns think it’s constantly a great thing once you have the right to do something that probably goes against the stereotype, and is releasing for people and you’re permitted to perform it in a way that’s honest and also thoughtful." 

Bianca included that throughout her operation on the show, she heard hopeful feedback indigenous fans, informing her exactly how important and moving their partnership was. "When we do things, we don’t think about the real-world impacts it’s having and also then civilization tell you these stories, and it’s like, Oh, mine God. That’s the greatest kind the compliment."

Check out the whole chat over at Vulture.

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