For numerous students, essay creating is so challenging that castle start trying to find writing help on the web. Indeed, writing essays needs decent research skills, reasonable thinking, impeccable grammar, spelling, and style. Many importantly, you have to know what kind of paper you are dealing with to gain an A+ great for her task. And also there are numerous quite complicated essay types. A problem-solution essay is no exception. How to create a problem-solution essay then? Today, girlfriend will uncover this out.

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What is a Problem-Solution Essay?

A problem-solution paper describes a problem and also provides a solution to it. This kind of essay shares part traits v a cause and also effect paper. Both essay varieties have comparable logical development.

What carry out you have to do v a problem-solution essay? Essentially, you will describe a problematic situation, like eco-friendly pollution. Then, you will write how poor it is and also provide feasible solutions. In the end, you need to evaluate these solutions, deciding ~ above the most efficient ones.

In practice, a problem-and-solution essay is method easier than you think. Girlfriend may additionally encounter such writing pieces on the net regularly. Thus, promotional campaigns have a comparable function. They define a situation and give a equipment in the form of one advertised product. Therefore, problem-solution creating is everywhere, and you will craft perfect essays after analysis our guide. Now, examine what components the problem-solution record has.


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Components of a Problem-Solution Essay

A problem-solution essay has several components necessary to satisfy its function: offer a equipment to a problem. So right here they are:


This component describes a certain situation, for example, an international warming. The is one introductory component of your essay that provides a leader an expertise of a problem and also its context.

Problem Statement

In the 2nd part, you require to define to your reader that your difficulty is worth considering. You have to describe the effects it involves.

Note that you have to describe this component even if girlfriend speak of something noticeable at first sight (like contamination or climate change). This section’s primary purpose is to give your readers the context and also even surprised them come some degree with robust, eye-opening statistics and also facts.


The solution part describes the ways your problem can be solved, minimized, or prevented. Girlfriend can administer several solutions and discuss them, analyzing their pros and also cons. Thus, some approaches could be inefficient, while others will remove the problem like nothing.


The last ar underlines whatever you pointed out before and gives a conclusion to her essay. You need to state what solution brings the finest results and include a coherent call come action. For example, you have the right to write that we all need to sort litter, use fewer plastic products, and walk more to slow down climate change and environmental pollution.

Problem-solution components may seem comparable to essay overview parts, however they aren’t. It’s due to the fact that you have the right to make a separate paragraph because that your difficulty statement or incorporate it in her introduction. The outline can be much more flexible. So inspect what structure must a problem-and-solution essay have actually below.

Problem-Solution Essay Outline

While composing a problem-solution essay, you can follow this outline:


In her essay introduction, you have actually to explain your problem and its significance. This section should contain a thesis declare like global warming will certainly disrupt human people unless we avoid it.

Optionally, you can explain your problem a bit an ext in the introductory ar of her essay. Thus, you can define the problem’s origins and describe feasible implications it will involve unless solved.

At this point, her readers are obtaining interested in your topic. Therefore make sure to hook her readers’ interest.


The body need to contain the solution part of your essay. It can have several paragraphs, and each that them will cover various solutions. Her essay body will look choose this:

Solution 1.Solution 2.Solution 3.

Or, the might additionally include the trouble statement component:

Problem statement.Solution 1.Solution 2.Solution 3.


In the last essay section, you require to administer the review component. Thus, you need to say that your trouble is far-reaching once again. Then, you have to evaluate the offered solutions and also emphasize the most efficient ones. Afterward, you have to summarize your essay together you will do in a constant essay conclusion.

Please note that that a general essay setup. You deserve to modify her problem-solution essay outline as lengthy as girlfriend cover your paper’s main components: situation, problem, solution, and also evaluation.

How to select a Topic for a Problem-Solution Essay?

Your guardian may give you a topic, and also you will need to work through it. Yet sometimes, friend will select a problem-solution essay topic on her own. How to pick one? check these tips:

Search for Problem-Solution Essay subject on the Web

You might struggle come come up through your essay topic. In this case, you deserve to search for problem-solution essay principles on the internet. For example, friend can uncover a list with 100+ topics in simply a couple of seconds. So choose the topic of your interest, and that’s it.

Avoid Super-General Topics

It’s critical to select a layout you deserve to cover within your essay word count. Friend will battle to process broad subjects choose “preventing poverty” in ~ 1,000 words. Such topics require far-reaching research, in-depth and also detailed argumentation, and there could never be a straightforward systems to them. They room subjects because that term documents rather than consistent essays. So, pick narrower themes instead, favor combating sedentary office job implications.

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Make sure There is sufficient Research

Choose just topics you have the right to research well. By picking a well-researched topic for problem-solution essay, you deserve to save double as much time on writing. Your job will be to process the present literature, describe problem solutions, and also evaluate castle by giving real-life cases. It’s much better than googling for some research studies for hrs or days, occurring your concepts, and also theorizing on their efficiency.

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