How to measure up for Sod

In bespeak to figure out just how much sod you need for your job you will have to measure the locations that you plan to sod. Seize a pen, document & measure up tape and head exterior to jot under some measurements. It deserve to seem difficult to carry out the math, but it’s all going to start with measuring.

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Make a rapid sketch of her yard specifically if friend have huge yard or irregular shame areas.

Break your yard up right into smaller sections if needed, to make it easier. Measure the areas in feet and jot down the measurements as friend go.

Remember to take out any areas that will not require sod – house, garage, decks, patios, side-walks, gardens, sheds, etc. Be as specific as possible.

Due come the perishable nature of sod, we do not take returns. And also we can’t it is in responsible for yards that us did no measure. 

If you are having trouble or have questions contact our office and also we can assist you.

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In stimulate to calculation the amount of sod forced you should measure the length and width of the areas in feet.

Length x Width= square feet split by 9 will offer you the number of square yards needed.Example:  45′ x 25′ = 1125sq ft / 9 = 125 sq yards

Our sod roll measure 24″ x 81″ or 2 ft x 6.75 ft.Each role of sod will certainly cover 1.5 sq. Yds or 13.5 sq. Ft.60 rolls every pallet = 90 sq yds every pallet

If you need a quote or assist figuring the end your demands please call (204) 269-3052and we will gladly assist you.

Measuring for sod and also measuring rarely often, rarely shapes.

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