It may seem surprising, but a luxury residence doesnt need to be a 4,000-square-foot-plus mansion. Dwellings of 3000 to 3500 square feet are large enough to develop a luxury residence that deserve to suit practically any family. Attributes such as high ceilings, one expansive master suite, house office, media room, or different guest an are can easily fit in an upper-mid-size home plan.

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Many of recently luxury houses have included featuresduring construction when the home finishes room selected. V well-designed floor plans and also wonderful internal finishes, numerous of todays luxury residences are in the 3000–3500-square-foot range. So if you have actually a family with a couple to a couple of children and youre searching for stylish digs, right here are some considerations for picking one of these upper-mid-size houses.


The iconoclastic center-hall colonial home, v its former porch and central forward-facing gable, evokes the typical farmhouse and also is just right for a growing family. At simply over 3,000 sq. Ft., this 4- to 5-bedroom, 3.5-bath home arrangement is the perfect upper-mid-size home (Plan #141-1287).

Choosing one Upper-Mid-SizeHome Plan

When choosing your luxury home plan, its wise to spend some time make a wish list. While a houses appearance could be simply your style, just how it features for your family members is equally, if not more, important. Make a perform of your pure needs first –like a separate house office, large kitchen, or break-up bedroom plan. Deciding on the location of the grasp Suite is very important –some world like the privacy that a second-floor grasp suite. However, if youre planning come "age in place" in the home, a first-floor grasp suite might be best.

Next, make a perform of "wants" –perhaps a soaking tub, a game room, or a three-car garage. Think of her favorite tasks and hobbies. If friend love come garden or have youngsters running around the yard,you could want a big back porch. Perhaps a man cavern is at the peak of his list. Plenty of upper-mid-sizehomes have actually bonus rooms or a house office. You may decide to use the area rather for a home gym or craft room. Currently you have the right to start searching! Search first for the functions you need, and then narrow under plans further by architectural layout or layout. Be certain to think about your lot size and also shape together well. In part neighborhoods, lot size are acquiring smaller, as human being are gravitating towarda brand-new Urban format –walkable, village-style neighborhoods.

"Urban Style" communities – where lot sizes room smalland grouped together in clusters and also are sometimes interspersed with retail facilities – very nice one to baby Boomers and Millennials alike and also are becoming much more popular. Castle harken earlier to the kind of ar that thrived before automobiles come along.

Square footage and floor setup are the an initial decisions that new home buyers focus on.Floor to plan as huge as 5 bedrooms can easily fit right into a 3,500-square-foot homes design. Luxury residence plans will typically incorporate much more bathrooms so that fewer civilization have come share one. A flour room because that guests is one more nice touch. Think about the eras of children and how long you arrangement to save the home. If girlfriend have little children and also plan to store the house until theyre every grown, climate youll have a liven household. Extra bathrooms space a worthwhile luxury. Some couples also prefer his and her bathrooms.

Here are some of the other high-end home features you can conveniently include in her 3000-3500-square-foot house:

Split Bedroom plan or Guest Suite

Split bedroom to plan are famous with both families and also retirees. V the master suite and family/guestbedrooms in ~ opposite end of the home, youll have the deluxe of privacy.


With the grand understand suite ~ above the left,the various other 3 bedrooms ~ above the right,and the common locations of the kitchen, maintaining room, and good room in between, the sleeping areas – specifically the grasp suite – space guaranteed their privacy (Plan #142-1151).

For empty-nesters and retirees, its practical to have the ability to close turn off unused rooms and collection the temperature in ~ a really efficient setting. A be separate guest suite not only gives privacy for occasional guests, however its also convenient for lengthy term guest or have the right to be a room for a caretakeror also an income-producing rental.

Energy Efficiency

Many upper-mid-size house plans room designed for power efficiency.You have the right to make upgrades during the building and construction of your residence to make it even an ext attractive, comfortable, and efficient.On-demand water heaters and radiant floor heatingsystems room luxury house upgrades that expense a bit much more upfront, however they save money end time. Plus, her feet will remain toasty heat all year, and also youll never run out of hot water! put an on-demand heater under the kitchen sink, and also have instant warm water because that tea and cooking.

Structural upgrades encompass increased insulation in the attic and thicker 2x6 exterior walls;installing brick, stone, or fiber-cement siding;and incorporating energy-efficient cool roofshingles.


Homes in the 3,000–3,500-sq.-ft. Variety often includes upgraded structural facets like brick and/or stone siding – together in this 5-bedroom, 4-bath, 3,062-sq.ft. European style home plan –and boosted insulation in 2x6-framed exterior walls (Plan #195-1014).

Upgraded Flooring

High-end, long lasting flooring product is both a luxury home selection and a practical one. There are so numerous beautiful wood, laminate, and also luxury vinylfloors to choose from, and also many of them space guaranteed to last 20 years or more. Porcelain tile, slate, or various other hard-surface floorings may be offered in the kitchen, entry, and/or bathroom areas. These floors stand up finest to wet environments and also high-traffic areas and also will critical decades. Carpet have the right to be expected to critical 7 to 10 years, however its soft is famous for bedrooms. Finishing the key living areas in a deluxe flooring product instantly upgrades the look of the home. It also method you wont have the cost of replacing flooring for a long time.


Theres lot of of room for a fireplace in house plans that this size. While theyre usually found in living locations like a great room, hearth room, or life room, a fireplace is a popular luxury update ina grasp suite. Add a stone or tile facade come the fireplace surround, and incorporate media for an elegant, dramatic space.


Separating the resting area indigenous the sit area in this luxurious master bedroom suite, a partial room-dividing wall contains both a fireplace and a huge TV – good appointments because that a understand bedroom. The fireplace is a dual-sided type that likewise faces the sitting area.

Designer Lighting

Homebuilders will frequently give their clients a parcel of bright to choose from or an pin money to spend. The options are regularly limited, and also if you usage the bright allowance and shop independently, girlfriend can produce a much more personal, high-end look.

Start with beautiful ceiling fixtures and also add wall sconces and cove lights for elegance and efficiency. Work with her kitchen designer and electrician to add some wow-factor to your interior lighting plan.Take your lighting principles outside and include some lighting come the landscape to highlight your brand-new homes architecture.


Elegant lighting options in this French country stylekitchen includeunderstated yet gracefulhanging pendants for task lighting end the eating bar/work island, recessed approximately lighting, and also under-cabinet bright (Plan #109-1059).

Luxury grasp Suite

Consider a huge master suite through a sit area for a exclusive getaway.


Set into a bright three-sided bump-out with big windows, the sitting area in a master bedroom is right for quiet reading time or relaxationbefore bedtime (Plan #165-1051).

A high-end Master Bath typically has double sinks, a separate bathtub and shower, and a water closet. Spa-like amenities, favor marble countertops, luxurious walk-in showers, and also high-end tile, include extra high-end to a master bath design.


This gloriously luxurious master bath has actually all the earmarks that the ideal pampering and preparation room for a pair to obtain ready for work-related in the morning or bedtime in ~ night – or any type of time in in between – through its huge shower, rainfall and conventional showerheads, beautiful tile, and double vanities, one out of see (Plan #106-1283).

Steam showers and also soaking tubs space a an excellent way to finish the day. Many civilization are do showers larger and also handicap-accessible once they develop a home, for this reason they can continue to live there with old age.


The can be fried in spa-likeluxury, this multi-spray shower v room for two if you like is lined v an oversize soft-patina porcelain tie. The teak flooring is easy on the feet and also ensures a well-drained surface ar of nearly no chance of slippage (photo source:Kohler Company).

Custom Storage

Well-planned storage have the right to make an upper-mid-sizehome seem lot larger. Practice shelving, particularly in the master suite, makes use that every inch of space.

Working v an inner designer, or closet specialist, during building is well worth the expense. A skilled will assist you take it stock of her wardrobe and storage needs and plan storage throughout the house accordingly. An properly organized home makes a life in less square footage easy.

Kids closets and also laundry/mudroom areas can also benefit from an excellent organization to aid keep backpacks, sports equipment,and coats simple to find and also off the floor.


This an excellent mudroom organization treatment has whatever one demands when going out to or coming in native the outside: a comfortable ar to sit to put on or take off shoes/boots;hanging room for hats, jackets, and also sweaters; and also closed storage for a multitude that incidentals (photo source:Elkay Cabinets).

Keep clutter under control, and also have attractive storage for books, media, games, and toys through a built-in library in the den or living room:

Custom Kitchen

No issue which home style you choose, the kitchen is the household hub. A tradition kitchen no only attributes better, yet its likewise an chance to add upgrades and luxury touches. Large islands v barstools are popular.Many upper-mid-sizehomes quiet have an are for a breakfast area with a table and chairs. In an open conceptfloor plan, the dining area is close by, for this reason barstools carry out plenty of seating for breakfast and snacks.

Kitchen finishes are one of the easiest luxury upgrades –a beautiful brick backsplash, marble or granite counters, and custom room finishes that youll select during the construction procedure make your house uniquely yours.

Other renowned custom kitchen features incorporate pot filler faucets by the stove, a baking station with every the provides at hand, a coffee bar, and even frozen fridge drawers. Placing all the kids snacks and drinks in a convenient drawer is a an excellent way to lull traffic circulation in the kitchen.

If you setup to remain in the home during retirement,adding some age-friendly universal architecture features come the kitchen is a great idea. Just a few small changes, such as varying counter heights and also easy-access cabinets, will make the much less complicated to period in place in your brand-new custom kitchen.


This modern-day kitchen has numerous special customdetails, such as the quartz-topped island and also countertops, under-cabinet lighting that supplements the high-intensity recessed lights, black color walnut cabinetry with a unique wall surface of cabinet on the left, professional-quality 48-in. Selection (with griddle and also multi-mode convection), and also ventilation hood, and also oversize sink with goose-neck faucet in addition to a vegetable sink in the island (Plan #202-1025).

Luxury without the Mansion

With a carefully chosen home plan, a mid-sized residence of 3000-3500 square feet can easily include every little thing on the wish list. A farming family can have all of the storage and kitchen an are they need and also a quiet understand suite retreat with every one of the amenities. Energetic empty-nesters and also retirees deserve to handle visitors v plenty of guest room and still have actually that residence office or large garage they should pursue their hobbies.

With her wish perform handy,click here to uncover your perfect home plan.

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Footnote: the leadimage for this article shows upper-mid-size houses just ideal for growing families –top left:3-bedroom, 4.5-bath Craftsman style home (Plan #180-1047); top right: 4-bedroom, 3-bath, 2-half-bath Farmhouse(#120-2176); bottom left: 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath European layout home (#142-1151); bottom right displayed in the article.