Red Tail Boas are among the most famous pet constrictors along with Ball Pythons, Carpet Pythons and also Rosy Boas.

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They space easily figured out by their vivid red tail markings.

These constrictors are a large pet snake and can with eight feet in length.

Despite their dimension Colombian Red Tails cannot eat humans – they space not poisonous or dangerous.

Boa Constrictors are very great pets and come in a wide selection of colors and morphs. Keep on reading to learn just how to treatment for a Red Tail…

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Red Tail Boa species OverviewRed Tail Boa AppearanceRed Tail Boa EnclosureBaby Red Tail Boa: Buyer’s Guide

Before purchase a snake you have to do thorough research and know what living v one is like.

Red Tail Boa Constrictors live longer than many animals and are not a short-term pet.

You will should make certain you:

Have room for your Boa as soon as it will its full size. Your cage will need to be at least six feet long.Can stick come a consistent feeding schedule. This species eats rodents on a continuous schedule – specifically as babies and also juveniles.Handle your snake consistently to enable them to come to be used to it. One aggressive juvenile is simpler to manage than an aggressive 8-foot adult.Spot clean the cage daily and deep clean the bedding double a month.Your snake constantly has access to clean water for drinking, soaking, and also regulating humidity.

You should constantly follow appropriate care guidelines and have typical sense once handling, feeding and also caring for your snake.

Species Facts

Common NameRTB, Boa Constrictor
Scientific NameBoa constrictor constrictor
Size6 come 8 feet long
Lifespan20 to 30 years
DietRodents (larger adults can eat rabbits)
Tank Size6 x 2 x 2 feet
Humidity & TemperatureTemperature: 80 to 85°FBasking: 95 to 100°FHumidity: 60 to 80%
Popular AlternativesCarpet Python, ball Python, rose Boa or Sand Boa


Red Tail Boas room one of four subspecies that Boa constrictor and also thrive in captivity.

This types is aboriginal to main and southern America. They require tropical conditions in captivity.

Their cage should have an approximately temperature of around 80 to 85°F and also a basking point out of 95 to 100°F. Humidity have to be high in ~ 60 come 80%.

They room famous for their vivid red tail markings. However, they are also obtainable in many shade morphs. The most famous morph is the Albino that has actually a white base shade with to mark orange patterns.

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Common individuals cost $200 and also will must be housed in a big custom enclosure that measures 6 x 2 x 2 feet.