I have actually a quite moderate pain tolerance however fear of pains is the worst component of any type of pain for me. Range of 1-10, how much go a septum piercing hurt?


I have a twin forward helix, 3 lobes, a nostril and a septum. The septum hurts for a 2nd while the happening, probably 30 seconds. Climate it itches prefer CRAZY for around a week. And also then after the it only hurts if you obtain hit in the nose. Which ns didn’t establish how frequently that happens to me via my dog lol. In my experience, a piercing hurts as negative as pinching the spot v your nails difficult for a 2nd hurts. I would certainly say the septum has been the the very least painful but most itchy to cure and around the same as a nose to pierce. No as painful as a forward helix come pierce.

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Septum piercings are generally low on the pain scale, as lengthy as castle pierced correctly and also through the sweet spot. I felt a tiny, sharp poke and also then a small bit of pressure. The was really quick.

I just had actually mine done this weekend and I was actually surprised by just how painless it was. I'm certain everyone is different, but for me it just felt like a pinch and also maybe some pressure. She had me take it a deep breath and also then let the waiting out best as she was doing the poke, then again once putting in the jewelry. I think the breathing help a many .

for me, because that the short amount the time the it hurt, it was prefer 4 or 5/10 and also brought part tears to my eyes due to the fact that it's a sleep piercing, however I didn't appropriately sob or anything cuz that was only painful for a second. That takes a when to cure tho- took me end a year, perhaps two years for it come be totally fine to pull on and readjust with no pain. I think I got hit partway with by mine dog's whippy tail and that hurt a bunch, so maybe it tore the a bit, however that was a couple years back and it's 100% cure now.

Fear of pain is the worst for me as well, can't stomach the idea that a tattoo therefore I've grounding to piercings due to the fact that one needle is enough. That being said, i blinked and also my septum piercing to be over. Mine friends were in the room and they genuinely didn't realize it had happened because it to be so quick. The worst component of it was the following day as soon as I went to the beach and also it to be cold and windy i m sorry dried out my nose.

For me, it felt choose if you hit her nose. It’s not precisely painful per say, but an ext uncomfortable 보다 anything.

For me the pain was sharp for around 30seconds do my eyes water and also my toes curl. After ~ the jewellery was put in the pain was gone and also everything was fine. Mine nose had actually a dull ache for maybe 2-3 hours and since then i haven’t had any pain. The only time ns feel pain is once I bang it. (I gained mine 3 work ago)

Provided the piercer knows what they're doing and pierce her sweet spot and also not the cartilage around, it's a quite low-pain piercing. Most likely one that my least painful piercings, ~ above par through lobes.

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It's most likely to make you tear up, since nose piercings wake up tear production, but other than that it's a simple piercing come get. Simply make sure your piercer has actually experience through them, due to the fact that it's also simple piercing to misplace.