At least one-third of the sales emails I obtain start with a variation on: "I hope all is well."

The line is so common it"s end up being meaningless. Both the recipient and the email writer know it"s a nicety thrown in prior to the real suggest of the email.

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With buyers" attention spans in ~ an all-time low, reps can"t afford come waste a single line.


If you"re an abuser the "I hope all is well," or "Hope you are doing well," these different -- and much better -- methods to speak it.

"Hope You are Doing Well"

"Hope you space doing well" and also "I hope every is well" room two that the most commonly-used email opening lines there are, so it stands to factor that varying your method when sending out out sales emails will certainly make her messages more memorable and also less formulaic. With an email greeting that"s an ext personalized, eye-catching, or also funny, you have actually a far better chance that the possibility or customer you"re emailing taking you serious -- and also wanting to answer to your message.

To that end, here"s our perform of options that will make her email less vague, an ext personal, and also -- hopefully -- endear yourself to the recipient enough to acquire a reply.

"Hope all Is Well" Alternatives

"I hope this email finds you well.""I hope you"re having an A+ .""I hope you"re having actually a two-coffee (versus a four-coffee) day.""Anything interesting happening in land?""What"s the latest in your world?""Are girlfriend excited because that ?""I hope you delighted in .""I hope your iced coffee is as cold as your leads space hot.""I just met you, and also this is crazy. However here"s my meetings link: . So speak to me maybe?""I hope your spirits are as high together your churn rates are low.""I expect everything"s groovy at .""How room you holding increase in the ?""I inquiry the highest possible of fives.""I hope your weekend to be relaxing (and the shift into Monday wasn"t also rough).""I hope to be helpful.""Great -- i learned .""Traveled everywhere fun lately?""How"s life in ?""I hope you"ve to be getting better weather in 보다 we"ve been gaining in .""I hope the X project you mentioned .""I"m reaching out because ... ""Watching any good shows?""I wanted to start by telling you just how impressed ns was through .""Hope you"re hanging in there. Sending good vibes her way!""Is over there anything worse 보다 coming back from a long weekend?""Any great plans because that the weekend?"

1. "I expect this email finds friend well."

If you"re the officially type, this email opening is respectful and also varied sufficient to differentiate your message from the deluge of other sales pitches in their inbox. If you"re reaching out come a possibility for the very first time and aren"t certain of the appropriate tone to strike, friend can"t walk wrong v this opening line.

2. "I hope you"re having an A+ ."

Although this emotion is basically the exact same as "I expect you"re well," it"s unforeseen -- which renders it feel an ext authentic.

3. "I hope you"re having a two-coffee (versus a four-coffee) day."

Your possibility will absolutely know what you"re talk about.

4. "Anything exciting happening in land?"

If you"re reaching out to who you know reasonably well and/or works in a fairly informal industry, take this opener for a spin.

5. "What"s the recent in your world?"

A sport on #4.

6. "Are you excited because that ?"

Depending on how familiar you room with the the person who lives -- and how info they incorporate on your social media -- you deserve to either make this question personal or professional.

For instance, if they just tweeted about Game of Thrones, you could write, "Are girlfriend excited for the next got episode? #WinterIsHere."

If girlfriend learned via their website that their agency is hosting a conference, you can ask, "Are you looking front to INBOUND 2019?"

7. "I expect you delighted in ."

Connecting v the attendees of one event? immediately establish your objective so they know this isn"t a cold email.

8. "I hope your iced coffee is as cold as your leads space hot."

Use this humorous one v a marketer or salesperson.

9. "I just met you, and also this is crazy. Yet here"s my meetings link: . So call me maybe?"

Show her personality and also sense that humor v this musically-inspired call-to-action.

10. "I hope her spirits room high and your churn prices are low."

This lighthearted opener works well because that prospects selling subscription products. Adapt it to various other audiences by switching "churn rates" with among these options:

Refund rateMarketing costsCustomer Acquisition cost (CAC)Cancellation rateDefects rate

11. "I hope everything"s groovy at ."

Transform the "hope you"re well" line by including some customization and also a ‘70s spin.

12. "How room you holding up in the ?"

This line works with virtually everyone. Simply remember to adjust it once per season.

13. "I inquiry the greatest of fives."

Whether your prospect is a How ns Met your Mother fan or not, they"ll laugh at this cheery opened line. Ns recommend making use of it in congratulatory emails (and consisting of this gif!).

14. "I hope her weekend to be relaxing (and the transition into Monday wasn"t as well rough)."

Appeal to your prospect"s love because that the weekend.

15. "I expect was helpful."

I love this opening line. Referring to the last page on her website that your prospect saw gives you credibility and also opens up the door because that a conversation about the content on that page. It"s additionally easy come automate, since "Last page Seen" is just one of"s default contact properties.

16. "Great -- i learned ."

A small flattery never hurts. If you desire to start the partnership on a high note, discover something notable your prospect newly produced, added to, or did and also compliment them on it.

17. "Traveled almost everywhere fun lately?"

When you"re reconnecting v someone girlfriend haven"t talked to in a few months, try this concern to kick things off again.

18. "How"s life in ?"

To present you"ve placed some initiative into your message, try this question. If "Office Location" is just one of the areas in your CRM, usage a personalization token to instantly update the email v your prospect"s city.

19. "I expect you"ve been getting much better weather in 보다 we"ve been getting in ."

A mix of #11 and #17.

20. "I hope the X project you discussed ."

Prove girlfriend care around your prospect"s job-related -- and also pay attention as soon as they speak -- by stating one the their continuous initiatives.

21. "I"m reaching out because … "

It can feel strange at first to launch right into your post with no preamble, but trust me: you won"t it seems to be ~ rude. In fact, most prospects will appreciate her brevity.

You have the right to make this even an ext straightforward by just stating your purpose.

For example, quite than saying, "I"m getting to out to sell some advice on your homepage design," you can write, "Can I market some advice on your homepage design?"

The first line of her email deserve to compel the recipient come keep reading -- or prompt castle to relocate on. With these alternatives, the former is much more likely.

22. "Watching any great shows?"

Everyone"s obtained that one present they"re binging in ~ the moment. Build instant rapport -- and also maybe even uncover your next Netflix obsession --with this straightforward opener.

23. "I wanted to begin by telling you exactly how impressed i was through ."

Did they do a great point in her pitch? Or perhaps they wrangled a chatty colleague in her presentation? once your champion does something impressive, begin your following email by informing them just how much you admired their managing of the situation.

24. "Hope you"re hanging in there. Sending good vibes her way!"

When you recognize your prospect is facing a tough week, a big deadline, or a difficult task, make sure they understand you"re there because that them.

A note of encouragement (no strings attached) deserve to go a long method in structure a solid working relationship and giving you an edge over competitors.

25. "Is there anything worse 보다 coming back from a lengthy weekend?"

There yes, really isn"t. Reach out to slow-moving prospects ~ a long weekend or holiday through a reminder you"re best there v them.

Plus, your email will most likely arrive before they"ve jumped right into any huge tasks, definition your possibilities of receiving a timely an answer skyrocket.

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26. "Any good plans because that the weekend?"

Conversational email openers favor this are begging for a response. Sending out this email on a Monday? try a tongue-in-cheek approach by adding, "It"s never too early to start planning, right?"

Sending exciting emails is a great way to set yourself except competitors. Give your prospects something come look forward to responding to when you try these email openers.