Honda’s above Rebel, now with a slip-and-assist clutch

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Honda rolls into the new decade with the an initial overhaul come its newest-generation Rebel range. It has only to be a couple of years due to the fact that the classic Rebel heat was replaced by the present iteration, and the added features space largely due to feedback native the brand-new rider base. Brand-new suspension contents improve the ride along with upgrades to the lighting and clutch pack to increase in its entirety safety and also expand its buyer base.

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The new Rebel 300/500 carries chin with lot the very same panache together the early “new” Rebels, yet with a couple of important distinctions. First, the headlight was reshaped and repositioned v a quartet the LED emitters set behind a round lens, blackout housing, and chrome bezel. The homegrown-custom blackout continues throughout the style of both displacements, and it would be easier to tell girlfriend what didn’t get hit with the dark finish: the within fork tubes and brake discs the end of necessity, and the previously mentioned headlight trim for the services of vanity. This efficiently gives the Rebel a home-built vibe, yet it doesn’t protect against there.

Fenders front and also rear are both greatly bobbed v builds that look for the lightest balance between weight and also function, and also this, too, adds to the homemade look. The exposed framing goes with the architecture flow and adds an industrial edge to the package. Stock, the new Rebel heat rolls v a solo seat, but if you like to re-superstructure the fun, you can peruse the well-populated accessory brochure for every the extra gadgetry you’ll require to lug a friend.

A blackened, short-rise handlebar and low-rise clamp press your hands ago just a skosh to make for a comfortable, relatively upright talk posture in maintaining with the old cruiser heritage of the Rebel family, also if the foot controls space in a sportier, heels-under-butt position.

The unusual method the oddly-shaped, 2.96-gallon fuel tank is perched top top the framework lends even an ext custom flavor come the mix to complete off the aesthetics in a means that, i gotta’ say, looks nothing prefer the initial Honda Rebel that introduced a sub-genre and also inspired a cult-like following. Not sayin’ that’s a bad thing, just making one observation.

A 67 mpg fuel-efficiency rating offers the 500 a variety right approximately 200 miles per fillup, which should be plenty because that some really light long-distance occupational right together with urban commutes. One point is certain; the 27.2-inch high chair is an improved attribute that will certainly endear chin to her butt through its brand-new plusher foam construction and also especially to much shorter riders as it offers plenty of leverage for riders with less-than-athletic legs.

For some included sophistication, the Rebel 500 SE comes v ABS and a choice of accessories, including the black diamond-stitch saddle, black color fork boots and also covers, and a black headlight cowl.

Honda Rebel 300 / 500 Chassis




Steel-tubing members consist of the completely exposed fame v plate gussets for stiffness. The 28-degree rake angle and also 4.3-inch trail help it track to combat the squirreliness the a sportbike’s steering geometry would provide. It’s billed together a cruiser, and also those room some mighty cruise-tastic steering numbers to go with the 58.7-inch wheelbase.

Since the 300 weighs in at 364-pounds wet and also the 500 weighs in in ~ 408-pounds wet, there’s no getting approximately the truth that these are really light bikes. The great news is, even the largest of the pair is easily finessed there is no being diminished to a rings match of mass versus muscle.

It should be really unintimidating to riders that are new to cruisers, or just plain brand-new to riding altogether.

Right-way-up, 41 mm hydraulic forks rise the front end on 4.8 inch of travel v dual, coil-over shocks to support the rear and also tame the motion of the swingarm when they enable a 3.8-inch range of movement that must be adequate for any type of urban jungle. A set of 16-inch, cast-alloy blackout rims round the end the rojo chassis with a chunky-looking 130/90 top the method ahead of an also fatter 150/80 – dimensions that reinforce the tradition vibe more yet.

You can choose to take it or leave the ABS protection since both displacements come with and without one anti-lock version. might I add, if you’re a new rider, it’s probably safe enough to cut your teeth on an ABS bike because that an innovation is nearly ubiquitous nowadays and you have the right to rely on it coming to be even more widespread in the foreseeable future.

286 cc thumper or 471 cc parallel twin Slip-and-assist clutch 300: 27.4 hp and 19.9 lb-ft 500:45.9 hp and 31.9 lb-ft
The Rebel heat splits follow me the displacement break with a selection between the 286 cc “300” model and also a 471 cc “500” version. In ~ the bottom the the foodchain is the 300 the rocks a 76 mm bore and also 63 mm hit thumper through a 10.7-to-1 compression proportion that turns out a complete of 27.4 horsepower and 19.9 pound-feet the torque for a height speed of 85 mph. The 500 procedures in through a nearly-square 67 mm bore and also 66.8 mm stroke and the exact same compression proportion as its smaller sized sibling, just with a parallel-twin layout. It cranks the end 45.9 ponies and also 31.9 pounds o’ grunt through a peak speed approximately 95 mph.

Both engines run with DOHC valve timing and also four poppets per cylinder along with a water jacket and also radiator to resolve the rubbish heat. New for this year is the slip-and-assist clutch the delivers a light lever pull and protects the rear contact patch native the effects of extreme drag speak under hefty engine braking and hard downshifts.

That's the degree of the fandanglery on this essential tiny bikes, for this reason they have the right to be counted ~ above to supply the power in addition to honest feedback.
Model:Rebel 500 Rebel 300 Engine:Bore x Stroke:Compression Ratio:Induction:Ignition:Transmission:Final Drive:
471 cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin four-stroke, DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder286 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke, DOHC; four valves per cylinder
67.0 mm x 66.8 mm76.0 mm x 63.0 mm
PGM-FI; 34 mm throttle bodiesPGM-FI; 38 mm throttle bodies
Full Transistorized ignitionFull Transistorized ignition
O-ring-sealed chainO-ring-sealed chain

Like the outgoing Rebel design, the Boulevard S40 carries itself through a ’70s bobber look that borrows greatly from the tradition bikes of that era. Blackout therapy is another continuous across the board, despite the Boulevard doesn’t experience from rather the exact same dearth of chrome as the Rebel.

An old-school teardrop tank and duplex seating defines the S40’s flyline in a means much choose the Rebel supplied to. Traditional forks and also coil-over shocks supply a non-adjustable ride, no a great surprise in ~ this price point, but what is how amazing is Suzuki’s insistence on utilizing an antiquated drum brake to slow-moving the behind wheel instead of a hydraulic disc favor the front wheel and also most of the remainder of the full-size motorcycle world.

Rather 보다 going with low, fat hoops, the Suzuki rolfes on a 19-inch front and 15-inch rear wheel because that a big offset that leaves it through custom root of that own. Too bad for Suzuki, it has actually no answer for the Honda’s (optional) ABS feature, and so it drops behind in the just gadgetry category the Red Riders lug to the table.

The S40 runs a 652 cc, air-cooled thumper the churns out 31 ponies and also 37 pounds o’ grunt versus 45.9/31.9 top top the 500 because that the profession off I’d expect to view from similar displacements in a one- matches two-cylinder layout. Suzuki slips again through a typical clutch versus Honda’s slipper clutch.

It appears the only thing the S40 really has going because that it is the $5,799 sticker the lands almost a grand much less expensive 보다 the Rebel 500.

Read our complete review the the Suzuki Boulevard S40.

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He Said

“I’m kinda torn here. As a former Rebel rider, i will always hold the old architecture close to my heart and this new an equipment looks nothing favor it, but on the various other hand, it was a dated design and also the younger riders comprise the target audience for this bike. Obtained to cater to your crowd, ya’ know? Looking at the rider’s triangle, it absolutely seems prefer the new Rebels are going come be together cramped for taller riders as they ever were.

She Said

My wife and also fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, “I was never ever really a Rebel fan ago in the day, however I to be digging the brand-new styling and getting much more appreciation because that this iconic little ride.”

It's very approachable and also unintimidating; so for brand-new riders, this is best up your alley. For experienced riders, it's nice to just obtain on and also feel comfortable.”

“One thing I will certainly say, though, ~ above the 500, the clutch sheathe seems huge and a little bit intrusive right there in ~ the behind brake lever. I can see the being a little bit wearisome after ~ a long ride..”

Honda Rebel 300 / 500 Specifications

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