For the many accurate measurements, perform not measure over your clothing. Your dimensions should be taken while wearing undergarments comparable to the people you will wear with your dress. The measuring ice cream shouldn"t be pulled as well tight or have too lot slack, and should always be parallel with the floor. 

**Bridesmaid and wedding dresses are commonly sized differently than retail clothing, so store in mind the it"s not uncommon to uncover yourself requiring alterations.

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Hollow-to-Hem (or neck come feet measurement): Hold the measuring ice cream vertically starting at the indent in her neck area in between your collarbones and also below her throat. Then, keeping the tape taught, lug the tape to the floor to satisfy your toes. This is her hollow-to-hem, or hollow-to-floor, measurement. The activity is comparable to taking your elevation measurement. 

Bust size: Wrap the tape approximately your back and under your arms in ~ the fullest component of your bust (not under the bust).

Waist size:  While standing up straight, bend at the belt to one side. Take the measurement where the organic crease happens in her side. This have to be a few inches over your belly button. Stand up straight and also do no suck in when taking this measurement.

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Hip size: Standing v your feet together, pave the tape around the fullest component of her hips and also butt to gain this measurement.


Choosing your correct size

Compare this three measurements to the Kennedy Blue dimension chart above. The is very important the you order the biggest size that coincides to your measurements. For example, if your bust actions 40.5" (size 12), her waist measures 31" (size 10) and her hips measure 41.5" (size 8), we advise that you order a dimension 12, and also get her dress changed down to practice fit her body. Ordering anything smaller than a size 12 would not to the right in the bust area. Relying on the fabric, a dress can be changed down approximately 2 complete sizes, however can be very an overwhelming to permit out as there is only about .5 customs of towel to perform so in ~ the seams. Please note: our bridal gown size chart is various than the bridesmaids sizing and is provided below.