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Once in a lifetimeMeans there's no second chanceSo I believe that you and meShould grab that while we canMake it critical foreverAnd never give it backIt's our turn and also I'm lovin' wherein we're atBecause this moment's yes, really all we haveEveryday of ours livesWanna uncover you there, wanna organize on tightGonna runWhile we're youngAnd store the faith
EverydayFrom best nowGonna usage our voices and scream out loudTake my handTogether we will certainly celebrateCelebrateOh, everydayThey say that you must followAnd chase down what girlfriend dreamBut if you obtain lost and also lose yourself
What does it yes, really mean?OhNo matter where we're goin'Ooh yeahIt beginning from wherein we areThere's an ext to life as soon as we hear to our heartsAnd because of you, I've acquired the strength to startYeah, yeah, yeahEveryday of our livesWanna discover you thereWanna organize on tightGonna operation while we're youngAnd keep the faith

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Oh, everydayFrom appropriate nowGonna use our voices and scream the end loudTake my handTogether we will celebrateOh, everydayWe're takin' it backWe're doin' it here togetherIt's much better like thatAnd stronger now than everWe're no gonna lose'Cause we get to chooseThat's just how it's gonna beEveryday of our livesWanna find you there, wanna host on tightGonna run while we're youngAnd keep the faithKeep the faithEveryday of ours livesWanna find you thereWanna organize on tightGonna operation (Gonna run)While we're youngAnd keep the confidence (Oh, yeah, yeah)Everyday (Everyday)From right now (Right now)Gonna use our voices and also scream the end loudTake mine hand (Take mine hand)Together we will celebrateEverydayLive everydayOh, everydayLove everyday (Oh, oh)Oh, everydayLive everydayNa-na, everydayLove day-to-day (Ooh, yeah, yeah)I'm singin' everydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEveryday, everydayEverydayEverydayEverydayEveryday, yeah