Reports IGHGrampa: “A couple of mornings ago, Dale and also Jim Ed (MPR’s ‘The Morning Show’) played an oldie: ‘Minnie the Moocher’ by Cab Calloway. Those of you who are older than dirt will know the song and performer I’m talk about. Those of you who space otherwise, simply bear with me.

” ‘Minnie the Moocher’ is just one of those story songs simply so entertaining the you can’t resist it. The feature I’m introduce to mostly is the nonsense chorus that starts off: ‘Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi! Ho-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho! He-de-he-de-he-de-he! Hi-de-hi-de-hi-di-ho!’ each of those phrases is sung, with background singers repeating it. Implicit in that is an invitation for the audience to sign up with in. In fact, it’s almost impossible to keep from involvement in. Later on in the song, the nonsense verses get more complex, and it’s a really fun difficulty to repeat it together it was sung.

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“I was driving my bus route as soon as the song came on and also had about fifty percent of my passenger on the bus already. I discovered myself singing it regardless of myself. Mine passengers are not only younger than dirt, they’re for this reason young lock don’t even know however what dust is. For this reason you can imagine my enjoy it surprise once one that them join in, to sing the rash chorus. Not only that, he recurring it far better than ns did.

“It to be James – sober, no-nonsense James. Ns should have actually known. He’s an government on a lot of music thought about arcane and square by the younger generations. He knows Broadway tunes, classic music, operas, musicals, you name it. In truth, ns think his mom should obtain the credit. She have to be constantly playing the an excellent stuff at home.”

See world

Another close conference of the herbal kind, reported by Twitty the Como: “Easter Sunday morning in ~ my sister’s home was disrupted by an especially loud ‘thunk’ of something hitting a window. A thunk the loud and that solid suggested something of far-ranging size, so i stood, looking out and also down, but not really expecting to view the victim. More of them gain up and also fly off than you’d think. Not this time. The pigeon hawk who’d met the home window lay supine top top the go below, yellow foot immodestly spread in front choose a curb-reclining Saturday-night reveler – wings stretching level out to every side, together if she’d to be nailed to a cross. She wasn’t struggling. She head to be up and also slowly turning; her yellow eye looked dazedly ago at me together I peered out. Could she speak, i doubt she can have said whether she was the pigeon or the hawk at the moment. A 2nd passed; then another. Get in from the right an airborne smoke-gray blur: The sister’s outdoor cat had actually heard and also known that thunk. What she thought, or whether she’d to be surprised by the dimension of this potential meal once she rounded the corner of the house and also spotted the lying there, isn’t known; instinct had taken over, and she’d leaped.

“Fast as she was, the hawk to be faster. I never ever saw she wings move. She didn’t even try to reclaim her footing first; she just miraculously lifted off, straight up at least six feet into the air prior to I detect a solitary wingbeat. She to be gone. The cat, high top top adrenaline, ran best out into the near woods and climbed 20 feet up a huge old oak, yeowling her frustration in ~ the near-miss.

“We all laughed. It to be an Easter miracle of the avian variety: The eagle survived, in quick succession, two near-misses, and lived come hunt again. The cat, too.

“Ahh. Happy Easter.”


Or: Oopp s!

Swampy of Cumberland’s Daughter No. 2: “After seeing the photo entry about the misuse that apostrophe’s (just kidding), I essential to write in.

“One Thursday morning a couple of years ago, ns was speak the bus on 394 and also noticed a big billboard through a huge headline that stated something prefer ‘Free check At every Our Bank’s.’ ns couldn’t think that a billboard company, whose job is the dissemination of messages with words, could misuse punctuation.

“Of course, i couldn’t stand up to calling the bank’s declaring department. I obtained through to the room head and told she what I had actually seen. Instead of telling me to mind my very own business, she to be furious because, she said, the billboard firm must have actually taken it upon themselves to edit her copy by including their own apostrophe.

“The satisfaction ns felt discovering that someone actually cared about proper usage was minor contrasted to what ns felt that same day ~ above the bus journey home, when I saw that someone had actually climbed increase on the sign and whited out the apostrophe!

“Sometimes one voice does do a difference.

The vision thing

Habber of West St. Paul: “I was perusing the headlines on AOL yesterday as soon as one captured my eye: ‘Fleeing Rabbis Block Highway.’

” ‘That’s odd,’ assumed I. ‘Why were the rabbis fleeing?’

“I review through the an initial paragraph prior to I captured my error. The headline actually said: ‘Fleeing hare Block Highway.’ A truck transporting 5,000 hare overturned, allowing the beasties to escape.

“Well, that renders much more sense.”

Our theatre of seasons

Including: Today’s beneficial hint (responsorial)

Granny J. of brand-new Richmond, Wis.: “Old Gray Mare the Prescott, Wis., was informing of mouse in his garden hose. A sure cure for that would certainly be for this reason simple: simply screw the two ends together before you placed the hose away. Keeps the end all those little bugs and critters!”

Santa’s Buns: “Old Gray Mare‘s submission around mice in the garden water tap made me think of ours family’s mouse story this spring. (It IS feather now, right?) The ‘Check Engine’ light on our teenage son’s vehicle went on, and also in the course of checking points out, my husband took out the car’s air filter. He claimed it was jam-packed with pieces of dry dog food! us stored a bag of dried dog food in the garage this winter, and also it appears our little friends had helped themselves to it. What far better place to save their stash 보다 in an air filter?! just to be safe, my husband checked the air filter ~ above my auto … and lo and behold, that was packed through dog food, too.”

In the kingdom of the coined

Whatever: “I’m cleaning my office, and also I’ve come up v a brand-new word: ‘collosaltrophobia.’ mine colossal chaos is leading to me claustrophobia!”

High Rev v. High Rev

Or: Confession is great for the soul

High Rev: “It’s always nice come make world laugh, yet I’m wondering around the morality of no citing my resources better.

“Recently I remained in the exact same room together a man who to be blowing his sleep as if he to be trying to clear his socks. I available up: ‘The horn works. Shot the lights.’ he complimented me top top ‘a new one.’

“Sad to say, ns didn’t reveal that I very first heard the line in the good movie ‘Twelve upset Men’ native 1957.”

BULLETIN plank SAYS: We, the jury in the above-entitled matter, find High Rev guilty together self-charged – and also sentence him to 50 years’ probation (and as lot community business as he care to provide).

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The happiness of juxtaposition

Grandma Anita the Hammond, Wis.: “Last night ns was analysis the Pioneer press Sunday edition quite late and watching the Food Network Awards about 11:15 p.m. Catherine Zeta-Jones was presented as a referents of a scholarship compensation – and, together she was standing on phase speaking, i looked under at the Personality Parade’s second question in the Parade section, and it said: ‘What has Catherine Zeta-Jones been doing due to the fact that 2002’s “Chicago” and the finish of she T-Mobile TV ads?’ Juxtaposition?”


Vanity, thy surname is …

The Suburban Guerrilla of Eagan: “My father’s first name was August (rest his soul). Our last name ends in ‘z.’ so he had actually ‘A2Z’ top top his plates.”

The darnedest things

WARNING! Cute kid story ahead, indigenous Grandma climbed of forest Lake: “On ours daughter Barb and her husband-to-me Mike’s wedding day, at St. Ambrose Catholic Church, prior to the guests arrived, ours 5-year-old nephew – Barb’s nephew – and also I walked approximately inside the church. As soon as we acquired to the back, whereby the baptismal font was, the was bigger than most. Sarah looked up in ~ me really excitedly and said: ‘Grandma, we must have carried our shower suits!’ ”

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