Welcome to the hexagon calculator, A handy tool as soon as dealing with any regular hexagon. The hexagon shape is among the most renowned shapes in nature, from honeycomb patterns to hexagon tiles because that mirrors - its provides are almost endless. Below we perform not only define why the 6-sided polygon is therefore popular, but also how to correctly attract hexagon sides. We likewise answer the inquiry "what is a hexagon?" making use of the hexagon definition.

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With our hexagon calculator you deserve to explore plenty of geometrical properties and calculations, including exactly how to find the area of a hexagon, as well as teaching you just how to use the calculator come simplify any type of calculation entailing this 6-sided shape.

How plenty of sides walk a hexagon have? exploring the 6-sided shape

It need to come as no surprise that the hexagon (also known as the "6-sided polygon") has exactly six sides. This is true for all hexagons due to the fact that it is their defining feature. The size of the sides deserve to vary even within the exact same hexagon, other than when it concerns the regular hexagon, in which every sides must have actually equal length. We will certainly dive a little deeper right into such shape later on, as soon as we deal with how to find the area that a hexagon. For now, that suffices to say the the continuous hexagon is not just the many common way to represent a 6-sided polygon but also the one many often discovered in nature.

There will certainly be a entirety section committed to the crucial properties that the hexagon shape, but an initial we need to recognize the technical answer to: "What is a hexagon?" This will assist us know the tricks we deserve to use to calculate the area that a hexagon without using the hexagon area formula blindly. These tricks show off using various other polygons such as squares, triangles and even parallelograms.

Hexagon definition, what is a hexagon?

In very much the same way an octagon is identified as having actually 8 angles, a hexagonal shape is technically defined as having 6 angles i beg your pardon conversely means that (as you could seen in the picture above) that the hexagonal form is always a 6-sided shape. The angle of an arbitrary hexagon deserve to have any value, yet they all have to to amount up to 720º (you deserve to easily transform to various other units using our edge conversion calculator).

In a regular hexagon, however, all the hexagon sides and angles need to have the same value. Because that the sides, any type of value is embraced as lengthy as they room all the same. This way that, for a constant hexagon, calculating the perimeter is so simple that you don"t also need to use the perimeter of a polygon calculator if you understand a little of maths. Simply calculate:

perimeter = 6 * side,

where side refers to the length of any type of one side.

As because that the angles, a continual hexagon calls for that every angles room equal and also the sum up come 720º which way that each separation, personal, instance angle must be 120º. This proves to it is in of the utmost importance once we talk about the popular of the hexagon shape in nature. The will additionally be useful when we describe how to find the area that a continuous hexagon due to the fact that we will be using these angle to figure out which triangle calculator we should use, or even which rectangle us will use in one more method.

Hexagon area formula: just how to uncover the area of a hexagon

We will now have a look at exactly how to find the area of a hexagon using different tricks. The easiest means is to usage our hexagon calculator, which contains a integrated area conversion tool. Because that those who desire to know just how to perform this through hand, we will define how to find the area the a continuous hexagon with and also without the hexagon area formula. The formula because that the area of a polygon is always the very same no issue how plenty of sides it has actually as lengthy as it is a regular polygon:

area = apothem * perimeter /2

Just as a reminder, the apothem is the distance between the midpoint of any type of of the sides and the center. It deserve to be viewed as the height of the it is intended triangle developed taking one side and two radii of the hexagon (each of the colored areas in the photo above). Conversely one can additionally think around the apothem as the distance between the center and also any side of the hexagon, because the euclidean distance is characterized using a perpendicular line.

If friend don"t mental the formula, friend can constantly think about the 6-sided polygon together a arsenal of 6 angles. Because that the continual hexagon this triangles room equilateral triangles. This renders it much simpler to calculate their area 보다 if they to be isosceles triangles or even 45 45 90 triangles as in the situation of an octagon.

For the regular triangle, every sides room of the same length, i m sorry is the length of the next of the hexagon they form. We will contact this a. And also the height of a triangle will be h = √3/2 * a i beg your pardon is the exactly value that the apothem in this case. We remind you that √ method square root. Utilizing this we have the right to start v the maths:

A₀ = a * h / 2 = a * √3/2 * a / 2 = √3/4 * a²

Where A₀ means the area of every of the equilateral triangle in which we have divided the hexagon. After multiplying this area by 6 (because we have actually 6 triangles), we gain the hexagon area formula:

A = 6 * A₀ = 6 * √3/4 * a²

A = 3 * √3/2 * a² = (√3/2 * a) * (6 * a) /2 = apothem * perimeter /2

We expect you can see exactly how we come at the same hexagon area formula we pointed out before.

If you want to gain exotic, you can play about with other different shapes. For example, if you divide the hexagon in half (from vertex come vertex) you obtain 2 trapezoids, and you can calculate the area the the hexagon together the amount of both, utilizing our trapezoid area calculator. Friend could also combine two surrounding triangles to build a full of 3 different rhombuses, and also calculate the area of every separately. You can even decompose the hexagon in one large rectangle (using the quick diagonals) and 2 isosceles triangles!

Feel complimentary to play around with different shapes and also calculators to see what other tricks you deserve to come increase with. Shot to use only right triangles or maybe even special best triangles to calculation the area of a hexagon! inspect out the area the the right triangle calculator for aid with the computations.

The complete number the hexagon"s diagonals is same to 9 - three of these are lengthy diagonals that cross the central point, and also the various other six are the so dubbed "height" that the hexagon.Our hexagon calculator can likewise spare you some tedious calculations top top the lengths the the hexagon"s diagonals. Below is just how you calculate the two varieties of diagonals:

Long diagonals - they always cross the main point of the hexagon. Together you can notification from the photo above, the length of such a diagonal line is equal to two edge lengths: D = 2 * a.

Short diagonals - The perform not overcome the central point. Castle are constructed joining 2 vertices leaving specifically one in between them. Their size is equal to d = √3 * a.

You should be able to check the statement about the long diagonal by intuitive inspection. But checking the short diagonals take a bit an ext ingenuity. But don"t worry it"s not rocket science, and we space sure the you can calculate the yourself v a bit of time; remember the you can constantly use the help of calculators such together the ideal triangle next lengths calculator.

Another pair of worths that are vital in a hexagon room the circumradius and also the inradius. The circumradius is the radius of the circumference that has all the vertices the the regular hexagon. The inradius is the radius the the greatest circle contained entirely within the hexagon.

Circumradius: to find the radius the a circle circumscribed ~ above the consistent hexagon, you need to recognize the distance between the main point of the hexagon (that is likewise the center of the circle) and also any the the vertices. That is merely equal to R = a.Inradius: the radius of a one inscribed in the regular hexagon is same to a fifty percent of that is height, i beg your pardon is additionally the apothem: r = √3/2 * a.

Now we space going to discover a an ext practical and less mathematical world: how to draw a hexagon. Because that a arbitrarily (irregular) hexagon the prize is simple: draw any kind of 6-sided form so the it is a close up door polygon and also you"re done. However for a regular hexagon things room not for this reason easy since we have to make certain all the sides are of the same length.


To acquire the perfect result you will need a drawing compass. Attract a circle, and, with the very same radius, start making marks along it. Beginning at a random suggest and climate making the next mark using the ahead one as the anchor point attract a circle through the compass. You will finish up v 6 marks, and also if girlfriend join them through the straight lines, friend will have yourself a constant hexagon. You have the right to see a similar process on the computer animation above.

The hexagon calculator permits you to calculate several amazing parameters of the 6-sided form that we usually call a hexagon. Utilizing this calculator is as straightforward as it deserve to possibly gain with only among the parameters essential to calculation all others, and also including a built-in length conversion device for every of them.

We have discussed all the parameters the the calculator, but for the benefits of clarity and also completeness we will currently go over them briefly:

Area: 2-D surface ar enclosed by the hexagon shape,Side Length: street from one vertex come the following consecutive one,Perimeter: amount of the lengths of every hexagon sides,Long Diagonal: street from one vertex come the the contrary one,Short Diagonal: Distance between two vertices the have another vertex between them,Circumcircle radius: street from the center to a crest (Same as the radius that the hexagon),Incircle radius: same as the apothem.

If you prefer the simplicity that this calculator we invite friend to shot our other polygon calculators such as the continual pentagon calculator or also 3-D calculators such together the pyramid calculator, triangle prism calculator, or the rectangular prism calculator.

Everyone loves a good real-world application, and also hexagons are definitely one the the many used polygon in the world. Beginning with person usages, the easiest (and probably the very least interesting) usage is hexagon tiles because that flooring purposes. The hexagon is fantastic shape since it perfectly fits with one one more to cover any kind of desired area. If you"re interested in together a use, us recommend the flooring calculator and the square clip calculator as they are very an excellent tools for this purpose.

The next instance is typical to all polygons, however it is still interesting to see. In photography, the opened of the sensor practically always has a polygonal shape. This part of the camera called the aperture, and dictates many properties and also features the the pictures taken by the camera. The many unexpected one is the shape of very bright (point-like) objects as result of the effect dubbed diffraction grating, and also it is shown in the picture above.

One that the most necessary uses the hexagons in the contemporary era, closely related to the one we"ve talked around in photography, is in astronomy. Among the biggest troubles we experience when trying come observe remote stars is just how faint they space in the night sky. That is because despite being an extremely bright objects, they room so really far away that only a tiny portion of their light reaches us; you deserve to learn an ext about that in our luminosity calculator. On height of that, due to relativistic results (similar come time dilation and length contraction), your light come on the earth with less energy than it was emitted. This impact is called the red shift.

The an outcome is the we obtain a tiny amount of energy with a larger wavelength 보다 we would like. The best means to against this, is to develop telescopes as huge as possible. The difficulty is that making a one-piece lens or winter bigger than a couple meters is practically impossible, no to talk around the issues with logistics. The systems is to build a modular mirror making use of hexagonal tiles like the persons you can see in the images above.

Making together a big mirrors enhances the angular resolution that the telescope and also the magnification factor because of the geometrical nature of a "Cassegrain telescope". For this reason we can say that thanks to constant hexagons we can see better, further and more clearly than we can have ever before done with just one-piece lenses or mirrors.

Did you understand that hexagon quilts are also a thing??

The honeycomb pattern is written of regular hexagons arranged side by side. They fully fill the entire surface they span, so there aren"t any type of holes in between them. This honeycomb pattern appears not only in honeycombs (surprise!) but likewise in many other areas in nature. In fact, that is so popular that one could say that is the default shape when conflicting pressures are at play, and also spheres room not feasible due come the nature of the problem.

From punishment "hives" to rock cracks v organic chemistry (even in the build blocks that life: proteins), continual hexagons is the most common polygonal form that exist in nature. And there is a factor for that: the hexagon angles. The 120º edge is the many mechanically stable of all, and also coincidentally it is also the angle at which the sides accomplish at the vertices when we line up hexagons side by side. For the full description of the prestige and advantages of constant hexagons, we recommend watching the video above. Come those who room hard-core readers, read on (you can examine how rapid you check out with the analysis speed calculator).

The method that 120º angle distribute forces (and subsequently stress) among 2 the the hexagon sides makes it a very stable and mechanically reliable geometry. This is a far-reaching advantage the hexagons have. One more important building of consistent hexagons is that they have the right to fill a surface ar with no gaps in in between them (along with consistent triangles and also squares). On optimal of that, the consistent 6-sided shape has the smallest perimeter for the best area amongst these surface-filling polygons, i beg your pardon obviously makes it an extremely efficient.

A very amazing example in the video clip above is that of the soap bubbles. Once you produce a bubble making use of water, soap and also some the your very own breath, it always has a spherical shape. This is because the volume of a sphere is the largest of any kind of other object because that a provided surface area.

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However, when we lay the bubbles with each other on a level surface, the ball loses its effectiveness advantage, since the section of a round cannot completely cover a 2D space. The next best shape in terms of volume to surface ar area happens to additionally be the ideal at balancing the inter-bubble tension that is developed on the surface ar of the bubbles. We are, the course, talking of ours almighty hexagon.

Bubbles existing an interesting method of visualising the benefits of a hexagon over other shapes, but is no the just way. In nature, together we have actually mentioned, there room plenty of example of hexagonal formations, mostly due to stress and also tensions in the material. Us cannot walk over all of them in detail, unfortunately. Us can, however, name a few places wherein one can find continual hexagonal fads in nature: