"Johnny is still a friend. He is the godfather to mine children. Ns haven’t viewed him because that a long time. But he’s quite an elusive character."

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Johnny Depp and also Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd Via: Amazon
for a woman together eccentric as Helena Bonham Carter, she is substantial measured. Unequal so numerous stars in Hollywood, Helena doesn't let it s her get captured up in the needless drama. Nor does she take huge bold stands like many celebrities together she clearly likes to see as plenty of sides the an dispute as humanely possible. So, it makes sense that journalists would ask her to clarify various things she's said about the #MeToo movement and her partnership with her longtime collaborator Johnny Depp.

the course, Helena has starred in many films together Johnny Depp, greatly while working through her ex-partner director Tim Burton. But all of their time working together has actually proved that Helena and also Johnny are reasonably close. So, naturally, journalists have asked she to be a personality witness and also state her feelings about his limitless legal dispute with his ex, Amber Heard. Helena's comments expose a lot about who she is as a person and her true feelings around her Sweeney Todd, Alice In Wonderland, Dark Shadows, Lone Ranger, Charlie and the coco Factory, and also Corpse Bride co-star.

Helena's Life with Tim Burton and also Johnny Depp

As shortly as the Johnny Depp allegations an initial started comes to light, Helena Bonham Carter to be asked if her partnership with Johnny has actually been affected. Follow to The Guardian, her an answer was, "No. Johnny is still a friend. He’s the godfather to my children. Ns haven’t seen him because that a lengthy time. Yet he’s quite an elusive character."

while Helena and also Tim Burton didn't gain married, castle did have a really long-lasting connection that gifted castle a pair of kids. And these kids, follow to Helena, have Captain Jack Sparrow as their godfather. This is due to the fact that Johnny and Tim room exceptionally close... Thus the truth they've make eight movies together. Not only has Helena been in much more than half of them, yet she's plainly spent part time through Johnny personally. Although, Johnny's connection was really through her ex. Johnny and Tim were so close that tabloids started to think they were romantically involved. This is miscellaneous Helena has disputed countless times.

"Tim is not having sex through Johnny! No, i rejoice in the friendship! Johnny is a marvelous man and also a exorbitant friend," Helena stated to TV3.e eight year ago. "He is likewise godfather come our kid Billy, and they have actually a wonderful relationship since Johnny is a dad himself. In Billy’s eyes, Uncle Johnny have the right to do no wrong."

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of course, many think Johnny Depp did execute something wrong, at least in the Amber Heard circumstance. Although, it does show up to be out of character offered that nearly all of his exes, consisting of the mother of his children, have actually refuted Amber Heard's claims. Additionally, the courts have uncovered Amber guilty of plenty of of the things she's accused Johnny of. Nevertheless, the allegations against Johnny room troublesome and also continuous... And that means Helena has actually been required to resolve it an ext than once...

"There’s something rather old-fashioned about Johnny, with these courtesy – none of it makes sense. Yet the man’s no stupid. He wouldn’t have actually gone come this length if he believed he remained in the wrong," Helena stated to The irish Examiner in October 2020 after ~ Johnny went after The sunlight for libel.

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Why Helena Hasn't was standing By Johnny 100%

while Helena Bonham Carter has virtually definitely been fair and also somewhat donate of Johnny's current fight to clear this name, she has;t outright stated that she supports him. Come some, the would show up as though she is playing it safe, concurrently defending her friend while leaving it open up for him to be prosecuted if he's guilty. But the reason she's doing this is since of she calm and also measured technique to everything. As evidenced in her response to the Harvey Weinstein verdict, Helena cases she likes to check out the multiplicity of identities within each individual.

"I never ever see anything in black and also white," she claimed in 2020. "I think people room multicolored, they’re practically never all an excellent or every bad."

In an answer to the heinous points that Harvey Weinstein was uncovered guilty of, Helena said, "Weinstein to be a bully, full stop. Yet also, not complete stop, really. He was a bully, feasible sociopath, and also fantastically reliable producer that films."

The Crown actor is a breath of fresh air in a world where people are draw close people and ideas as if they space wholly good or wholly bad. However Helena does appear to have a lot much more respect for Johnny 보다 other males who have actually been outed in the #MeToo movement. Not just is this as result of the long, creative, and friendly background they've had together, however it's also clearly because Helena feels she knows the man who is gift accused on part truly awful things. In her perspective, it doesn't make sense. Yet she is definitely open to the opportunity that an ext than one thing have the right to be true in ~ once.

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