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By Matt Casamassina
The harry Potter license is just one of the best in the world. Millions of readers have delighted in the books. The very same number flocked to see the first movie as soon as it debuted critical year and even more are likely be to revolve out in lengthy lines because that the second. For this reason it provides perfect sense that uber publisher electronic Arts shelled out huge bucks to exclusively lug Potter and also his friends to next-generation consoles. That's great and fine, yet what of the large question: go the boy wizard's transition to videogames carry out the franchise justice? as die hard fans the the series, we're happy to report that the prize is a triumphant yes. Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets because that Xbox is no without flaws, yet it's still a polished, fun, inventive 3D adventure game that shouldn't it is in missed by any Potter fan.

Features challenge the mysteries the the chamber of tricks with advanced second-year magic, challenging quests and also dangerous adversaries greater depth -- featuring Wizard duels, Vari-Power spells, Quidditch leagues and an ext Take flight -- hop on your Nimbus 2 Thousand and freely check out Hogwarts in complete 3D Take component in the same amazing moments discovered in the book including the Whomping Willow, the Dueling Club and a confrontation in the room of tricks Come face-to-face with large creatures like Aragog the spider Play alongside recognizable friends Hermione and also Ron, along with brand-new faces favor Moaning Myrtle and Professor Lockhart A durable 3D game engine indigenous Eurocom the runs at 60 frames per 2nd 5.1 Dolby Digital

Gameplay The chamber of Secrets, emerged skillfully through Eurocom Entertainment, very closely follows the book and also movie of the same name. It's Harry's second year in ~ Hogwarts and also he's gained all brand-new hardships to transaction with, native finding the necessities for schooling in ~ Diagon Alley come battling it the end in the brand-new season the Quidditch and also more. To do matters worse, something's been let loosened in the school and it's slowly however surely going after the occupants and killing them. The isn't long prior to Potter is wrapped increase in the mess and even much shorter before the totality school is abuzz through theories on just how he can be the murderer. All of this is told through various in-game cut-scenes that guide the adventure along. It's approximately players, together Potter, come work carefully with ideal friends Hermione and Ron and also not only survive the day-to-day affairs in ~ Hogwarts, but also solve the secret of the room of Secrets.

Eurocom has done a commendable project of really using the license, which so many games fail to carry out properly. The developer has actually not only modeled the entire Diagon Alley, complete with every one of the shops native The Leaky Cauldron (with secret dungeon) and Flourish and Blotts come The wonder Menagerie and also Mr. Mullpepper's Apothecary, however it's also created one immense, fully 3D, reality Hogwarts. The college is gargantuan, filled through rooms native the cool Staircase to the miscellaneous classrooms, library, Herbology Greenhouse and even the Slytherin Dungeon. Because that Potter fans, this is something of a godsend. It's feasible to simply get recorded up and also explore the miscellaneous pieces of the universe for hours on end, and also this doesn't even speak of every one of the quests, character building attributes, enemy and also ally interactions, and also mini-games -- every one of them additionally neatly sewn right into the in its entirety adventure. At one point, gamers are even rewarded v a functioning Nimbus two Thousand and they have the right to use that to openly fly around and also explore the whole hub world of Hogwarts, soaring over the an extremely highest castle peak or zooming through the architectural tunnels ~ above the method to Harry's next class. It's awesome.

The downside to this type of tremendous undertaking, though, is that plenty of of the areas are connected by means of pack times. Each brand-new massive room demands to be loaded. So, because that instance, if Potter operation from the Gryffindor typical Room come the grand Staircase, there is a 10-second stop involved, and then much more loading when players venture into the following separate area. It's frustrating together it happens often and also it division players temporarily native the universe.


The control scheme for The chamber of Secrets couldn't be an ext user-friendly. Harry moves precisely with the analog stick. The A button is offered as a general activity execution, from opening doors to communicating with schoolmates. Meanwhile the X, Y and also B buttons deserve to be used for assorted spells assrebab.neted by players. L switch is provided to facility the camera and to lock onto adversaries (you can then conveniently dodge in every directions) and R provides a free look mode to check out the assorted environments. Jumping is automatic. The plan is extremely intuitive and also we're very glad Eurocom chose to go v it. On top of everything else, Harry have the right to perform a variety of environment sensitive moves, native sneaking approximately walls (a la Metal equipment Solid) to shimmying across ledges and also more, and all of these job-related without a hitch as well. It all feels very tight and proper. When the case calls for a different scheme -- flying roughly on the Nimbus 2 Thousand, because that instance, the developer has actually kept the simple: A provides the broom zoom around, X offers a rate boost, and the analog stick controls the direction. As a result, it's quickly learned and an in similar way feels great.

that course, the meat and also potatoes that the video game are its many quests and also the often-connected spells the Harry acquires together a result. Each day at hogwart is a various one and the game knows this much better than any. Throughout the morning and afternoon, take care of goes to class and learns to perform spells, or dram in fast-paced games of Quidditch. Usually discovering a spell in course is an ext or much less an adventure in and of itself, as the character need to make it through a puzzle-heavy quest presented by his teacher. If he efficiently completes it, a brand-new spell is wait at the end, and later in the video game that magic deserve to be offered to defeat one more barrier. It's smart, tried and true game The puzzles are not fairly as tricky together they could be, but they're most likely more complicated and easily much more satisfying 보다 the many featured in many adventure games -- certainly any kind of targetted in ~ a younger audience. The difficulties often check the an extremely skill the the player, with numerous platform jumping, shimmying, and the suitable usage of the correct spell to make it past things or adversary -- it's good old-fashioned action adventuring and Potter fans room sure come love it. Meanwhile, through night bother explores the an extremely grounds that Hogwarts, journeys into dungeons, and also must commonly retrieve some sort of spell or book at the inquiry at his demanding, yet rather useless girlfriend Hermione and also Ron. There's a actual sense of environment as the character runs along dark dungeons, illuminated only by one of his spells, and it's below that the sometimes dark and moody cut-scene interrupts the action to forward the story. It's an extremely well done.

Then, the spells. Potter can cast magic to knock enemies and objects backward; come temporarily irradiate up areas; to rip apart materials, ropes and also plants; come repel spells in ~ opponents; to clean increase ectoplasm that blocks doorways and areas; come turn small objects right into birds, come transform and more. The spells room fabulous, ripped directly out that the books, and have a genuine bearing in the video game universe. Together players progress through Hogwarts, they will an alert several locations that castle can't reach since they don't have the correct spell, so there's constantly the impetus to gain it, come back, and also explore past the previous blockage. Again, it's standard and also it works. The reality that these spells can be quickly assrebab.neted to buttons makes using them every the an ext intuitive, too.

The room of tricks is, in fact, deeper than readers probably realize. First, there is the overall secret to solve, i m sorry spans several major quests and spells. This alone will last gamers a great number that hours. Then there space the Quidditch matches, which have a bearing on the character's abilities and points. Beyond these, there are collectible cards that detail all of the characters in the cosmos that are earned and also found transparent the adventure. Every 10 cards benefit Harry more stamina, a quite plus. There are also lots that mini-games, indigenous dunking gnomes in water to competing in contests to check out how much one have the right to throw them. Over there are even various gyeongju on broomstick.

As far as single-player adventure gamings go, Harry Potter and also the room of Secrets is among the an ext compelling people on Xbox. The title doesn't bring a whopping quantity of innovation to the table, but it does in ~ least recognize what works. If much more licenses can materialize together videogames this solid, the world would it is in a much better place. Graphics Eurocom has done a magnificent job of capturing the look and also style the the take care of Potter cosmos for Xbox owners. The room of Secrets is a feat in terms of realizing the locales indigenous the books and also movies. Diagon Alley looks like Diagon Alley. Hogwarts looks prefer Hogwarts. And all of the personalities look precisely as they should. It's really that simple. But for the purposes of this review, let's go into a little much more detail.

An impressive 3D engine spits out large, comprehensive environments to establish the worlds and atmosphere of the Potter universe. As players explore Diagon Alley, castle will notice that Gringrotts bank stretches watch forever right into the sky, and also that the architecture of the white structure is contempt misshapen, a tiny crooked, just as that is in the movie. The alley itself is filled v wizardry folk and also features all of the famous shops, modeled inside and out, in detailed detail. The art sense is excellent. Level are very colorful, crisply textured and also look great.

at the same time Hogwarts is a beast. There's so lot to check out that it's a feat in itself. Everything is modeled. Everything. Among the more impressive visual displays, though, is the hub world itself, which at one allude Potter deserve to zoom approximately in his broomstick. As players soar over the castles and look roughly the vast world, everything runs soft smooth and also looks fabulous.

The video game uses a number of tricks come realize large cathedrals that display different shades of shade on Potter as he runs v the approximately locales. There are areas that are fully dark until illuminated through a series of real-time lighting effects. There are beautiful mirror and also floor reflections, transparencies, and advanced particle results for every little thing from smoke come fire and also spell work. The camera is generally very solid, shoot the action from the ideal direction -- and also the L-trigger lock-on system have the right to be supplied to best the angle whenever football player want. Top top the various other hand, few of the stealth areas where Harry have to sneak through prefects call for the usage of the best thumbstick come see, and these are occasionally a little bothersome as it's difficult to center the best angle needed.

at the same time the character is of course top and the computer animation brilliant. Harry, Ron and Hermione relocate with cartoon-like fluidity, with detailed animation for every little thing from to run to jumping, shimmying, hanging, fall down and more. It every looks great. Some of the face animations and also such room highlighted in the various cut-scenes, i m sorry are an in similar way very fine done.

so what's our gripe? Uh, well, we don't really have actually many. Many thanks to the strength of Xbox, Chamber is scant framerate drops. However for all the beauty, several of the texture blur increase close and Eurocom hasn't regulated to wipe away every one of the jaggies, though the majority of the game looks as smooth as a babies rump. Quite simply, The chamber of Secrets is a handsome, colorful game filled with impressive detail and beautiful lighting.


Sound optimal form. The game capitalizes on the patent for a online ton the voice acting, good sound effects, and also inspirational music. Indigenous the various dialogues between Harry, Hermione and also Ron come the lift announcing at the Quidditch matches, the sound top quality is excellent, the voice exhilaration superb. It's so fine done the it frequently sounds choose the real voices that the Potter gibbs from the films (but it's not). Cut-scenes room well delivered, made every the much more moody and atmospheric through haunting lift music and monstrous voices indigenous beyond. Through such high top quality aural delivery, it's not difficult to succumb to the storyline the The chamber of Secrets, as readers that the books will understand is a great one. All of this comes in 5.1 Dolby Digital and the sound is spaced beautiful so that footsteps from behind and also to the right of your come indigenous the ideal speaker.

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A break project artistically and also technically.