Determining your body fixed index

What is human body mass index?

Determining just how much you need to weigh is not a straightforward matter that looking in ~ a height-weight chart, yet includes considering the amount of bone, muscle and also fat in her body"s composition.

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The quantity of fat is the an important measurement. A great indicator of how much fat you carry is the body mass index (BMI). Although the is not a perfect measure, it provides a fairly accurate evaluate of exactly how much of your body is created of fat.

How deserve to I call if I"m overweight?

Use the device on this page to calculate her BMI. Having a BMI greater than 24.9 might mean you are overweight. Note that these are approximate values, and also they are intended come be used only together a unstable guide.

If you room worried around your BMI or room trying to lose weight, speak to your primary treatment doctor. You may additionally wish to call the facility for weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine, which supplies individualized load loss and also wellness program for world of all ages. Friend may also contact the sirloin Nutrition and Wellness center or the University prevention Center. These programs market nutrition counseling and aid with making lifestyle changes.

Doctors in ~ offer bariatric surgery for some human being who are morbidly obese (those through a BMI the at the very least 40, or a BMI of at least 35 plus an obesity-related disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure).

Height and Weight Chart

4" 10"91 come 118 lbs.119 come 142 lbs.143 come 186 lbs.
4" 11"94 come 123 lbs.124 to 147 lbs.148 come 193 lbs.
5"97 to 127 lbs.128 come 152 lbs.153 come 199 lbs.
5" 1"100 come 131 lbs.132 to 157 lbs.158 come 206 lbs.
5" 2"104 come 135 lbs.136 to 163 lbs.164 to 213 lbs.
5" 3"107 to 140 lbs.141 come 168 lbs.169 come 220 lbs.
5" 4"110 come 144 lbs.145 come 173 lbs.174 come 227 lbs.
5" 5"114 to 149 lbs.150 come 179 lbs.180 come 234 lbs.
5" 6"118 to 154 lbs.155 to 185 lbs.186 come 241 lbs.
5" 7"121 come 158 lbs.159 come 190 lbs.191 to 249 lbs.
5" 8"125 to 163 lbs.164 come 196 lbs.197 come 256 lbs.
5" 9"128 to 168 lbs.169 to 202 lbs.203 to 263 lbs.
5" 10"132 to 173 lbs.174 to 208 lbs.209 to 271 lbs.
5" 11"136 come 178 lbs.179 come 214 lbs.215 to 279 lbs.
6"140 to 183 lbs.184 come 220 lbs.221 to 287 lbs.
6" 1"144 come 188 lbs.189 come 226 lbs.227 to 295 lbs.
6" 2"148 come 193 lbs.194 come 232 lbs.233 to 303 lbs.
6" 3"152 to 199 lbs.200 to 239 lbs.240 to 311 lbs.
6" 4"156 to 204 lbs.205 come 245 lbs.246 to 320 lbs.

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BMI19 come 2425 come 2930 come 39

Source: nationwide Institutes of Health. Don"t view your weight? Learn more.